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Publication Order of The Dirt Diary Books

The Dirt Diary (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Prank List (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Gossip File (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Truth Game (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Dirt Diary series is a well known children’s fiction book series written by a popular novelist from America named Anna Staniszewski. It is comprised of a total of 4 books that were released between the years 2014 and 2016. All the books of this series feature the lead character in the role of Rachel Lee, who is a kid studying in 8th grade. Throughout the course of the series, Rachel goes through a number of adventures, making her deal with different situations. Overall, the series is filled with action packed sequences that make it even more interesting to read. Author Anna has written the series, particularly for children and has described a number of funny sequences for their entertainment. The debut book written and published in this series by author Anna is entitled ‘The Dirt Diary’. It was released by the Sourcebooks Jabberwocky publication in the year 2014. At the start of the book, it is depicted that Rachel Lee has to waste her Saturdays to clean the toilets of others as part of her job. She finds it very gross, but does not have any other option. Actually, Rachel Lee has to gather the amount that she stole from the college fund as soon as possible, without her mother coming to know about it. Rachel had stolen the money so as to buy a plane ticket to Florida, where her father has been residing after leaving her mother and her. If Rachel’s mother comes to know about this act of hers, she is going to ground her forever. And she cannot afford to let this happen. Therefore, Rachel feels the need to bear the stink of the toilet cleaning job and earn the money.

Rachel has the option of providing a helping hand to her mother in her cleaning business and earn more money, but she thinks of it as even worse than toilet cleaning. Rachel thinks that becoming a maid was not going to do any good to her already lowered reputation. While doing her job, Rachel finds more than just smelly socks. Working as the maid for some of the popular children in the school, Rachel Lee feels that she has got all the dirt from the 8th grade crowded for herself suddenly. Enraged at herself for her miserable situation, she begins to fill her diary about her experiences and soon realizes that she has filled it with many juicy secrets. Later, the boy on whom Rachel has a secret crush offers her some money to keep an eye on his new girlfriend. Rachel Lee finds herself in a dilemma as she needs the money desperately, which will help her to leave the stinking job and also pay off the money for her college fund. However, she wonders whether it is worth putting her hands into the dirt for some amount of money, which she can easily earn if she keeps a little bit of patience. The debut novel is a very interesting book. The goal of Rachel Lee turns out to be extremely hard for her to accomplish.

Seeing her parents getting separated after her father decided to move to Florida to set up his surfing business, she tries her best to bring them together again. Rachel Lee shows a great deal of strength, courage, and undying attitude to accomplish her target. Later, she realizes that her efforts are not producing the desired result. But, she worries how to get back the money that she has withdrawn from her fund at college. This is when the real action in the plot begins as Rachel starts trying all that she can to earn the required amount of money without her mother getting to know about it. The overall plot of the book is filled with numerous action sequences, descriptive settings, and interesting events from the life of Rachel Lee that keeps the readers intrigued till the very end. Author Anna has set the story in the modern times. An example of the descriptive settings as given by author Anna is the description of the kitchen space at the place of Rachel’s job. Rachel thinks that is there was such a big kitchen at home, she would be indulged in baking for the whole day and her mom would also not complain that she is taking too much time. Just as the story is about to come to its end, author Anna has described hooks that keeps the readers glued to it till the end. In the end, the looks very much recommendable. It is best suited for children of any age.

The next book written and published in the series by author Anna is known as ‘The Prank List’. It was also released by Sourcebooks publication in 2014. At the beginning of the story, author Anna has mentioned another big problem in the life of Rachel Lee. She had never thought that she will have to fight for keeping her job of cleaning toilets. When the her mother’s cleaning business lands in danger of going out of business, Rachel is forced to leave her job and start helping her mother in saving her business. A rival company dealing in cleaning business has started stealing the clients of her mother. If her mother’s business fails, Rachel will have to move to Connecticut along with her mother. She is desperate to prevent herself from experiencing this horror. Shifting to Connecticut would mean that she she will have to leave her newly found boyfriend, at least she thinks that she has found one. Also, Rachel Lee would have to give up the pastry classes that she has joined very recently. The thing that would hurt her the most by going to Connecticut is the fact she would lose her best friend named Marisol. Therefore, Rachel decides that she will save her mom’s business. To do so, she joins hands with Marisol and carries out a few pranks to get done with the competition. However, more problems come in the life of Rachel Lee when all her pranks backfire on her. This makes her worried about her future. Rachel wonders whether she will be able to live a peaceful life ever. And when nothing seems to be going as planned by her, Rachel is left with no other option except giving up the idea of playing a part in saving her mother’s business. But, Rachel seems to have made up her about not going to Connecticut whether the cleaning business gets saved or not.

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