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Publication Order of Disruption Books

Under a Tell-Tale Sky (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Push Back (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Promises To Keep (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

R.E. McDermott is a published American author. His first name is Robert and he goes by the nickname of Bob. He is a former entrepreneur, merchant seaman, occasional expatriate, and a teller of stories.

Robert grew up with his family on the Gulf Coast. As a young man, he signed up for the United States Merchant Marine Academy. Once he had graduated, he was employed in such positions as ship’s officer as well as working in shipping company management. He has traveled to many places and has worked and lived in various different countries.

Bob likes to divide his time between the United States and Singapore. There he runs a marine consultancy where he takes on clients and advises them when it comes to constructing ships and their operations in general. He worked for a long time internationally and while he always enjoyed it, his passion throughout remained writing. He had the good luck of having met and gotten to know various interesting characters in real life. Once in a while, parts of them find their way into the characters in his books.

McDermott officially became an author in print with the publication of his novel, Deadly Straits. The book was published in 2011 and is the first novel in the Tom Dugan series. When it comes to his writing, much of his work involves a lot of research that helps to provide an atmosphere of realism to the books. Robert wants to make the protagonists of his stories people that are human and fallible and can make mistakes, and not become idealized, perfect superheroes. Still, these characters can take on the challenges of life and find out who they are in the middle of extraordinary circumstances.

He is married and his wife is very patient with him. They live together outside of Nashville, Tennessee, and she helps him proofread what he writes. Bob likes to divide his time between the condo they have on the lake and their rural home in the woods of Tennessee that doesn’t have an Internet connection or a phone. He enjoys that and his wife has become more excited about it since the toilet installation.

R.E. McDermott is the creator and the author of the Disruption series. The first novel in the series kicked off everything in 2015, titled Under a Tell-Tale Sky. The second novel would be published in 2016 and is titled Push Back. The third novel, Promises to Keep, came out in 2017. The series is a rousing adventure novel that is full of action from start to finish. Check it out and see what you think!

Under a Tell-Tale Sky is the first novel in the Disruption series by R.E. McDermott. When things get tough, you’ve got to get even tougher. In this debut book, readers get to meet the main character Captain Jordan Hughes.

As the story opens, the grid’s gone down, the world appears to be on fire, and Captain Jordan Hughes is having to deal with FEMA wanting his cargo and ship. But he’s not buying it, not for a minute. The lights turn off and there’s no telling when they’ll be back on. Just like that, Hughes discovers that he’s not only far away from home, he’s far away on a ship that has ten million gallons of fuel in the cargo and generators. The situation makes them obvious for miles around.

On top of that, the crew is not happy with their plight. Ashore there’s violence that appears to be getting worse, and their situation is not improving. The federal government starts to become even more self-serving and thoroughly corrupt. Hughes bands together with a group of farmers, sailors, soldiers, ex-Coast Guardsmen, and preppers. His goal is to get his crew back home to their families while using the resources that are on hand to try and build some type of society out of all the devastation.

The mission will not be without its challenges. The group faces people that are hungry and desperate for food or resources. Convicts that have broken out of prison and street gangs offer the chance for violence, and warlords rise out of the ashes from the government’s hired mercenaries. Who will survive in this new world? Read this book to find out!

Push Back is the second novel in the Disruption series by R.E. McDermott. If you caught the events of the first novel and were totally enthralled, be sure to check out the sequel of the series that carries just as much action and continues the story!

The planet has been struck by a strong solar storm with deep implications. The people of Earth are dealing with everything that comes after it, which is basically being in the middle of a worldwide disaster the likes of which has never before been seen. Most of the globe doesn’t have power or electricity and there’s no way of getting it back on.

Governments have not responded quickly enough and their failure to act has had major consequences. Order is gone in America and the power that is left is filled by whoever is the most opportunistic. The leftover federal bureaucracy attempts to protect its own as opposed to the population. Starvation has started to run rampant, as has the chaos.

In the midst of all that is happening, those that have made it through the first wave of the disaster have banded together for survival. Captain Jordan Hughes is alive in Texas, along with his group of former Coast Guardsmen and seamen. They gather along with the members of their families that they could find and try to avoid gangs of convicts and other threats.

A band of survivors in North Carolina is trying to use resources they’re salvaging to survive on their own and to help others by giving them food. Some don’t like this generous group, however. In the compound at Camp David, a president corrupt with power continues to build his own, constructing a force of mercenaries that could deal with anything that would challenge his authority.

This group of goons also takes resources, which are in scant supply, to use for the government and to distribute among themselves. As the government betrays its people, will they rise up and fight back against dictatorship? Pick up a copy of this book to find out what happens!

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