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Dive Bar by Kylie Scott is a series of romance novels from a USA Today, New York Times and bestselling author. Kylie also writes horror and young adult novels and the Australian Romance Writers Association voted her Australian Romance Writer of the year in 2013, 2014, and 2018. Given the popularity of her novels, they have been translated into more than eleven different languages. She has always loved reading romance, watching B-grade horror films, and listening to rock music. She currently lives in Queensland, Australia with her husband and two children, where she spends most of her time reading romances and writing her novels.

The Dave Bar series are a sexy, fresh and hilarious new series from Kylie Scott, the author of the bestselling “Stage Dive” series. The novels are set in a small town setting, where the tattooed bartenders and bar owners keep the drinks and romance flowing. Throw in some beautiful sassy, and feisty women and you have the perfect blend of sexy and sweet romance, heartbreak and humor. The first novel of the series “Dirty” introduces Lydia Green, a woman who found out that the man she thought was the love of her life and her happily thereafter was cheating on her on her wedding day. Running away from her wedding, she meets the likeable, kind, and charming musician turned bartender. Vaughan is a witty handsome man with animal magnetism and she thinks he will help make her feel sexy again and distract her from the emotional turmoil. The second novel of the series “Twist” is about Alex, a strong independent woman with her own business, who finds all the love she needs from hookups and one night stands as she is scared of commitment. Then she meets the hardworking, supportive sweet and dependable Joe, who knows how to break down all her walls. The lead of “Chaser” the third novel of the series is Eric, a sexy smart man and part owner of the Dive Bar, who has a reputation for romantic escapades. But lately, he has been getting a lot of stick for his adventures with the ladies and is thinking that maybe it is time to find someone to settle down with. Enter Jean, who is pregnant from a one night stand and has moved into town running away from the disappointment she caused her family. Her first stop is the Dive Bar, where she meets Eric Collins, the handsome bartender who take quite a liking to her.

“Dirty” the first novel of the Dive Bar series introduces Lydia who needs a new life plan ASAP. She just learned on her wedding day that her soon to be husband was getting it on with his best man. She is bewildered at the news but collecting herself knows that she needs to leave the man who has humiliated her. She becomes a runaway bride, climbs over a fence and breaks into the nearest house on the other side, believing that the owners are not home. She strips off her clothes and runs the bath only to learn that there is someone in the house. Vaughn is a musician turned bartender who has come back home after his band disbanded. He had always avoided coming home and had been away for several years. But he is now back and is surprised to find a strange woman in his bathroom. Her drama and voluptuous curves take him aback though he feels that he has to stay and offer support to the broken hearted woman. They had never expected there to be such a strong attraction between them. Vaughn wants to leave the town as fast as he can while Lydia did not think she was in a position to enter into a relationship. What follows are plenty of laugh out loud moments, sweet and sexy times that make for a beautiful story.

“Twist” the second novel of the series introduces Alex, a woman that never had a serious relationship. She is commitment phobic as she thinks boyfriends lie and betray their girlfriends. One night stands are her thing and she uses them to scratch the itch from time to time. But then she goes on a dating site and starts communicating with a man, who makes her think that she may just change her mind about relationships. When he goes silent, she decides to go surprise him only to get the shock of her life. She thought she had been speaking to Eric but he has no idea who she is. It turns out that she had been emailing Joe his brother, who had taken over Eric’s dating profile when he lost interest in online dating. She is pissed and feels betrayed and she has a right to be. It hurts that Joe never bothered to be truthful right from the start. But over time, as she mends fences with Joe she finds that there is a lot she likes about him. While he is not as handsome as Eric, he is the one that stirs her up even though she is annoyed by the fact. The more she sees Eric, the less she is attracted to him and the more she falls for Joe. What had begun as a trade of sarcasm and snark soon becomes an unlikely friendship that becomes something so much more.

“Chaser” the third novel of the Dive Bar series tells the story of Eric who was responsible for a lot of shenanigans in the second novel “Twist.” Together with Nell and Lydia, he co-owns the Dive Bar and lives in the cozy apartment above it. While they are partners, he has a love/hate relationship with Nell and often argue on almost everything. Due to their history, Nell has a poor opinion of Eric though in all fairness, it seems that she is too harsh on him. But Eric does have quite the reputation of enjoying casual sex with beautiful women which has been a lifelong habit. As such, he is quick to notice when a gorgeous woman comes in with an impressive derriere and voluptuous curves. But the fly in the ointment is that Jean is pregnant and a good friend of his nemesis Nell. She will be moving into the apartment next to his own which is not that bad. Despite all that, he feels such a strong connection to Jean that he is almost obsessing about her. Eric brings his charming personality to bear and it is not long before he and Jean are up close and personal such that he is the one who she leans on when she goes to deliver her baby. He is increasingly finding himself doing things and in situations he never thought he would ever be in. He seems to have developed an urge to protect and help Jean and the baby who he now deems family.

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