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About The Divergent Trilogy:

Beatrice Prior is a household name in circles where the Divergent Trilogy series is familiar. The sixteen year old character holds a major role in the storyline of this awesome series.Hers is a story that unfolds in a futuristic setting in which the city of Chicago is portrayed in a dystopian manner. Flash forward, years into the future, and the society in Chicago is composed of five different factions based on virtues unique to every faction. Each person is born into the faction and has to remain in it until the age of sixteen. Thereafter, they are at liberty to choose whether to remain in their faction or migrate to another.

One particular faction known as the Abegnation family is where Beatrice Prior is born. This family is identified by its salient feature of selflessness. Well, like some people who feel caught up in the wrong family, miss Prior felt misplaced in the Abegnation family. She considered selflessness a virtue she did not possess nor exude. Given an opportunity, she would change her environment to be identified by another virtue she believed she had. In this setting, it is the norm for the people of Chicago to set a particular day every year to allow for changing of factions. The eligibility criteria for moving from one faction to another is two-fold. One must be a sixteen year old and they must have passed a certain aptitude test. This test seeks to guide on which faction best suits them.

The big day finally arrives for Beatrice Prior and she is able to take her aptitude test. Contrary to everyone’s expectation that the test would reveal her virtue and guide her to a suitable faction, her results turn out as inconclusive. She seems to show equal level of aptitude for three virtues.These virtues point out three factions; Abegnation family known as the selfless, Dauntless family known as the brave and Erudite family known as the intelligent. Not being quite the expected result, she is warned against revealing this information to anyone as it would endanger her life. She is considered ‘divergent’ but is enlisted into the aptitude test- result system as showing aptitude for the Abegnation family.

As her life-story unfolds, miss Prior gets to the point where she has to make a decision on her choice faction. Surprisingly she makes up her mind to join the Dauntless family instead of remaining in the Abegnation family. She then names herself Tris and sets out to live a new life in a new home. Soon enough, she finds three friends among the new initiates like herself. However, as fate would have it, Peter, another new initiate seeks to be her antagonist. He considers Tris as being not excellent enough for the Dauntless family. The new trainees are then instructed to undergo an initiation process whereby only the ten best initiates will be allowed to remain in the faction.

The heroine that is Tris begins to unfold from this moment onwards. The initiation is divided into three stages full of tough challenges, all of which Tris is able to conquer. Moreover, she is forced to overcome her biggest fears and the competition and jealousy of her fellow trainees who plan to kill her. She forms a cordial relationship with her instructor, Four. The Erudite family plans to hypnotize the Dauntless by injecting them with a certain serum. They would then control their minds and cause them to attack the Abegnation family. Tris and Four, both being Divergents are not able to be hypnotized and together they work to save the Abegnation family. It is a sequence of hair-raising events as they fight to out-wit the Erudites which they finally do.

Beatrice Prior, ‘Tris’ lives out her legend in two of the books in the Divergent Trilogy.Making her debut in the first novel, the Divergent, she progresses to attract more fans in the subsequent novel, the Insurgent. The Divergent has its main focus on Tris and the unfolding of her life. The other characters in the book serve to bring out the attributes and personality of Tris. This book falls under the science-fiction genre and carries with it a theme most youngsters can identify with. Through the life of Tris and that of her other faction friends, the book portrays the reality that is becoming one own’s person. It gives a glimpse of the struggle some teens have to go through in creating their own life, perceptions and standards outside that of their family.

The Divergent Trilogy continues in the second book, the Insurgent. The themes portrayed in this sequel reflect the same bravery, seasons of friendship and betrayal and oppressive power that is seen in the Divergent. The second book also carries another theme as the Tris and Four nurture their romance. Their adventures in standing up as true members of the Dauntless family unfold in this book. More characters crop up, most from the other four factions and there is struggle for self- assertion and power. Finally, as the book ends a revelation is made that the factions had been set up to improve the moral standards in the society. The world had become increasingly corrupt so Chicago was sealed off from the rest of the world and put under the faction system for rehabilitation purposes. However, these efforts did not turn out as very successful and it was therefore better to open-up Chicago into the rest of the world.

This spectacular series has charmed the entertainment industry which took on the challenge of creating a film out of the book, the Divergent. The movie inspired by this book is in the process of being filmed and would be released in March 2014. The third novel in the series the Divergent Trilogy, is due for release towards the end of October 2013. The fan-base for this series is indeed growing especially with the addition of an audio-visual version. The amazing character of Tris will be role-played by the actress Shailene Woodley. The Insurgent, has also been taken in for purposes of developing a film.

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