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Publication Order of Dixie Morris Animal Adventures Books

The name Dixie Morris refers to a series of children’s adventure novels written by Gilbert Morris. Dixie Morris is also the primary protagonist of the series.

+The Story

Gilbert Morris wrote Christian fiction before his death. He had an innate ability to tell stories that inspired adults whilst also educating children. The Dixie Morris Animal Adventure books are more children’s fiction than anything else.

However, there are adults who have read them, either on their own or to their children, and they have admitted to enjoying them, which says volumes about Gilbert’s ability to appeal to a diverse readership.

The books began publication in 1998. The author wrote ten of them before finally bringing the entire series to a close in 1999. Each book is rarely longer than two hundred pages.

As such, it isn’t that surprising that Gilbert Morris could churn out ten of them within the space of a year. It isn’t a coincidence that Gilbert has a granddaughter called Dixie. She was a huge inspiration for her grandfather and even went so far as to participate in the writing of the Dixie Morris series.

The books tell the story of a young girl with a lot of animal friends. Dixie Morris is a lucky girl. Her parents are always on the move, traversing the various continents and countries that make up the world.

And they always bring her along for the ride. However, Dixie’s parents are not merely traveling for the fun of it. Dixie knows that they are missionaries. She understands that they spend their days meeting new people in foreign lands, and getting immersed in new cultures for the specific purpose of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

And she watches them do this with some pride. However, as a little girl, Dixie Morris doesn’t have much to offer to her parents’ mission. So she always finds ways of keeping herself busy.

The reason this series is titled ‘Dixie Morris Animal Adventures’ is because Dixie’s attempts at passing the time always involve animals. There’s always a raccoon or a bear, a tiger or one of several exotic creatures running around in the lands that Dixie visits.

And being the friendly girl that she is, Dixie makes it a point to get acquainted with the four-legged citizens of her new country. Dixie does not necessarily set out to find trouble.

But that is what she always gets. From escaped tigers to elephants fighting for their lives, whenever trouble brews, Dixie wastes no time in jumping into the fray and providing quick solutions.

The heroine isn’t without her flaws. Sometimes her own actions put her animal friends in danger. Other times, Dixie is just in the wrong place at the wrong time. On more than one occasion, Dixie acts too rashly and things blow up in her face

Whatever the case, when push comes to shove, Dixie is always ready to do what is right to resolve the issues at hand. Because of her missionary parents, Dixie has a pretty close relationship with God.

As much as she loves the animal friends she has made all over the world. Jesus has always been Dixie Morris’ best friend of all. So Dixie always makes Jesus the first person she talks to before she does anything.

Sometimes Dixie forgets. Sometimes she acts in her own power and when things go wrong, she learns from her mistakes and realizes that her problems could have been avoided if she had just sought out and listened to Jesus.

She looks to him for guidance whenever she has a problem on her hands and she is quick to show her appreciation when he acts to resolve conflicts on her behalf.

The Dixie Morris series is highly religious and Gilbert Morris is not subtle about that fact. But Christianity does not always take center stage. Because Dixie’s parents are always on the move, the different books tend to transport readers to different settings and locations.

And Gilbert has been applauded for taking the time to educate his readers about the lives and cultures of the foreign people whose lands his heroine has visited. For instance, in the books that find Dixie going to the Middle East, the author spends a significant amount of time talking about the way people in the Middle East dress, their cuisine, personal habits and the role of men and women in society.

However, Gilbert Morris’ stories always begin and end with the Christian Message. He endeavors to show the negative consequences that his heroine suffers whenever she fails to consult Jesus about her problems.

He also shows how powerfully Jesus can move to resolve situations when Dixie remembers to look to him for guidance.

The author has been praised for writing such a strong, willful female protagonist who also has plenty of flaws. Gilbert loves to write about heavily flawed female characters and Dixie falls into that category.

Critics of the Dixie Morris series have complained that Gilbert’s characters are all too friendly and perfect. Their dialogue also feels a little stiff.

+The Author

Gilbert Morris was a very popular Christian author who was born in 1929 in Forest City, Arkansas. By the time he died in 2016—aged 86—the author’s accomplishments included the acquisition of a Ph.D. (from the University of Arkansas).

He was also awarded a Christy Prize for his works which include over two hundred novels. He was married with three children some of whom helped him write his novels. Readers knew him best for the ‘House of Winslow’ series which explored the birth and expansion of the United States.

Industry professionals called him a kind, funny Southern gentleman and one-time pastor (not to mention English professor) who contributed immensely to Christian fiction.

+Dixie and Jumbo

Dixie’s best friend is an elephant. That elephant got into trouble when it ran away from the circus. Dixie doesn’t know what to do now. Everyone is out to kill the poor creature. But Dixie is determined to help him.

But if she wants to succeed, she must first seek out the help and guidance of the Lord Jesus, her best friend of all.

+Dixie and Stripes

Dixie has no idea what is waiting for her when she goes to live with her aunt. Sarah is a doctor that works with animals. And Dixie was pretty excited to look at all the animals. But then she accidentally let a Bengal Tiger out of its cage.

Now she must find a way to lure it back, and she must do so before all hell breaks loose.

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