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Dixie Reapers MC Books In Order

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Publication Order of Dixie Reapers MC Books

Dixie Reapers MC Series
An American author of tough talking romances, Jessica Coulter Smith, also known as Harley Wylde, has a gift for combining both suspense and character in equal measure. Filling her stories with hot and steamy action, she really knows how to keep the reader continually turning the page. Providing escapist fantasies for her audience, she manages to carry the stories along with a strong sense of confidence. Entertaining and compelling, she’s managed to craft her own niche in a popular genre, setting herself apart from other authors in her field. This has also allowed her to create a number of well known and well regarded series over the years too, with many of them drawing in scores of readers from all across the world. Using her Harley Wylde pseudonym, Coulter Smith has carved a niche with more steamy stories, finding a distinct audience.

One such series is that of her Wylde’s well known ‘Dixie Reapers MC’ series, featuring a motorcycle biker gang known as the ‘Dixie Reapers.’ This tough group of bikers see a lot of different adventures as the series progresses, getting into all sorts scrapes, while also seeing a lot of romance. Starting out in 2018 with the novel ‘Venom,’ it would go on for series of books, featuring different characters and relationships at the center of each one.

Initially released through the ‘Changeling Press LLC’ publishing house, this would originally come out on the 9th of February in 2018. Setting up the first in the long-running ‘Dixie Reapers MC’ series of books, it manages to establish the world for the first time. It also has a self-contained romance at the center of its story, with its two lead characters featuring in a romance set in the world of the MC.

Writing a gritty and entertaining story, Coulter Smith has created a hugely exciting collection of novels here, starting with a strong beginning. Establishing the world, this MC romance really works at setting up the world, allowing it to flourish in full color. Many of the characters are introduced for the first time, and they’re all handled with expert precision, as they really come alive for the reader.

Well written in an engaging and compelling manner, the book knows exactly what it wants to do with the material. Handling it with a strong sense of confidence, Smith definitely understands the form, having fun with it in the process. She doesn’t shy away from some of the darker subject matter, though, making it serious when it needs to be.

The young socialite Ridley is fleeing from her rich family mansion in South Florida after realizing what her mother and stepfather are planning for her. Her father was a biker, so she runs to the Dixie Reapers Motorcycle Club, and it is here that she meets the biker Venom, as they begin a relationship. Looking to keep her safe, Venom has risen to the rank of vice president of the motorcycle club, and it seems that he may be starting a war. Will he really be able to keep her safe though? Can they overcome the obstacles in their path? What will become of Ridley and Venom?

This was first brought out in 2018 on the 23rd of March to much acclaim, as it would see the release of the second title in the Dixie Reapers MC series. Once again being released through ‘Changeling Press LLC,’ it provides another romantic relationship for the Dixie Reapers MC, this time featuring the leader Torch. With its own self-contained story, it paves the way for the third as well, making it another exciting instalment in the franchise overall.

Providing a highly charged and erotic story, there’s a lot here for readers to invest themselves in once again. Coulter Smith wastes no time in getting straight to the heart of the action, really pushing the series forwards in the process. Developing the characters along with the club overall, it allows the series to be taken up a level, really heightening the action. There’s plenty of tension and excitement too, making it fast paced, really holding the readers attention throughout.

Handed to the president of the Dixie Reapers Motorcycle Club by her father Casper, seventeen year old Isabella is inked by the leader Torch. He lets her leave, though, as she goes on to graduate before running for three years, finally returning when she’s twenty-one. Now there seems to be some passion between the two of them, as she begins to harbor feelings for Torch, and he the same with her. Will they finally become an item? Can they overcome the obstacles before them? What will become of Isabella and Torch?

Featuring another romantically charged relationship starring a member of the Dixie Reapers MC, this is the third book in the series of the same name. Released on the 13th of April in 2018, this would first come out through the ‘Changeling Press LLC’ publishing label. It would be it’s own story, while being set in the same world as the previous two, and would be followed by the fourth title, ‘Bull,’ in 2018.

As a member of the Dixie Reapers Motorcycle Club, Rocky is seeking solace by himself in the mountains of Colorado. Meanwhile Mara O’Malley is on the run after defending herself, fighting off the advances of her stepbrother Sebastian Rossi. While fleeing she runs into Rocky following an accident on the icy roads, and it soon transpires that her father is Rocky’s now deceased Marine friend; someone whose death he blames himself for. Will he be able to find some peace of mind now finally? Can he ultimately protect her? What will become of both Mara and Rocky?

The Dixie Reapers MC Series
Serving the motorcycle club subgenre well, this series really understands the tropes, playing with them and the format in the process. With strong characters featured throughout, Wylde has fun with it, creating a unique and highly engaging franchise in the process. There’s also plenty of room to continue expanding upon it indefinitely, as more and more readers discover the series every day.

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