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DJ Slaughter is a series of fiction thrillers by James Beltz the bestselling Louisianan author. Beltz had always wanted to become an author and even attended a Creative Writing class in college. His teachers thought he was very good and encouraged him to pursue a career as an author. But over time he became more interested in getting a degree in business and never took writing seriously. After he finished his studies, he became a well-known photographer and produced “PhotoTips” a very popular photography podcast. He was a photographer for more than fifteen years, which just goes on to show that he still retained his creative side.

While he was a very good photographer, a lot of people got into the industry over the years, which meant that business started shrinking. He decided to go back to work and got a job working with UPS, where he worked for two years. It was a depressing time of his life until one morning he got up to go to work and asked God to give him a chance to make a living using his creativity. He heard a voice at the back of the head saying why not write a book. When he got into the office he wrote a sentence of a guy taking a hike in Jeep down a remote road. This soon became a paragraph and then a chapter and before you knew it he had 115,000 words and the first novel in the DJ Slaughter series. He did it all in seven weeks and asserts that the copy edit took longer than the writing. When he was done his wife so loved it that she asked him to quit his job and become a full-time author. While he was born and raised in Louisiana, he currently lives with his wife and children in Oklahoma.

The DJ Slaughter Series by James Beltz is all about a man with a tragic past named DJ Slaughter. Slaughter is a refreshing character who is a dedicated, loving, smart, though complicated family man. The author asserts that he is a Mitch Rapp or Jack Reacher type of character though that is not very accurate. He is more of a mix of the two as he combines Rapp’s willingness to perpetrate extreme violence on foes and the singular force of Reacher. He had been the victim of a tragedy in which his wife and children aged only two years old had been wrenched from him. The brutal action had hurt him deeply that he becomes depressed and attempts a suicide that very nearly succeeds. He develops an obsession with guns and moves to an isolated valley where he lives the life of a hermit, collecting guns of all types. But he is not only about collecting guns as he spends his days training with the guns and he is soon one of the most proficient gunmen in all of the US. There is virtually no gun that he cannot use to bring down anyone that comes at him. The good thing about Slaughter is that he is a hero that you can root for, given his background story. He is a man committed to righting wrongs in a society which is what we all want. Moreover, he has guns and combat skills that make him such a cool character.

“Slaughter: Origin Story” the first novel of the DJ Slaughter series introduces David John “DJ” Slaughter, who believed that his life could not be better when he joined the US Navy. He loved his job as a medic for the military and thought that he was on course for a good career until he got injured. There was no way he could continue and he is discharged from the military on medical grounds. The only silver lining was that he had met his wife before his discharge and now has his family. DJ thought he was getting back on track with two twin children and wife when life kicked him in the teeth. His life is shattered when he lost his wife and children who are killed. He decides to leave society and goes to live as a recluse in a remote valley, where he develops a passion for guns. But life always has a way of finding even those that do not want to be found. A deal he had for guns goes sour and he is double-crossed. But what his foes do not know is that while he has been living as a recluse, he has been honing his fighting skills. He is now an angry fighting machine.

“Slaughter: White Out” the second novel of the series returns to resolve the issues of the first novel that ended in a cliff hanger. Who can DJ Slaughter depend on or trust when there is a sudden neck-snapping twist in the plot that results in even more complications. Is it justice or vigilantism? Slaughter is an ex-military man who had his whole family murdered while he watched. He had decided to become a recluse and an expert in guns only for him to get double-crossed by the son of a mob boss that had scammed him. In the process of getting justice, he had met Abbi whose father had lost his life saving Slaughter’s life. Together with an FBI agent with a passion for justice, the three of them make an excellent team. In the novel, Slaughter has to deal with a contract killer that does not like that his identity was used to take out the crime boss. There are plenty of surprises, and dead bodies as the bad guys fall to a lot of bullets.

“Slaughter: Skeleton Key” the third novel of the DJ Slaughter series is a spectacular thriller that will have you flipping the pages. DJ is fixer who makes problems go away in the most efficient way possible. He is a member of a covert FBI team charged with dealing with organized crime and global terrorism. His job often involves killing some few bad guys. But when he acts impulsively to save a group of hostages and remedy one problem, he sets off a domino of events that brings in traitors, assassins, and terrorists. It is not long before he is up against a frighteningly efficient foe. He is a strategist who has done his homework and seems to know all the moves Slaughter may make. DJ needs to fight and defeat an enemy that seems to be cleverer than him and his team while racing against time to forestall an event that may kill thousands. He learns that no ammunition in the world could assuage his guilt of being the man that caused the events unfolding.

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