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Authors are people who write on different issues on our day to day life. This people are said to bring a large revolution in the world. This article focuses on one the leading author who is well known in his creative writing in different fields.

Django Wexler, a male, is said to have been born in January 13, 1981 in San Francisco in the United States. This author has grown up to be a very prolific writer having passed through different institutions of learning. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh where he managed to scope a degree in creative writing and Computer Science. Having achieved this, he was employed by the previous university in the artificial intelligent research. This author later migrated to the Microsoft in Seattle. He is now said to be living in Seattle with his two cats and a huge mountain of books.

This guy is said to be very active in different fields since, while he is not in shadow campaigns, he is believed to spend his time wrangling computers, painting tiny soldiers as well as participating in all sorts of game. He is therefore a person who generally does not limit himself to writing books but he also participate actively in other non-academically work or literally work. He can therefore be said to be life compassionate, determined and future oriented individual.

Django Wexler is an international writer and very easy to reach. To reach him, one can use any of the following contacts. He is found on Facebook with the username, Authour Django Wexler. He is also available on twitter with the username Django Wexler. This man of the people has gone further to creating his own website and so one can find him following the link,

Having been a writer, he has published several books and quite a good number of articles all conveying different aspects of life.

Books by Django Wexler

As mentioned earlier at the beginning of this article, this author managed to get a degree in creative writing in one of the universities in the United States. He therefore did not sit on his great achievement but he considered witting as his daily life earner. He has therefore written several creative articles that features different aspects of life since his completion of the university education.

This person has delivered many books to the world market some of them being; The Price of Valor which is the Book Three of his Shadow Campaigns which was released sometime in July 2015, The Forbidden Library which was published in march 17, 2015, The Thousand Names(Shadow Campaigns Book 1) released sometime in July 2013, The Mad Apprentice which was basically The Forbidden Library book Volume 2, published in April 21, 2015, The Shadow Throne( Shadow Campaigns) which is a book published in July 3, 2014 among many other books rating from children story books and all the way to professional books all conveying a very unique message. This author has definitely got himself in the list of world prolific writers and for sure his is definitely going to offer more head spinning articles in the global market.

This article will not definitely be complete if it ends without talking of some of the books by this writer.

Forbidden Library

This is one of the many books by Django Wexler that was written some back and published in the year 2014. This book was written in two different series, book one and book two.

Series one

The first series carries a very fascinating story that is written in a very friendly language that any person can actually read, understand and interpret. The author talks about two main characters. The first one is a female named Alice Creighton and the second character is her father. The girl is said to have heard her father having an argument with a beast that had needle-like teeth and warts. Alice then discovers that her father had gone missing the day after she heard him talking to beast. This becomes a great loss as well as a big threat to Alice life and as such, she is sent to live with Master Geryon who happens to be her cousin, though she had not known him before. Alice life definitely takes a huge turn and she has to adapt with her current situation.

This author further writes that Geryon had a dark and mysterious library which was strictly out of bound for Alice. She was not expected to get in that Library whatsoever. However, the writer says that one day Alice got a talking cat that was willing to sneak her in and so it happened that she got into the library. It is here that the author says that Alice got a book and ones she opened it, she found herself inside it. It seemed like she was in the world of fantasy. This became even more confusing to her since the only way she could get out was by dominating over the mysterious creatures that were within it.

This book simply explores the world of mystery where different characters are seen to undergo serious phenomena.

Series two

This book was published in May 7,2015 with the title; The Mad Apprentice (Forbidden Library). The book is fictional as it portrays the message that old Readers are supposed to live forever as they magically inhibit the spaces between stories. Though the writer says that they should live forever, he goes on to say that the can however be murdered.

The writer continues to say that when an ancient Reader is killed by his/her own apprentice, the hierarchy of the so called magical world connected alliances begins to reveal themselves.

From the first series, Alice life undergoes through several dramatic stages and as a result, one fundamental person in her life is murdered. Alice being one of the remaining apprentices, they are faced with the challenge of sorting out the mess and finding the killer. However, the road seems rough for them and almost everything ran out their way and as such, their lives become very miserable.

Having described briefly one of Django Wexler’s books, it is with no doubt that this author is very creative and very passionate on his writing skills. He writes on different issues that are mind-blowing and so he is setting his legacy in the field of creative writing. He has been writing and will continue to write more in future.

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