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Dmitry A. Glukhovsky is a Russian author that is well known for Sci-Fi, Fantasy Fiction, and Magic-Realism. He is celebrated for writing the novel Metro 2033 which won him the Encouragement Award of the European Science Fiction Society in 2007. Apart from being a writer, Glukhovsky is a Journalist, who worked for the European information EuroNews TV channel in French language and also for Deutsche Welle, RT, and Radio Mayak.

Metro 2033 was published on his website and made available to all his readers for free. The book was first published in Russia, Great Britain and the U.S and was received with wide acclaim, so much so that a video game of Metro 2033 was also created for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The novel is the greatest work of the author, as it drew over 3 million readers worldwide. It became an interactive experiment when it was made into a video game for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. This earned him recognition all over the world and was the reason he received an award from the Encouragement Award of the European Science Fiction Society. The book received extensive reviews from critics due to the engaging plot and horror elements; no wonder it has been translated into 30 different languages.

Most of Glukhovsky’s works focus on realism, dystopia and science fiction that makes his writing style unique because these topics are usually appealing to a wider audience. He wrote Metro 2033 at the age of 18 and then published on his website for free in 2002. The book was later published in print form in 2005 in Russia, and in 2010, it was released in Great Britain and the U.S. The plot of this novel revolved around a young man named Artyom, who embarks on a journey to save the world from mortal danger. Metro 2033 epitomizes the effect of a nuclear holocaust and the struggle for survival after that and describes an anti-utopia that is frightening and undesirable. It is set in the Moscow subway that was the venue of the world’s biggest bomb shelter. Glukhovsky has an imaginative grace to portray a satirical plot with fantasy.

Although Metro 2034 is the sequel to the Metro 2033 storyline, the alternate sequel to the video game edition (Metro: Last Light released in 2013) has no resemblance to the original novel in its plot. Metro: Last Light has also been adapted into a novel called Metro 2035.

It is set in the underground station where the mutant humans or Dark ones have been eradicated. The victory doesn’t last long as new threats arise within a year after the dark ones were vanquished. Communication was cut off from the other stations and this lead to a lack of weapon supplies. A group is sent out to investigate the incident and bring reports. Instead of doing so, they cause a violent confrontation that cost them more than they were already suffering. With the help of raw imagery and satire, the novel proved to be a groundbreaking achievement with a general appeal.

Metro 2035 was published in June 2015, and the story follows the storyline of the video game, Metro 2033: Last Night. The plot revolves around Artyom and his fight against the Dark ones. Artyom is sent to the surface to kill the last remaining dark one. He successfully finds the Dark one and discovers that he is only a child. Artyom is captured by the fourth Reich and detained, but later escapes. He discovers shocking secrets about the release of an infectious virus. And uncovers a plan to use this virus to exterminate the inhabitants who are not aligned with the Red Line. The storyline depicts the author as a softhearted individual who would not hurt a child, even if he is of the enemy.

Another novel written by author Glukhovsky is It was published in 2013. is an antiutopian novel, which is set in Europe in the XXV century. Humanity at this time has invented a way to stop aging. This decision comes with a price, restricted reproduction. For a couple to reproduce, one of them would volunteer to give up their immortality; this law was created to check the rise of the population. The plot revolved around a young man who works to ensure that people are sanctioned for failing to register their children. His duty is to stop overpopulation as an immortal, enforcing the law of choice. The law of choice postulates that immortality must be forfeited for a couple to bear a child. The immortals search for couples who have hidden their children without registering them. When perpetrators are caught, one of the parents of such a child must be injected with a lethal virus. This artificial virus will cause aging at an accelerated speed. The parent will age and die before the child reaches adulthood and the child will be taken to an orphanage to be trained as an immortal. Author Dmitry Glukhovsky uses a futuristic appeal and a dystopia of an overpopulated future. With the help of sci-fi and raw imagery, the novel, proved to be a book with a general appeal to all audiences.

Glukhovsky shows his flair for Fantasy Fiction and Magic Realism in another book titled “Dusk” which was published in 2007. It is a murky tale that was also an online experiment, published chapter by chapter on his blog. The plot revolves around a translator Dmitry, who cuts out a dozen pages of an old Spanish book. The book is a journal containing the expedition of conquerors since the 16th century. The author used the power of imagination to highlight the dark character of the translator Dmitry.

In 2010, Glukhovsky published his novel, Tales about the Motherland. It was released by the AST Publishing house and is a satire about modern Russia, a literary compilation of the realities in Russia. The author employed satire in depicting the deplorable condition of the society and also criticized the realities of modern day Russia without fear of expression.

Dmitry Glukhovsky pushed the boundaries each time he launched a new novel, his imagination for the morbid is unquestionable, and this has earned him a large following worldwide.

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