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Dodie O’Dell Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of A Dodie O'Dell Mystery Books

Suzanne M. Trauth is an American author of fiction as well as nonfiction. Besides being an author, she is a screenwriter and a playwright. Among her many plays are Rehearsing Desire, Midwives, iDream, and more.

iDream is a play that was partially supported with the help of the STEM initiative for science and technology of the N.S.F. She also wrote Katrina; The K Word, a play that was based on interviews conducted with New Orleans natives that had gone through and survived Hurricane Katrina. It did well and appeared in more than a dozen venues across the American continent.

Suzanne has also written screenplays that have been entered in competitions and even managed to win awards. She belongs to a number of writing groups, including Sisters of Crime, Mystery Writers of America, the League of Professional Theater Women, and the Dramatists Guild.

Suzanne M. Trauth is the creator and writer of the Dodie O’Dell Mystery series. This fun fictional mystery series kicked off for the first time in 2016, when the debut book in the series was released. It is titled Show Time. She followed that up the next year with a sequel, titled Time Out. Running Out of Time is the third book and the fourth novel Just In Time came out a year after.

Show Time is the first book to come out in the Dodie O’Dell series by Suzanne Trauth. The debut story features none other than the main character that the series is named for. She’s been enjoying her life quietly located on the hot spot of Jersey Shore.

Things were going just fine and dandy until a hurricane decided that it wanted to rip through the area and destroy everything for her. Just like that, a natural disaster turned the tide for Dodie and swiftly turned her entire life and everything that she knew upside down.

She had to get out of there and had no other choice but to give up what she knew and go try and regroup somewhere else. She found a decent spot in the small town of Etonville, a sleepy little place located a little further ways up the coast.

Dodie is managing to make ends meet by running a restaurant. It’s a unique place that likes to serve up its dinner menu and dishes centered around the latest productions put on by the local community theater. Where else can you find something and someplace that does that?

She would be happy to just run the restaurant and make sure that the diners are happy, but fate has other plans in store for Dodie. She thought that she would leave the plays and performances to the local troupe, but never did she think that she herself would find herself in a main role when it comes to a murder.

She has agreed to help be involved in the latest play. It’s going to be Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and she’s going to help with the casting. The whole ordeal is not that exciting, but Dodie thought it would be nice to change up her routine a bit of going to bed with a book alone. It’s something new and a way to get to know more people in this new town, anyway.

Everything’s going normally until one of the members of the company goes missing. Well, not exactly: they’ve been found on the loading deck and there’s no doubt about it– Jerome’s been murdered. Now the drama is not just being kept on the stage, it’s bleeding into their real lives. Quite literally.

No one knows who would have wanted to murder Jerome or why. It seems that there isn’t a motive, but perhaps they just don’t have enough information to work with yet. This small town is starting to find that even sleepy little places are not immune to crimes such as murder. If it could happen to Jerome, it could happen to any one of them.

The pressure is on and Dodie decides that it’s time for her to take on this case. She may be only an amateur, but she’s read enough late night murder mystery books to have a clue about how to crack the case. Can she make headway before the killer strikes again? Or will she be next? Check out this exciting first book in the series to find out!

Time Out is the second novel in the Dodie mystery series. If you loved the first story in this series, check out the second and see whether you love it just as much!

The Etonville theater is the home to many a play by the local company. The actors may not be anything close to big time, but Dodie has big plans for this year. She has been getting rave reviews for her themed menus with dishes that go along with whatever play the company is putting on at the time.

All of her food goes impeccably with the production and it is all lined up so that the next menu will be perfectly synced up to the play. It’s going to be Arsenic and Old Lace this autumn, and the setting is Brooklyn, New York, in the nineteen-forties. She already knows what she’s going to serve at the food festival; egg creams, hot dogs, knishes, and sweet Italian ice as a dessert.

It couldn’t be more perfect and she is thrilled with the plan. It’s all going the way it should. That is, until death decides that it wants to take another victim. Antonio was the director of the play and he’s in the middle of eating a knish when he suddenly dies.

As this was part of Dodie’s menu, things don’t look good. Rumors start to swirl that the director may have even died from food poisoning. Then the clues start to indicate that foul play might be involved. Was this a murder?

It’s up to this restaurant manager to try and crack the case and clear her name. Can Dodie do it? You’ll have to read Time Out by Suzanne Trauth to find out!

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