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Publication Order of Dog Diaries Books

The “Dog Diaries” series by Kate Klimo began in the year 2013 with the release of “Ginger”, which is the first book in the series. The year 2013 was a big year for the series, as it saw the release of the first three books in the series. The books in this series feature illustrations by Tim Jessell. The series features stories about different breeds of dogs, and the stories are told from the point of view of the dogs. Each book features a famous dog from history. The stories are meant for readers in grades three through five.

“Ginger” is the first novel in the “Dog Diaries” series and was released in the year 2013. Ginger (who is a golden retriever) was born in a puppy mill. She reflects on her life and the various owners that she has had in her time. She is taken, all of a sudden, from her litter mates and mother, not to mention the cage that was her entire world. She is taken from one situation to another, until one day when she runs away, living with a pack of dogs as an outlaw. Once she gets hungry, cold, and sick, she does not like this new found independence. Is Ginger ever going to find a family that she can call her own?

Fans of the novel found that this book had some sad parts to it, but you get to see things through a dog’s eyes. It makes you feel things the way a dog truly does and proves that dogs do have feelings, too. It is amazing that the author of this story was able to get into the mind of a dog and make readers see through their eyes. The story has a fast pace, and is well told; it also teaches kids an important lesson to be responsible when owning pets. This book was not only entertaining but also something that will educate.

“Buddy” is the second novel in the “Dog Diaries” series and was released in the year 2013. The first dog that got trained at Seeing Eye guide dog school for blind people (that is ran by Dorothy Eustis), a German shepherd reflects on everything that has happened in her life. This German is named Kiss. She was picked for her intelligence, willingness to learn, and obedience; she knows that there is more to life than just chewing on bones and chasing balls around. Great Things wait for her as she is a Noble Creature. She spends months learning to take care of Jack (who has been training her), and is given to someone named Morris to take care of. He is odd and clumsy and wants to change her name to Buddy? Is Morris in need of her help more than Jack was?

Fans of the novel found this to be a fun read that will make readers get emotional (but there are some happy scenes in the book). Buddy does a great job narrating the novel and is a relatable character. It was great discovering an interesting story about a great character. It has great illustrations in it and add to the story being told here. The author did a great job writing a story that kids can enjoy, and she provides information about guide dog programs.

“Barry” is the third novel in the “Dog Diaries” series and was released in the year 2013. The most famous Saint Bernard there ever was, named Barry der Menschenretter, finally tells his life’s story. The story starts in the Alps (between Italy and Switzerland at the treacherous pass, eight thousand feet above sea level). The monks of the hospice of St. Bernard have kept dogs so that they can rescue travelers that have gone missing in the snow. This started in the eleventh century. The dogs are named for the hospice, after becoming a breed of their very own. It is their job to help the two thousand travelers that might otherwise freeze to death. Barry is a modest dog and tells, not just of his own exploits, but about his daily life in the hospice. About how he is close with the brothers that train him, the other hounds that he works with. Barry has saved many lives (more than forty), including a twelve year old boy that was freezing in a cave.

Fans of the novel is an interesting and fun read that will teach whoever reads it. There is excitement to this book, all of these things are important to good children’s historical fiction. Some found that they got emotional by reading parts of the book. Some enjoyed reading about Barry’s story, and these are a great way for kids to get into chapter books. Some like the way that Barry tells his story of heroics, but does not boast or brag. He just tells it like it is.

“Togo” is the fourth novel in the “Dog Diaries” series and was released in the year 2014. Togo is a Siberian husky (a small and feisty breed); these are the overlooked sled-dogs that saved the day in the 1925 serum run in Alaska. Well finally, Togo is here to set the record straight. Diptheria breaks out in Nome, Alaska in early 1925. Nome is an isolated town, so the only way to get the serum that will be a life saver is to use dog-sled teams. There are twenty teams that are taking part. Balto gets credit for saving the town, he was lead dog on the last team to deliver the serum. Few have ever heard of, however, of Togo (a twelve year old dog) and musher of Togo’s team Leonard Seppala. They carried their serum for almost twice the length any other team did. They also did not listen to warnings to avoid the Norton Sound, and went right over the ice.

Fans of the novel found this to be a story that readers could not take themselves away from. This is a great book that shines a light on a lesser known hero of the serum run. You get to learn about history and facts about the breed of the dog, which adds to the entertaining journey that the author takes you on.

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