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Publication Order of Dog's Purpose Books

A Dog's Purpose (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Dog's Journey (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Dog's Promise (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Dog's Purpose Puppy Tales Books

A Dog’s Purpose series is a series of novels by American humorist, columnist, and author William Bruce Cameron. While Cameron has written in a variety of fiction and nonfiction genres, A Dog’s Purpose series is his best known and most popular work. The first novel in the series, A Dog’s Purpose was published in 2010 with the fourth one coming out in 2015. The series is a story of love between a canine and its owners as told from the dog’s perspective. The chief protagonist in the novels is a very special puppy, Bailey that Cameron follows on a journey of life. Over the series, the dog dies, and is reincarnated several times while on a quest to find purpose for its life. William Cameron explores the world from the standpoint of a dog, which makes for a humorous yet gripping and fascinating narrative. For instance, at one time Bailey concludes that horses cannot be relied upon and that cats are completely untrustworthy. However, what makes the narrative series so poignant apart from its humor is its portrayal of the innate desires of dogs to please their oldest friends – man. What makes the novels such a popular read for animal lovers is that unlike other animal books, the lead does not die at the end, but rather is reborn as a different type of dog, but now armed with lessons from the previous life.

The concept of having an animal as the lead in a novel is not a new one having been used in works such as Aesop’s fables. In recent times, novels such as Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox and Charlotte’s Web by EB White that tell stories from animals’ perspectives have been highly popular. However, Cameron gives the Dog’s Purpose series of novels a twist by throwing in the aspect of reincarnation of the lead, which over time makes for a character that humans can relate to. While he changes his name from novel to novel, the chief protagonist never loses his consciousness of being the very same dog, Bailey. No matter the type of family, he finds himself in, he lives to discover his life’s purpose. Despite its highly unusual format, the series has received critical acclaim with the first novel topping the New York Times Bestseller list for forty-nine weeks. It has also received rave reviews from renowned sources such as Kirkus Reviews, Marty Becker who is Good Morning America’s resident veterinarian, and Temple Grandin a top expert on animal behavior. In 2011, Dreamworks announced that it will be adapting, the highly popular first novel in the series, A Dog’s Purpose into a movie by the same name. The movie set to be released in 2017 is scripted by William Cameron and stars Dennis Quaid, with Lasse Halstrom in the director’s chair.

Cameron writes an uplifting tale, narratives about redemption, joy, and purpose that come with their fair share of teary scenes of death alternating with happy reincarnations. While full of humor, these are inspiring reads that are a must read for anyone that has ever been loved or loved a dog. According to the author, the idea of a dog being reborn with all of its previous life memories came about when he got into thinking that maybe what people refer to as instinct could be memory. He argues that instinct is actually a hardwired species wide memory that comes from evolution and this may explain why dogs or other animals behave as they do. In scenes full of humor, he describes situations such as the dread of a dog when going to the vet to be neutered or sprayed, or the embarrassment of getting a head cone which. All of these emotions are because of experiences from a previous life. A Dog’s Purpose tells you everything you have ever wanted to know about a dog’s perspective, including how they feel about the family cat, boredom, family relationships, and even food. For the author the novels are about the theme of eternal love and connections we make with our animal friends and other significant people in our lives.

A Dog’s Purpose is the first novel in the series of novels that first introduced the chief protagonist. It is an extraordinary story of an adorable dog as he is on a quest for purpose over his lives. Unlike other dog stories that just explore the love between a dog and his family, this is a novel that asks one of the most important questions that almost all human societies have always asked: What is our purpose? The novel starts with the dog reincarnated as a boisterous golden puppy after coming from a life as a stray mongrel. Bailey has now been born into the family of a young boy named Ethan, an eight-year-old boy who loves him to bits. As he sets out on a new adventure with his new family, Bailey comes to discover that he may have to let go of his mongrel ways, to be the dog that his family wants to be. However, given that he knows that his life as a family pet is not going to last forever, Bailey is wondering if he would ever find his purpose, taking into account the inevitable reincarnations that always seem to present a new purpose. The story is not only insightful and heartwarming, but also a hilarious and emotional commentary of the unbreakable bonds between humans and dogs.

A Dog’s Journey is the sequel to the first novel of the series, A Dog’s Purpose. After several reincarnations, Buddy believes that he has finally fulfilled his purpose in life. Nonetheless, as he gets interested in Clarity the teenage child of the family, he becomes convinced that his purpose is to be her dog, so that he can prevent her from getting into all kinds of mischief. He is exuberant when he is given to Clarity the troubled but vibrant teenager, who he believes would benefit from having him around. When Clarity’s suddenly leaves, Buddy is thrown into a state of despair – who will stop the girl from getting into trouble? A Dog’s Journey is a heartwarming and charming narrative of unending devotion, love, and hope. It is more than just an endearing dog tale, but rather one that asks whether our pets take care of us or we take care of them.

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