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Dolan Brothers Books In Order

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Publication Order of Dolan Brothers Books

This is a fast-paced series that will leave you so much in love with the characters in these books and love itself.When you start reading these books you will love the plots, the twists, and turns but above all you will love the surprises in the series.Once you start reading be sure to have the next series at hand because you just won’t want to stop. The books in these series are filled with intense characters you will want to associate with after reading especially with Dorothy Garlock’s choice of the first young love, rejection, strong Christian views, war and society views.

The first book in these Dolan Brothers series goes by the title Ribbon in the sky.This book is set a few years before world war one and a few years after the war.The plot of the story is perfectly normal until Letty Pringle a 15-year-old girl meets Mike Dolan the sweetheart of her life then things start falling apart. Letty Pringle is forbidden by her hypocritical evangelistic preacher father never to see Mike Dolan her boyfriend.

But these two young sweethearts had made their vow that someday they would be man and wife. Her lover Mike wants to marry Letty but does not have money so he leaves home to find work but doesn’t know that he has left a pregnant Letty behind, when her father realizes she is pregnant the man who is an Evangelistic but hypocritical thoroughly beats her own daughter for being pregnant and throws her out of his house telling her to take her little twat and leave his house, then he publicly announces her to be dead–and decides to enlist in the war. when Mike returns after 5 years of being away, he hears this sad news about Peggie’s death, but the truth is she’s not dead but hiding in her grandfather’s Nebraska farm raising her son alone after assuming that Mike had abandoned her.

Here is part of a preview that tells you the relationship between these two lovers “Mike’s 18-year-old heart pounded with. dread at the risk his sweetheart was taking.Her father would beat her- in the name of God of course- for meeting any boy.Mike hated to think of what he would do to her if he foud out that he was meeting one of those wicked- idol worshiping Catholics.”

Mike traces her to the farm and vows to devote himself to make up to her all his life, but Letty wants nothing to do with him ever again.This book is filled with family betrayal, love, hardships of farm life and struggles of single motherhood. But some characters like Peggy;s grandfather Jacob, her son Patric and her adopted daughter give the determined Mike another chance and place in their lives and hearts these helps Letty to heal her broken heart.

But when everything is just about turn better for Mike and Letty, some villains–Helen’s father who is a drunk and a child molester, a bootlegger shelf deputy and Letty,s family start threatening their happiness.This book is so detailed that you will feel the emotions running in every character as if you are inside the book. Any fan of romantic history novels will love this book series the minute they touch it as it is well written with brilliant plots, twists and turns and very intriguing to read that the minute you finish it you will start reading the second book series immediately

The second book in these series is titled With Hope, The book is about Henry Anne.The story is set in Oklahoma in 1932 after Anne Henry’s father’s death.Anne is left with a big farm to run as she is the only heir, but the farm comes with two young half-siblings to mother and to take care of.The siblings are not civilized as they were not raised well. Her African American foster mother who is a vagrant also comes to visit, she is running and hiding from a secret past becomes another addition on the family and a young son of her handsome neighbor Tom Nolan whose wife is going mad.Soon she has a large family to keep up with and doesn’t think she will manage.

When Henry first meets the Dolan couple, here is part of a preview from the book that tells you the relationship between Tom Dolan and his wife. ” Tom Dolan thought that he had gotten over being embarrassed by anything his wife said or did but seeing the stricken look on miss Henry when Emmagen had so cruelly refused to fetch the doctor had not only embarrassed him but had made him so angry that he wanted to strangle her”

The worst part is the town gossips with their wagging tongues and she becomes the subject of their constant gossip because of her relationship with her neighbor who has a mad wife’ He brings the sunshine in her life but at the same time also comes with more trouble but before they can even form a relationship tragedy strikes and threatens to destroy their happiness.
The love of her life Tom is suspected with murder and Henry Anne vows to stand by his side until he is proven innocent, she believes that even through everything they face and the dark times that are ahead they have found a feature and treasure worth fighting for when together.

This book is just good on its own.It is also very good that the writer breaks down every storyline in a way that can be easily understood and read.Any fan of mystery novels will love this book immediately as it is fun and intriguing, every chapter leaves you in suspense and makes you want to read the next and the next chapter until you know the whole story. And that is what makes Dorothy Garlock such an amazing writer.

When it comes down to writing historical romance it is a tricky affair but with these series she has made them so interesting and a must read for anyone and everyone that loves romance, intrigue, and detective work will love them.The stories in these book series are also of a day to day to life, anyone can relate to them and the hardships the characters go through before they find true love and contentment is just painful and sweet to read

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