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Dolphin Diaries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Dolphin Diaries Books

By: Lucy Daniels, Ben M. Baglio
Into the Blue (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Touching the Waves (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Riding the Storm (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Under the Stars (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chasing the Dream (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Racing the Wind (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dancing the Seas (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Following the Rainbow (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beyond the Sunrise (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Leaving The Shallows (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Dolphin Diaries” series written by author Ben M Baglio (which is published under his real name) was first published in the year 2000, with the release of the book “Into the Blue”. Once again, Ben Baglio has created a series meant for kids and about animals.

A young girl named Jody McGrath travels with her family as they travel around, studying all kinds of different dolphins, and she records all her travels and adventures about dolphins into her Dolphin Diaries.

“Into the Blue” is the first novel in the “Dolphin Diaries” series and was released in the year 2000. Jody’s dolphin dreams have come true. Her and her family are sailing the world researching the wonderful subject of dolphins. She records everything in her diaries.

Jody still cannot believe that her dolphin voyage has started. There is a whole world of discovery that waits for her on board the Dolphin Dreamer (which is the name of her family’s ship). There is an unexpected passenger that just might spoil the whole trip. For her, this is the trip of a lifetime. When Jody’s life is put in danger, who will she be able to ask for help?

Fans of the novel were hooked right from the first sentence on the first page and wanted to keep on reading until they got to the end of the book. It helped some readers build their love of reading and their skills as a reader. There are even some adults who still enjoy reading these books. Some felt that they were so hooked on the book, that they just had to read the next four in the series, because it was that good.

“Touching the Waves” is the second novel in the “Dolphin Diaries” series and was released in the year 2000. The McGraths have stopped in Key West, Florida to visit a dolphin center, with their own dolphin teachers. Jody enjoys watching the dolphins while they work. There is one dolphin that gets tangled in the netting, will she be able to free it?

Fans of the novel found this to be a fun and exciting read, that is yet another great book from a great children’s author. Some enjoyed the way that the book incorporates facts about dolphins into the book. Ben Baglio has a knack for writing books that are hard to put down.

“Riding the Storm” is the third novel in the “Dolphin Diaries” series and was released in the year 2000. Now the McGraths have stopped off in the Bahamas. Jody cannot wait until she lays her eyes on some Atlantic spotted dolphins, and try to find out if the rumors that she has heard about a treasure ship getting lost are true. Will the coming tropical storm put these plans on hold?

Fans of the novel enjoyed the fun easy read that this gave them, and this is one of their favorite series. The best book of the series, say some. The book has a great main character, and it is great to see things through her eyes. It is also great to see the dolphins with her.

“Under the Stars” is the fourth novel in the “Dolphin Diaries” series and was released in the year 2000. Jody is at a place called Dolphin Haven, a place in the Bahamas, where three dolphins (Evie, Bella, and Misty) are about to have their babies. Everyone is both excited and worried. This is because in the past, Evie’s calves have all died; this could be her final chance to be a mother.

Both Misty and Evie’s calves survive, but Bella’s is stillborn. Even though the crew is sad about the stillborn, they still celebrate because of the two newborn dolphins.

Fans of the novel found that as kids, they really enjoyed the book, and found that they really enjoyed growing up reading Ben Baglio’s work. The book is wonderful to read to kids and share part of their childhood with them. These books help with the reading skills of younger readers, and they help get readers interested in reading books.

“Chasing the Dream” is the fifth novel in the “Dolphin Diaries” series and was released in the year 2001. Jody has come to the Caribbean and she has already made a friend in Frida (who is a dolphin). There are some other dolphins that have been taking to live in awful, dirty, and unhealthy conditions. And it is all just to entertain some tourists. It makes Jody outraged about the whole thing. Will she be able to help these dolphins get their freedom?

Fans found that one of these books encouraged them to become activists for both whales and dolphins. Some liked reading the book, especially when Jody gets the dolphins set free. Readers simply cannot get enough of Ben Baglio’s work, and find that they are hooked on anything of his that they read.

“Racing the Wind” is the sixth novel in the “Dolphin Diaries” series and was released in the year 2001. Jody is now in the rain forest in South America, and hoping to see some bubble gum pink river dolphins (which are also called botos).

She has heard that when the river floods the forest, these creatures can be viewed as they swim between trees. These botos are difficult to find and rare. Is Jody going to be able to see any of these?

Fans found that these brought back some great memories from when they were younger. This was an enjoyable read, and the more you read, the harder it is to put the book down. Some keep on coming back for more, and no matter how many times readers have read the series, it is still just as good as the first time through.

“Following the Rainbow” is the seventh novel in the “Dolphin Diaries” series and was released in the year 2001. Jody is in the Canary Islands, and is able to see a species of dolphin that is the biggest in the whole world. All is not well, though, because Jody finds out that the dolphins are in danger of being injured by the ferries that speed by between the islands. Helping these dolphins out might just be her biggest challenge that she has ever faced.

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