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About Dominic Lim

Dominic Lim, a talented romance author, captivates readers with his exceptional storytelling abilities. He shines in crafting diverse characters and protagonists that draw readers into his narratives. His stories are known for being engaging and entertaining, ensuring readers are hooked from the first page. Dominic Lim’s gift lies in his ability to create compelling narratives that keep readers invested in the lives and relationships of his characters.

Through his skillful storytelling, Dominic Lim weaves tales that resonate with readers on an emotional level. His characters are relatable and multifaceted, making them feel real and unforgettable. The protagonists in his stories face challenges and conflicts that readers can relate to, adding depth and authenticity to his narratives. Dominic Lim’s unique writing style effortlessly brings his characters to life, creating a rich and immersive reading experience.

Readers often find themselves immersed in Dominic Lim’s books, unable to put them down once they’ve started. His knack for building tension and crafting romantic moments keeps readers eagerly turning the pages. With each story, he demonstrates his ability to craft intricate plots that keep readers guessing and yearning for more. Dominic Lim continues to enchant readers with his compelling stories and engaging characters.

Lim’s writing not only entertains readers but also offers a unique touch that sets his work apart. His stories combine captivating narratives with a special element that keeps readers engaged and coming back for more. And his ability to infuse his writing with this distinctive quality ensures a memorable and enjoyable reading experience for his audience.

Overall, Dominic Lim is a gifted romance author whose works have garnered a loyal following of readers. His talent for creating captivating stories with well-developed characters and engaging narratives sets him apart in the world of romantic fiction. Readers can always expect an entertaining and emotionally resonant experience when diving into a novel penned by Dominic Lim.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Manila in the Philippines, Dominic Lim’s journey as a romance author was shaped by a childhood immersed in a love for reading and writing. Fond of storytelling from a young age, he harbored aspirations of becoming an author. His educational background, including a Master of Music from Indiana University Jacobs School of Music and studies at Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music, further nurtured his passion for literature and creativity, paving the way for his development as a writer.

Drawing from his experiences in music, theater, and academia, Dominic Lim infuses his writing with a unique blend of artistry and depth. Being an active member of the artistic community has provided him with inspiration and support to refine his storytelling skills. Alongside his career as a paralegal in the biotech industry, Dominic Lim leads a multifaceted life that includes writing engaging romance narratives loved by readers.

Residing in Oakland with his supportive husband and their cherished cat, Dominic Lim finds inspiration in the everyday moments of life. His educational journey and artistic pursuits have played significant roles in shaping his career as a romance author. With a devoted following of readers, Dominic Lim continues to evolve and grow as a writer, captivating audiences with his compelling stories and vibrant characters.

Writing Career

Dominic Lim made a notable entry into the literary scene with his debut novel, ‘All the Right Notes,’ receiving acclaim as a best book of 2023 by various esteemed publications such as USA Today, Harper’s Bazaar, and Goodreads. This recognition from critics and readers alike solidified his position as a promising new voice in the realm of romance fiction.

Building on the success of his debut work, Dominic Lim continued to showcase his storytelling prowess with the release of his second novel, ‘Karaoke Queen,’ in 2024. With each publication, he further establishes himself as a talented romance author, captivating readers with engaging narratives and memorable characters.

As Dominic Lim’s writing career progresses, readers can anticipate more captivating stories and characters from this rising literary talent.

All the Right Notes

‘All the Right Notes,’ a contemporary romance novel by Dominic Lim, was published by Forever on June 6, 2023. With Dominic Lim at the helm, readers were treated to a heartfelt and engaging story that made its mark in the world of romance fiction.

Quito Cruz, a talented piano player and composer, is faced with the challenge of rekindling his Broadway dreams by putting on a charity performance in his hometown. The catch? He needs to convince his college crush and now Hollywood celebrity, Emmett Aoki, to join the show.

As sparks fly between Quito and Emmett, navigating their complicated feelings becomes even harder amidst the glitz and glam of Hollywood. Will their undeniable connection withstand the pressures of fame and romance?

The heartfelt tale of Quito Cruz’s journey to reignite his Broadway dreams, intertwined with Hollywood stardom and romance, captivates with its engaging storyline and wonderfully developed characters. With sparks flying and emotions running high, this book provides a gripping and heartwarming read.

Karaoke Queen

‘Karaoke Queen,’ a contemporary romance novel by Dominic Lim, was published by Forever on September 17, 2024. Dominic Lim’s skillful storytelling brings to life his second tale, captivating readers with its engaging plot and memorable characters. Published under Forever once again, this romance novel offers another entertaining read.

Rex Araneta embarks on a journey of self-discovery and love as he channels his alter ego, Regina Moon Dee, to save his college sweetheart’s karaoke bar without revealing his true identity. Amidst the growing success of Regina, Rex grapples with the complexities of balancing his dual personas, even enlisting his family’s help in maintaining his secret.

As he navigates the intricate web of deception, Rex realizes that unveiling his true self may be the key to finding genuine love and acceptance, sparking a transformative journey of embracing his authentic identity.

The journey of self-discovery and love that Rex Araneta undertakes, alongside his alter ego Regina Moon Dee, offers a compelling and heartwarming narrative that keeps readers hooked from start to finish. Lim’s skillful storytelling once again shines through in this entertaining and thought-provoking romance novel.

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