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Publication Order of Dominika Egorova & Nathaniel Nash Books

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The Red Sparrow otherwise known as the Dominika Egorova & Nathaniel Nash is a series of thriller mysteries by Jason Matthews. Matthews is a former officer at the Operations Directorate of the CIA that recently became the National Clandestine Service. Jason spent more than three decades working for the CIA in a wide variety of international theaters, where he was involved in clandestine activities. He was a specialist in denied area operations and also worked to collect national security intelligence. Matthews was Chief in several CIA Stations and recruited agents and counterintelligence agents to work against Caribbean, Soviet East European, Middle Eastern and East Asian targets. His work also included managing covert action projects against rogue nations and hence Matthews led foreign liaisons in working against WMD programs and in counter-terrorism. He currently lives in quiet retirement in South California.

After 33 years with the CIA, Jason Matthews decided he was done with it and wanted to live a simpler life on the West Coast. Since he had a very experiential career, he had a lot of stories to tell and hence started writing little fictionalized snippets that were a mosaic of the places he had been to, the things he had done and the people he had met. Before long, he had written a manuscript for “Red Sparrow.” His novel is a throwback to old school spy thrillers that focused on tradecraft rather than modern thrillers that emphasize spy plots with a lot of action grafted in. In a recent interview, he said he specifically set out to write a classic old spy tale that had Russians as the villains as opposed to the briefcase nuke or counterterrorism tropes common today.

“The Red Sparrow/Dominika Egorova & Nathaniel Nash” series tells the story of Dominika Egorova of the SVR and her love interest turned lover the CIA agent Nathaniel Nash. She is a beautiful and young gorgeous woman that dreamt of becoming a ballerina though she has other talents that would prove even more valuable. Her life took a turn when her father died and she was taken by her uncle who pretended affection yet wanted to use her for more nefarious purposes. For Ivan Dimitrevich Egorov, her uncle and First Deputy Director all he saw in his niece Dominika was a sparrow. A sparrow is a woman that used her body and skills as traps for would-be targets who would then be forced to work for Russia. Dominika was an unwilling student for the Sparrowship and was disgusted by the government officials and vowed to punish them when she got a chance. But then she was asked to recruit Nathaniel an American CIA agent. Nash is the son of a rich lawyer from Richmond and coming from a prominent family, he was expected to achieve a lot in the legal profession just like his father and his siblings. But he chose to study Russian after which he joined the CIA and became the black sheep of the family though nothing could have made him happier than serving his country. He believes he was born to be an agent and he has shown time and again that he is the best at recruiting and blowing up counterintelligence operations. This is how he was chosen to be a contact person for Dominika, a Russian mole. But neither the CIA nor the SVR ever thought the two would fall in love.

“Red Sparrow” the debut novel of the “Red Sparrow Trilogy” by Jason Matthews is a compelling thriller that provides an insider look into the workings of the CIA. The novel is set in modern-day Russia, where Dominika Egorova is struggling in a post-Soviet intelligence world overseen by Vladimir Putin the Russian president. Egorova was forced to become a trained seductress known as a sparrow and then asked to recruit a young CIA officer named Nathaniel Nash. He is the one who has been assigned by the CIA to handle Egorova and they believe she can turn the man. She attended the “Sparrow School” just outside Moscow and has been taught the secrets of the honey trap. These skills involve “sexpionage”, where women use their sexuality to trap vulnerable women and men into compromising situations. The action alternates between the United States, Russia, Italy, Finland, and Greece as Nate and Dominika dance around each other in a battle of tradecraft and will that ultimately results in forbidden passion. This is a dangerous development that could threaten not only the two of them but also those of others. As secret alliances are broken and made, Nate and Dominika’s game comes to a deadly crossroads. Soon one starts down the path of a double existence in a death and life operation that consumes the intelligence agencies from Washington DC to Moscow.

“Palace of Treason” the second novel of the “Red Sparrow/Dominika Egorova & Nathaniel Nash” series is set several months after the events of the first novel. Dominika is going back home to Russia after she was dealt a major blow from losing someone very close. She is not so sure if she will continue spying for the Americans given that she has been getting more attention from the Russian cabinet and even the president himself. Complicating matters even further is the fact that Colonel Alexei Zyuganov her new boss views her as competition in his quest to climb the chain of power in the Kremlin and wants to eliminate her for good. On the other side of the Atlantic, her CIA handler and lover Nate Nash also has problems of his own. He has been assigned to an old Russian general who is ready to spill everything but on his own terms. Nate wants to help the Russian undercover agent but the likelihood of getting caught is higher than ever. His job becomes even more interesting when a high ranking member of the American government decides to sell secrets to the Russians in anger for not getting a directorship he was gunning for. The man is not only selling key information about operations, but is also willing to sell a list of SVR moles that had been turned, which would prove catastrophic for Dominika.

“The Kremlin’s Candidate” is the exciting conclusion to the “Red Sparrow Trilogy.” In this novel, Nate Nash and Dominika are looking for a Russian agent in the American government. It opens to Vladimir Putin the Russian president putting in place plans to covertly assassinate a high ranking American official so that the mole that they have been cultivating for more than a decade can replace him. The two agents catch wind of the plot and inform their colleagues at the CIA. It is now a rush against time before the mole reveals Dominika’s double life. Any misstep or leak will lead to exposure and certain death in the execution cellars in Moscow. Eventually, it comes down to a secretive meeting on the Black Sea where the president’s men converge for a closed-door meeting. Will Nate give his life to save Dominika’s or will she give hers to protect him? Maybe they will go down in a blazing flame of passion and loyalty. The novel combines spellbinding emotional stakes and political intrigue to make for a stunning finale to the series.

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