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Publication Order of Rise of the Morningstar Books

The Demon’s Pet (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Demon's Path (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Star's Sword (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Domino Savage is a paranormal author who creates dark anti-heroes and snarky heroines in rich world-building novels. She was a bestseller when she wrote under penname Terry Bolryder with sales of over five million novels before deciding to try something new and different.

The Demon’s Pet
The Demon’s Pet is the debut in the Rise of Morningstar series. From the time of the divide, supernaturals rose to take the world back, and wolf shifters like Cleo have ever been living in closed Havens. The celestials and winged gods who live in the sky kingdoms above, protect those below provided they adhere to the rules and can kill them failure to adhere. Cleo is a wolf shifter and a lowly omega. He has been fighting all his life against the laws of his restricted wolf pack concealed in the celestial havens. He lives against the bullies, parents, and strongest wolves fighting to claim the town’s rebel for their sake.
Cleo is supposed to keep her head down, but something within her isn’t willing to comply. After the entire pack rejects her, she’s sent to a dangerous god. The god is an incredibly handsome archangel with black wings and a lot of power and is supposed to execute Cleo and end his misery, but instead, he keeps him for a single reason, Vengeance.

For Cleo, all she needs as days pass is to stay alive long enough to escape the god. As they travel the world, every creature appears to want to claim and attack her, and it’s at this point she realizes she might be special. As she gets near his guard, the more she realizes she can’t resist the dark and sexy side of him that awakens something dark in him.

After the heat between them begins, fate appears to be determined by whether they manage to fight or fall together. He knows that Cleo belongs to him and is ready to kill anyone who tries to take her from him.

Cleo is an amazing main character with a strong spirit to fight, and she never backed down from any challenge. The author has explored all her inner struggles and how they contributed to her need to fight back against her world’s injustices.

In general, it’s a story of a female main character. This wolf shifter lives in a crappy community of shifters who look down upon her and abuse her when she is recognized as an ‘Omega,’ i.e., the lowest in the order. What’s more surprising is that all the alphas who treat her unkindly still ‘want’ her.

When a mating ceremony is set, she is desperate to run away but unlucky; she’s caught the eye of an alpha; before long, things get worse, and her plans go south. Now she has to fight back with everything that she has.

Sam is a mysterious and snarky character, and his chemistry with Cleo is intense. The plot and the novel’s world-building are fascinating and will leave the reader craving for more. Humans were gone long ago, and the supernaturals live in different areas and realms while the angels rule heaven.

The story gives the reader a new perspective on angels, shapeshifters, and demons. This book is up to your alley for fans of urban fantasy novels with some steamy love scenes. The Demon’s Pet is a detail-oriented story with awesome secondary characters, many romantic scenes, and actions. Be sure to have your attention captured and keep you craving for more.

The amazing world-building brought the whole story to life from one realm to another. Domino Savage’s descriptions paint pictures in the reader’s mind in the reading. The plenty of twists and turns will keep you guessing what happens to the end as it’s filled with unpredictability. Cleo is a force that can be reckoned with mixed with a desire for knowledge. She is personified to be innocent and doesn’t realize that she’s also a temptress.

The Demon’s Path
The Demon’s Path is the second in the Rise of the Morningstar series. At the end of the previous book, Sam and Cleo had begun discovering and now need to venture to Hell to find out the truth. Along the way, accompanied by their crew, they’ll have to pick some strong warriors to assist them in the quest. However, things become more uncertain than before as they near the gates, and their friendship will be tested in this thrilling adventure.

Cleo had no clue about these parts of the world; that’s why she chose to make friends who agreed to protect her during the journey. She wants to convince Sam that he is the only person he wants and not someone else. Sam has always thought that she needs to be with the others since that’s how demons gain more powers. Anytime he sees her becoming close with someone else, he gets so jealous.

Cleo has been suffering self-doubt, fear and stress thought out. She also suffers the pain of knowing that her love for Sam is not because of his physical attraction or being an incubus. She feels so bad when he pushes her away every time she tries getting close to him. Amazingly, she can still find it in her to bear all that pain and rejection so that she can be whatever the world wants her to be.

Cleo tries all she can to stay strong and accept things the way they are as she fights to reach her full potential while still coping with a love that someone may feel single-sided. All the flaws and struggles and familiarity to them make Sam and Cleo relatable and endearing.

In this novel, Domino Savage has introduced different demons, fae, and elves with special gifts. The world-building in the book is amazing, and each new aspect brings more understanding of what is going on and how much the Morningstar means to everyone.

The twists, turns, actions, and surprises add more taste to the story. The epic encounter and the final reveal are so refreshing and fantastic. The suspense keeps the reader on their toes as the chemistry between the characters becomes more electric.

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