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Don Brown is a former US Navy JAG officer and the author of Zondervan’s Navy Justice Series. It’s a dynamic storyline featuring the adventures of JAG officer Zack Brewer. The first novel of the series is called Treason – Don started writing it in 2003.
Donald Mitchell Brown, Jr. was born in 1960 in Plymouth, North Carolina. He received a Juris Doctor degree from Campbell University and Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of North Carolina.

Mr. Donald spent five years in the U.S. Navy as an officer in the JAG. He earned the Navy’s nonresident certificate in International Law at the United States Naval War College. While serving as a JAG officer, Brown was published in the US Navy Law Review – that turned out to be his first official publication.

Brown is most known by his Navy Justice Series. It includes Treason, Hostage, Defiance, Black Sea Affair, and Malacca Conspiracy.

Treason is Brown’s most famous novel – it’s about Zack Brewer, a young Navy JAG officer. He prosecutes three Islamic chaplains for diverse crimes. The three defendants have incited marines and sailors to acts of terrorism – that leads Brewer to prosecute them for treason and murder.

Zach has already made a name of himself – only three years after law school, he managed to win the coveted Navy Commendation medal. More than that, Zack is coming off an astounding win, however, if he is not careful, his Christian beliefs could cost him the case and his career.
Officer Brewer is about to take on Wells Levinson, an internationally acclaimed criminal defense lawyer. The assistant prosecutor for this case is his staunchest rival, Diane Colcernian. After Zach and Diane finally agree to put their differences aside, the real problems begin to uncover.

Hostage is the second novel of the Navy Justice series. It continues the story of Zack Brewer – this time he appears with his co-counsel, Lieutenant Wendy Poole in a case about the death penalty.
Zack Brewer faces a very difficult choice, one that can prevent the next war. However, there is a catch – it will cost him the life of a person he loves most. “Court Martial of the Century” was how the press described Brewer after his prosecution of the three terrorists posing as Navy chaplains. Brewer wants to forget about that and move on with his life, but the radical Islamic organization behind the chaplains is thirsty for revenge. Israel and the Arab world are on a brink of a major war after an unthinkable incident occurred. Officer Brewer and his co-counsel Diane Colcernian are called to the case of their lifetime. Many eyes are on them…that leads to a kidnapping. Zach faces the ultimate choice, if he wins the case, Diane dies, on the other hand, if he loses, the world could explode in war.

Defiance is the third novel in the Navy Justice Series, it was released in 2007 and features Zack Brewer and Diane Colcernian.
Shannon McGilverry, a crack NCIS agent has a new assignment. Her new duty is to protect a man that is hunted by terrorists, Zach Brewer. He is clearly in a lot of danger especially after another JAG Officer is murdered. Shannon is in a very difficult position after falling in love with the brilliant attorney. Her assignment is not to only protect Zach, but to also investigate the rumors about Diane Colcerninan who may still be alive. Navy SEALS launch a risky rescue mission that might trigger WW3.

Black Sea Affair is a submarine thriller and is the fourth novel in the series.
Weapons-grade plutonium is stolen from Russia which might lead to a nuclear war. The Russian army is ready to attack Chechnya in order to get it back. However, US intelligence finds out that the stolen shipment is actually on a rogue Russian freighter in the Black Sea. After a secret mission, an American submarine commander gets arrested. He is to be trialed before a military tribunal in Moscow. The US Navy continues its search for the weapons-grade plutonium… meanwhile the international crisis escalates after a submarine mishap. Officer Zack Brewer is called yet again, this time in Moscow. Will he be able to stop a nuclear war?

Finally, Malacca Conspiracy is a naval thriller. The novel has been reviewed by several national publications.
The Malacca Conspiracy is a bone-chilling tale of political assassination, terrorism on the high seas, and nuclear brinkmanship. It takes place in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the United States. This is Zack and Diane final chance for a long romance after they are once again teamed up to uncover conspiracies before disaster strikes.

Don’s writing style is casting an entertaining and educational spin on a wide-range of current issues, from the explosive issue of gays in the military, to the radical Islamic infiltration of the military, and the modern day issues of presidential politics in the early 21st Century.

Treason was described as a story filled with action and intrigue. The Romance Reader’s Connection described Brown’s novels as “fascinating and fresh”.

Four years after Treason was released, it became the number one bestseller on Amazon for fiction. In 2009, all four of Don’s novels were ranked in the top 5.

Three months after Osama Bin Laden was killed, Taliban forces took down a United States helicopter, call sign “Extortion 17.” This unfortunate event resulted in the killings of seventeen members of Navy SEAL Team Six – the same team that was responsible for the death of Bin Laden just 90 days ago.
Don Brown retells the wartime action in Call Sign Extortion 17: The Shoot-Down of SEAL Team Six. He also makes sure to thoroughly examine the official military explanation of the incident contained in the infamous Colt Report. Don asserts that it’s either gross incompetence or a massive cover-up. Don question whether the SEALS were deliberately flown into a Taliban controlled area where they were essentially an easy target or that the Afghan soldiers aboard that helicopter were really undercover Taliban.

Realistic war books are Don Brown’s specialty. If you enjoy reading books of that genre then you should definitely try Mr. Don Brown’s work. The Navy Justice Series is something you should not neglect.

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