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Publication Order of A Jack Taggart Mystery Books

Loose Ends (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Above Ground (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Angel in the Full Moon (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Samurai Code (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Ends (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Birds of a Feather (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Corporate Asset (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Benefactor (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Art and Murder (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Delicate Matter (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Subverting Justice (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Element of Risk (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Grey Zone (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Don Easton is one of the highly respected authors from Canada, who likes to write suspense, thriller, and mystery books. He is highly popular for writing the Jack Taggart Mysteries series. Author Easton was born on December 7, 1950, in Canada. Before turning himself into a writer, he used to work as an undercover Mountie. He worked for a period of 20 years in this profession. Easton says that all that time he was involved in treachery, lies, corruption, extreme violence, and deception. He was even involved in contracts on his wife. For a period of 7 years at that time, author Easton worked for an Intelligence Unit of RCMP. The vast experience from his profession made Easton realize that his world could not just be categorized in white and black. He often came across people who were considered bad turning out to have good qualities, while the ones who were presumed good showing up their sinister side at one point or the other. On many occasions, author Easton’s cover was blown by the people whom he was supposed to have faith. This made him unsure about whom he should trust and he should not. The experiences of being an undercover agent exposed author Easton to morality’s underbelly over justice. Very often, he had to make hard choices as he could not think of any other ways to work out the things. Easton had to reluctantly work with informants who were known to have been horrific criminals themselves. In spite of committing crimes like murder such informants were able to provide important information about people considered even worse than them.

While working for 20 long years in such a condition, the lines of wrong and right became blurred for Easton. Many a times, he was made a target by people on both sides of the judicial law. However, when he decided to give up his former career and thought of becoming a writer, his experiences proved to be of great help to him. Author Easton was able to bring an edgy and unique realism in his books. The novels written by him show a great deal of knowledge and a unique writing style that has only been achieved by a person who has had the chance to look into the eyes to the murderers and victims alike. The books clearly show that they have been written out of the experience. But, it is only author Easton who knows where the lines of fact and fiction cross in his mystery novels. According to author Easton, being undercover requires living out of the apartment buildings, where only a few police officers are aware of the real identity. During his service, he was often kept under surveillance and targeted who his superiors as they were of the opinion that he was involved with some kind of organized crime or was a mastermind criminal. For multiple times, professional assassin were hired to find Easton and kill. Even his wife was put on contracts. But, he managed to come out of every danger. He had taught his children to lie straightaway when someone tried to know their real names. Sometimes, Easton was sent on assignments to foreign countries like the United States, the Caribbean, or Mexico. His mystery series is based on such a realism and depicts it very efficiently too. Easton says that the stories are realistic, gritty, and not meant to be read by children. He has not allowed even his own children to read them until the age of 18. For the readers, he recommends that the series should be read from the beginning, so as to understand the series of events in a better way. As of today, author Easton lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, along with his beautiful wife and his 2 sons.

A Jack Taggart Mystery series written by Don Easton is comprised of a total of 9 books, which were released between the years 2005 and 2015. All the novels of this series feature the chief protagonists in the role of Jack Taggart, who is described as living in Vancouver, British Columbia, and working as a Mountie with an undercover profile. The debut novel of the series was released under the title of ‘Loose Ends’. It was released by the Dundurn publication in the year 2005. At the beginning of this book, author Easton has introduced Jack Taggart as living in a world places are changed between the good and bad guys within a heartbeat. But, he seems to be quite good at whatever job he undertakes. His success in fulfilling all the jobs assigned to by his superiors backfires on him. Because of his habit of bending the rules and playing by his own set of rules, his intelligence agency assign him a new partner to keep a watch on him as well as spy on his activities. The newly appointed partner of Jack Taggart goes on to discover that there is a society which depends upon the unwritten rules. The men in this society follow such rules with their heart and soul. If they tend to break the rules, it is taken as if they have lost their respect. And in the event of losing respect, that particular man is definitely going to lose his life. As the story progresses, a series of events involving corruption, retribution, and corruption get unfolded. However, the story also described respect and honor and it this mixture of the positive and negative elements that takes the story forward. On the whole, the book turns out to be a well written mystery. It was equally well appreciated by the audiences and critics across the globe. Author Easton was also lauded for his efforts in writing such a unique story.

The next book in the series is entitled ‘Above Ground’. It was published in 2007, once again by Dundrun publishers. The starting sequence of this story shows that Jack Taggart avenges the killings of his nephew and niece, but its consequences still linger. Being an RCMP detective, he enters into a deal with the leader of the Satans Wrath motorcycle gang named Damien. Due to this, the life of an informant within the gang becomes jeopardized. In the meantime, the other members of the gang try to destroy Jack Taggart by eliminating all those who have connections with him. They are led by a mysterious figure called as The Boss. Along with the bad guys, several other problems tend to make things difficult for Jack. The Assistant Commissioner of RCMP, named Issac, becomes increasingly suspicious about Jack’s involvement in the killing of a corrupt prosecutor. Jack begins to feel that both his career and life are on the line. This novel seems to be a gritty and tough follow up on the successful first book of this mystery series.

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