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Don Ehrenhaft is a reputed American author of fantasy, science fiction, and horror novels. He has written a number of standalone books in his career as well as a successful book series known as the Midgard Saga series. This series is comprised of a total of 4 books released in 2016. A very popular standalone book penned by Ehrenhaft is known as Gamer’s Children. Ehrenhaft has recently started a new series called the Pixton series, which contains just one book so far. All the books that Ehrenhaft has written in his career have been published under the banner of the Moonstruck Publishers. Author Ehrenhaft is quite satisfied with the amount of success he has received with his novels so far. He hopes to achieve a lot more success with his future projects in the years to come. Until then, he expects his fans to keep reading his already published books and make them more successful. Author Ehrenhaft is extremely grateful to the critics, readers, reviewers, and fellow authors for all the support and love they have given to his books. He believes that their genuine reviews and comments have helped his books become successful in all the places of their release. The critics and reviewers have also helped him in developing a big fan base comprising of readers who like fantasy and science fiction stories.

A well-known book penned by author Don Ehrenhaft is entitled ‘Gamer’s Children’. It was released by the Moonstruck publication in 2016. This book is based on the aftermath of an attack on Earth from foreign entities. Initially, it is shown that a war takes place in the space in which Earth gets attacked by highly advanced weapons driven by gravity. After this attack, Earth becomes practically inhabitable. In spite of the harsh conditions, some people find the courage to take refuge in the areas near the mountains. In order to avoid getting detected by the warring factions, the survivors move in small groups. However, the foreign species still look for the survivors in all possible places and try to kill them with the use of advanced weapons. Some of the survivors run away to the space to prevent themselves from being hunted by the attackers and captured. One small group of survivors follows its journey from the destroyed Earth to take shelter in the space. They come across various hurdles and dangers in their path, but manage to overcome each one of them by fighting together. This book was highly appreciated for its depiction of a unique fantasy story. It received starred reviews by many prominent literary magazines. Author Ehrenhaft was praised for his unique storytelling abilities and his creation of engaging characters in this novel. Ehrenhaft received a great deal of motivation from the success of this novel and went on to write several more exciting books in his career.

Another mind-blowing novel written by Ehrenhaft is called ‘Midgard: Orphan’. It was also published in 2016 by the Moonstruck publication. This novel is the third installment of the successful Midgard Saga series developed by Ehrenhaft. Ehrenhaft has depicted the central characters in this book as Tarin, Kael McNaughton, and several others. The book opens by mentioning that dwarves and giants stake Midgard’s claim in the absence of Tarin, who goes on a journey to Alfheim. Elves dwell in the lands of Alfheim. Tarin is required to survive the dangerous world of Svartalheim, which contains the deadly dark elves. On the other hand, Kael McNaughton comes to know that he is one of the undetected creatures, who move among the humans without their knowledge. And just like them, he also possesses the ability to hide in the broad daylight.

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