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Don Imus is one of the reputed writers from the United States. He is known for adding humor elements to his books. More than a writer, Imus is famous as a radio host. He is particularly well known for hosting the nationally syndicated chat show called ‘Imus in the Morning’. This show is broadcast all over America by the Cumulus Media Networks. In addition to being a writer and radio host, Imus is also known for being a landscape photographer, humorist, and a philanthropist. Author Imus was born on July 23, 1940, as John Donald Imus Jr., in Riverside, California, U.S. He was a younger brother named Fred Imus, who has also worked as a host of talk shows. Imus was brought up on a cattle ranch known as The Willows, located near Kingman in Arizona. Between the years 1957 and 1960, he served as a Marine in the U.S. Navy. During the early days of his career, he battled alcoholism, but got himself completely treated in 1987. In the following year, with his alcohol and cocaine addictions, author Imus went on to reshape his talk show from comedy into a platform for discussing political issues, news based parodies, and charitable causes. His show was greatly inspired by the format of Howard Stern. Imus married twice in his life. In 1979, he got a divorce from his first wife named Harriet Showalter. His second wife is named Deirdre Coleman, whom he married in 1994. Author Imus has a couple of stepdaughters named Tony and Nadine, whom he adopted from his previous wife. With Harriet, he also has 2 daughters, Elizabeth and Ashley; and with Deirdre, Imus has a son named Frederick Wyatt. Also, he has a total of 3 grandchildren from his adopted daughters. He founded a ranch called Imus Ranch with his wife in 1999. This cattle ranch is spread over an area of 4,000 acres and is located close to Ribera, New Mexico.

The ranch was founded mainly for the children suffering from cancer and victims of SIDS. Until it got closed in the year 2014, the family of author Imus used to volunteer there every year between the Memorial Day and the Labor Day. Imus continued his broadcasting from a small studio on the ranch, while the remainder of his cast used to make it from New York. In 2000, he got seriously injured after falling while horse-riding. Imus had to be hospitalized, but he did not stop broadcasting. He continued to do that from his hospital bed. But, due to the injuries, Imus suffered from chronic problems of breathing, which particularly caused major difficulty to him at high grounds. In 2009, he made an announcement on his show that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. In September 2014, Imus announced that he will be selling his ranch because of his health issues. He intended to give the proceeds from the sale to a charitable foundation. Finally, the ranch was sold for a price of 32 million dollars. As of today, author Imus lives in Brenham, Texas, on another ranch that he bought in 2013. After a couple of years buying it, he moved there for the full time. From then on, began broadcasting his radio show from the Texas ranch, while all his cast members broadcast from the radio studios of WABC. Author Imus sold his waterfront mansion in Westport, Connecticut at the price of $14.4 millions around the same year. Prior to the start of his radio, Imus used to work as a brakeman in a railroad company. He won a talent competition at the nightclub of Johnny Otis that gave him a chance to work as a singer & songwriter. Otis began managing his work. Imus heard a morning disc jockey on one day and went to a local radio station to persuade the owner to get himself hired. This way, Imus started his radio disc-jockey career in 1968 at the KUTY radio station in Palmdale, California. He worked there for one year and then left to work in another radio station called KJOY, located in Stockton, California. Imus was later dismissed from the job for saying the word ‘hell’ on air. Following this, he started working at KXOA, in Sacramento, California. Author Imus was famous for playing on air pranks, such as dialing a restaurant’s number and placing an order of 1200 hamburgers. Due to such pranks, his shows were highly famous and boosted higher ratings.

One of the popular books written by Don Imus is entitled ‘God’s Other Son’. It was published in 1994 by the S & S publication. In the funny story of the book, he has described an outrageous television evangelist named Billy Sol Hargus. Imus has stated in a comic way that Billy is the second of God, after Jesus. With this, the riotously funny book begins, describing the eventful life of the corrupt, huckstering, lecherous, hustling television evangelist. Billy goes on to dazzle in the form of a Superstar Minister of the nation from the backwoods of his Texas country. He preaches at the sold out stadiums and travels all across the nation. With the passage of time, Billy Sol gets involved with women because of his wide fame. And then he vanishes suddenly one day. It appears that Billy has disappeared from the surface of earth. However, he kept a diary and several tapes, in which he had recorded all information about his activities. They were considered lost, but as Billy’s family finds them, they are about to know the real Billy Sol. The book consists of lots of fun elements throughout the plot.

Another noteworthy book written by author Imus is titled ‘My Life in NYPD’. It was written by him in collaboration with James Wagner and Patrick Picciarelli. Through this book, Imus has tried to take the readers into the drama of the toughest jobs of New York City in its toughest precinct. He has set the story in a time before gentrification, before the political correctness, and before the civil review boards. The book describes the life story of James Wagner from the time he used to work as a street cop in New York until his retirement. Patrick Picciarelli, who also served as a cop like James, has also shared some his experiences as a police when he was stationed in Manhattan’s East Side from the 1960s up to 1980s. The story follows that high times of James Wagner, his outrageous exploits, as well as his involvement in the nightclubs, mob scene, and felony indictment. Author Imus has tried to depict the facts in a fun and humorous way.

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