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Publication Order of New Druids Books

Donald D. Allan is an award winning author of fiction.

He is known for his fantasy series, the popular digital New Druids series. Allan came up with the concept and the story hit the digital shelves for the first time in 2015 on Kindle. This Canadian author would follow that debut fantasy story Duilleog with the exciting sequel, Craobh. Additional novels continued the adventures of Will Arbor.

Born in Ottawa, Allan has always had a talent for writing. He is also known for having a variety of knowledge on the topic of anything and knows quite a lot of trivia. Besides being a trove of trivia, he writes fiction stories in his spare time. Some of them are very popular in digital form on Kindle as e-books.

Allan describes himself as a massive geek, going up to the level of 12. He says that he pretends to be an extrovert but behind all of that outgoing energy, he is an introvert at heart. Besides his hobby of reading and writing, he also happens to enjoy a glass of wine. This of course fuels his extrovert persona.

The author also enjoys to spend some time being lazy or planning an activity that he is going to complete. This could be anything from repairing the house to cleaning and cooking or getting out in the yard to do some work. He sometimes gets around to it, but sometimes laziness manages to get the best of him. He confesses that even though he plans quite often, sometimes he just never gets around to actually doing it.

This causes some confusion among people who meet him for the first time when they find out eventually that he wrote and published a book. They are often surprised but usually come around to the idea even if they are a bit flabbergasted at the beginning of finding it out. Donald is married to Marilyn, his wife. Together they have children and a dog that is named Woody. They live together in Ottawa, located in Canada.

Duilleog is the first novel in the New Druids fantasy series of novels by author Donald D. Allan. If you really love engaging fantasy novels that are about the classic tale of the struggle that occurs between the forces of good and the powers of evil, then check out the debut story that readers are loving and reviewers are calling excellent.

This fantasy story starts out with the powers of the Last Druid coming to life. He’s just started to feel them waking up, and now things are really getting in full gear. This is a land where all of the druids have been driven out, totally eradicated. Only Gaea remains, but it is on the edge of wiping all of mankind out for good forever.

Main character Will Arbor is on a quest to reclaim his legacy. As his druid powers start to wake up, this will be an adventure and a voyage of not only self discovery but magic, destiny, and maybe even fate itself.

This is a world where a New Order church is looking to destroy the last of the druids. Only then will they have power. Their goal is to get rid of their Lord Protector and take back the control that they desire over people in the Realm and their lives. These are the horrors that greedy and power hungry men are unleashing on the population.

One young man is doing the best that he can to try and change the world and turn the tides. With the beauty of all the natural world, reason’s natural strength, and religion’s lies that are told to pursue power, this is the story of Will Arbor’s journey.

Long ago, Will lost his identity when separated from his family by force. He raised himself up, growing up alone as part of the wild. It was there that he began to find out that he did have talents– perhaps talents and abilities that no one else has.

With themes of the positive value of nature and harmony, this stunning first story in the New Druids epic from Donald Allan is sure to make you happy that you picked it up. Get a copy of your own and discover what Will does next, even when all of the odds are stacked against him, by reading to the end!

Craobh is the sequel to the exciting first fantasy story in the New Druids series! If you loved the events of the first novel, then be sure to check out this thrilling follow up plot and continuation of this fantasy. Then check out the other books in this engaging series and choose to continue the adventure yourself.

Main character Will Arbor is back, and has returned to Belkin’s realm. While the powers of this singular druid have increased, he remains the last known druid to survive. Now he must start up his journey once more, doing what he can to try and track down answers.

He hopes that the “Draoi Manuscript” will be of assistance when it comes to this, but can’t be sure. Meanwhile, he is in for a surprise when he finds that the New Order Church sect in town has plans of its own that may end up drawing him in.

Can Will win his fight to try and survive the powers that are even greater than the ones that he possesses? When events are put into motion by none other than the “Lord Protector”, the people of the realm will find themselves divided.

The events will make clear those that are devoted to protecting the realm and those that want to take over the bodies and the minds of the people that live there. Will is going to have to befriend people that can become his allies, and fast.

Struggling to understand how magic balances out and also how he fits ultimately into the plans of Gaea, this adventure is a fun read and an interesting and unique look at a creative world that is about to descend into pure chaos. What happens next? Read this book to find out!

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