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Donna Alam is a romance, humor, and comedy author who writes novels about gorgeous men you wish you were married to and exotic locations. Alam is from the North of England though she has perfected the art of being a nomad as she has moved houses and continents more times than she can remember. While she is now a nomad and has a penchant for escapism, she at one time worked for a school similar to the one she writes about in her “Pretty” series of novels. Nonetheless, she did not have the privilege of salivating to handsome male protagonists at the school, which is probably why she decided to begin a nomadic life. The bestselling author is a part-time pervert, eclectic reader, a huge fan of smart men and protagonists that do not mind being a little inappropriate. When she is not writing her novels, she may be found reading romances, walking her dog, making and consuming Arabic cuisine, watching a movie or historical drama on TV, or drinking a sweet mojito or Rioja.

Donna was inspired to write she was still a high schooler and wrote an essay that was held up by the English teacher as an example of an excellent piece. Her confidence went sky high and her passion for romance writing was born given that her story was about loss and love, redemption, and depth. However, her confidence would fade and she would not achieve any of her high-strung dreams for years after she was done with school. Upon graduation from college, she would become a writer of listicles rather than literary fiction. Then she started a family and the most memorable writing she did during this time was write notes to the teachers explaining why her children were often late reporting to school. Alam would later graduate to writing emails to family and friends while she traveled around the world with her husband. It was at this time that she got her second wind when some of the recipients of the emails told her she was hilarious and should consider writing a novel. It was the encouragement and inspiration she needed and she sat down and began writing her manuscript though erotic romance was perhaps not what her friends had in mind. Alam published her debut novel “Pretty Hot,” the first of the “Pretty Trilogy” in 2014 and has never looked back since. She now has more than twenty novels in the “Pretty Trilogy,” “Hot Scots,” “Phillips Brothers,” and the “Great Scots” series alongside several single standing novels.

Just like many authors, getting published was a frustrating journey. Once Alam was done with the manuscript and began pitching, she was lucky enough that some publisher was interested in it. But then they backed out and she was so dejected she felt like quitting. Since she did not want to experience that heartbreak again, she decided to go the self-publishing route. She found it more fulfilling as she could control her destiny and publish whatever she wanted and at whatever pace she felt like.

“Pretty Hot” by Donna Alam is a thrilling romance narrative about a girl running away from love and a charming playboy. It is set in a tropical location where hot does not only refer to the weather. Kate Saunders is getting on a flight to Dubai, where she is to start a new life as a teacher at an all-girls school. She thinks a new life is what she needs to set her life straight until she meets the inimitable Kai who lives a life of privilege and wealth, and is one of the most worldly and cultured men she ever met. He seems to always get what he desires and now he wants Kate by his side and in his bed. The road to hell is usually paved with good intentions but when Kate tries to resist Kai it is a futile fight that adds underwear litter to the road. He had a filthy but sweet tongue though he may not be the person he has painted himself to be. Kate came to Dubai to get away from all the complications in her life but it seems they have followed her. Like Dubai, the novel “Pretty Hot” is a steamy erotic romance that loses itself in erotic tales, international locations, and exotic getaways. But ultimately, it is the story of the romantic love story of Kate and Kai.

“Pretty Liar” the second novel of the “Pretty Trilogy” continues the story of Kai and Kate in steamy Dubai. For Kate, Kai was just supposed to be a rebound, a man she would use to get over the pain she had left behind. But things can get out of control especially with someone as manly and as gorgeous as Kai in charge. He has it all from the charm, the good looks, and the wealth that will be hard to resist even if one was a nun. Ever since she met Kai underwear had become optional though she may just be about to bring out her granny knickers. While Dubai is known for being hot, blue skies are not a guarantee and one minute it can be hot and the next a storm will pound the desert seemingly from nowhere. Kate and Kai have the hots for each other but they will soon realize that the journey to finding true love is also a bumpy one. It is a thrilling story of lust and love on the desert beachfront of Dubai.

Donna Alam’s “Pretty Things” is the thrilling finale to the “Pretty Trilogy.” Kate Saunders had never been a believer in happy endings especially when she found her fiancé in bed with another woman. As such, when he met the dirty-mouthed, dominant and charismatic Kai, she thought it would just be an enjoyable one-night stand and never her Prince Charming. He was to be a man for the moment but then she had fallen for him against her better instincts. He can make everything wrong look very right though he has been learning that sometimes a talented tongue, charm, and good looks will not get you everything you need. He has also realized that family, privilege, and wealth could hold one back. Their love is troubled rather than forbidden and Kai may be forced to reveal his animal side when things do not go as he planned. In this novel, Kai and Kate head to Australia as they embark on the hilarious, seat squirming, and heart-pounding conclusion to the series. Shocking truths, secrets, and lies will be revealed as they realize that sometimes the journey is more fun than the destination.

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  1. Valerie Suehr: 2 years ago

    Donna Alam’s series about the ‘Aussie’ brothers only deals with 3 of the four brothers. Does Roman ever get his story.

    More importantly I’d love to read a story about Everett (Rhett) from the Liar, Liar book.



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