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Donna Boyd is a romance, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, and thriller author who is best known for the “Devocroix Dynasty” series of novels.
She published “The Passion,” the debut novel of the series in 1998 and the series now has at least three titles. Just like most of her other works of fiction, these novels have gone on to become wildly popular all over the world.

Boyd is actually a pseudonym as she is best known as Donna Ball who writes under many other pseudonyms. Under pen names such as Taylor Brady, Rebecca Flanders, Leigh Bristol, Donna Carlisle, and of course Donna Boyd she has more than 100 books.
Boyd is known for her works in adventure, and supernatural fantasy in addition to several suspense and mystery fiction. Her works have over the years been translated into more than twelve languages and have been published all across the globe.
She has appeared on the likes of “Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous,” and “Entertainment Tonight.”

She has also been featured in prestigious publications such as T.V. Guide, the Detroit Free Press, Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

For her work, she has won many awards including the Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award, the 2001 Storytelling Award, the Maggie Award from the Georgia Romance Writers, and the 2000 Georgia Author of the Year Award.

Writing as Donna Ball, she published her debut novel in 1982. She currently makes her home in the Blue Ridge Mountains in an ancient restored barn from the turn of the century where she lives with her dogs.

When she is not writing her novels, she can usually be found spending time with her dogs who are winners of many awards for obedience, agility, and musical freestyle. Some of her hobbies include hiking, oil painting, and dog obedience training.

Donna Boyd’s novel “The Passion” is a fascinating work of fiction with lush detail and finely crafted prose. The author weaves a spellbinding tapestry of suspense and romance that she sets against a complex sensuous landscape.
An intense saga of betrayal and love, this is a story that tells of the life and times of those who walk the fine line between beast and man.

The novel is set in modern Manhattan where on the night before a brutal murder is reported, Alexander Devoncroix decides it is the time to reveal to his heir and son a tightly guarded secret of the family which no outsider is privy to.
In a world ruled by a race of superior werewolves who hold most of the powerful positions, werewolf, and human segregation is an accepted fact of life. However, the leaders of the pack have recently welcomed a human into their ranks.
Shifting gears to Paris during the nineteenth century, we meet three very important people.

Tessa LeGuerre is a young human who finds herself under the spell of a very sensual and powerful wolf.

Then there is the charismatic werewolf Alexander Devoncroix whose loyalty is to his pack, even if he shows a lot of love to humans.
Lastly is the imperila leader Elise who claims Alecander as his fated mate.

When much-beloved pet Tessa becomes too ambitious, it leads to unspeakable tragedy.

“The Promise” by Donna Boyd is an interesting work that continues right from the events of the previous novel. In what had to be one of the most awaited works, the author weaves an intriguing tale that will easily lure you in.
The leads in the novel are Matise and Brianna Devocroix who are supposedly sister and brother, who had been born to the best of the werewolves that rule the world.

They live in a world in which werewolves are the best in just about everything as they possess superior abilities and intelligence and have lived undetected among humans for thousands of years.

Both girls are highly intelligent, talented, and beautiful women even though Brianna has been unable to experience the passion that would turn her into a werewolf. All she desires is to make the transition but it seems that it may never happen for her.
In the course of the story, the author describes Matise and Brianna’s formative years and joyous childhood.

While her life has been filled with talent and promise, Brianna is crushed when she is driven out of the pack as she is unable to transform herself during her coming-of-age ceremony.

Everyone she had counted upon including the pack leaders who are her parents, and Freda Fasburg her best friend stands by as she is deserted and humiliated, which is the worst thing she could have ever imagined would happen.

Donna Boyd’s novel “Renegade” tells the story of a quiet anthology professor named Emory. The man is drugged, kidnapped, and grilled by a mysterious stranger who is interested in only one thing.

They want information about the lupinotuum an ancient race that is half wolf half man who have been living among humans for hundreds of years. Once upon a time, they were the rules of the tundra but now reign supreme in Wall Street.
They had once fought with claws and teeth but now are masters of fighting with power and wealth.

As an orphan who was brought up in a family of influential and sophisticated lupinotuum in Venice of the twentieth century, Emory Hilliford is the best man to chronicle their secrets, their history, and their culture.
Very few people know of his existence and hence he has been groomed to become a crucial player in the unfolding of history. But the role he has been assigned could be deadly to the survival of his race.
Now that he has been kidnapped, he will need to decide how much he can reveal even as his time runs out.

From the ancient legends of Rome and Greece to Dark Ages mysteries and the beauty of contemporary New York, this work is a sweeping saga of destiny, passion, sacrifice, and betrayal.
It is sure to haunt your nights and consume your days long after you turn that last page.

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