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Donna Collins is a wonderful British novelist of crime fiction, thriller, suspense, and mystery stories. She is specifically popular for writing the Hunted series and recently started the Jason Wade series. Collins’ books have achieved success in all corners of the world and are well known for their rich storylines, excellent characters, and intriguing plots. She claims to have been a fan of thriller novels since her childhood days. Author Collins was born in Romford, Essex, England. Her parents saw her interest in books at an early age and motivated her to continue with the reading habit. They also gifted Collins her most favorite book, The Children of Cherry Tree Farm by Enid Blyton. The book still finds a place on Collins’s bookshelf. Collins felt proud to be called a bookworm by her friends during her youth.

It was her interest in the TV shows of the 70s and 80s such as Charlie’s Angels, Dempsey and Makepeace, Hart to Hart, and Hunter that lured Collins to develop an interest in writing mystery and thriller stories. Since then, she has gone through numerous works of her favorite authors such as Paula Gosling, A.J. Quinnell, Jonathan Kellerman, and Patricia Cornwell and acquired influence and inspiration to write her own books. In addition to writing, Collins also loves crime. This can be proved by her career. After laying the foundation of her school magazine, she went on to write for the OK! Magazine. Also, she has collaborated with Ormiston Prison Services, Essex Offender Services, and Essex Police to work in their crime department.

Collins even has publishing credits to her name for commissioned magazine and freelance articles. Currently, she has turned all her imagination and attention to storytelling, which is the thing that she does best. In her free time, author Collins likes to indulge in all those scary stories that cause pumping of her adrenaline, including fright nights, seance panic rooms, storm chasing, zombie-infested malls, etc. Collins takes great pride in telling her fans that she has participated in the London Marathon in 2010 and completed the race. She made her debut in the field of publishing with the 2017 book called The Sacrifice. The story of this book is a mixture of horror and mystery and is developed from a pilot script that Collins and her friend had written together. Collins has set the story in Cornwall and has mentioned the primary character in the form of Eliza Hamilton, who works as a nurse.

Collins likes to consider this book as a thriller, although many critics have labeled it as an action thriller. As of now, Collins has no plans of adding a new title in the Hunted trilogy. She has decided to continue working on the original book that she had started before the birth of the Hunted novels. Collins is hopeful of coming up with many more action-packed, thriller stories in the future. She is confident about receiving the love of her fans for all her upcoming novels and become much more successful. Sometimes, she indulges in interacting with readers through social media platforms to get an idea of their expectations and tastes. Collins takes every suggestion very seriously and intends to bring out the best of her in every new novel.

The Hunted series written by author Donna Collins is comprised of a total of 3 books released between 2017 and 2018. Every novel of this series features the main characters in the roles of Eliza Hamilton and Roman Holbrook. Eliza is introduced as a Cornish nurse, who gets mugged while returning home from the hospital one evening. Roman Holbrook comes out of nowhere and scares off the strange attacker. Eliza finds Roman quite mysterious as he disappears quickly in the darkness before the arrival of the police. After that incident, Eliza keeps wondering whether the man was actually there on that to save her or he was it was just her imagination. Eliza’s curiosity comes to an end on one rainy when Roman Holbrook knocks at her door. This is when all hell breaks loose and her life gets filled up with chaos.

An exciting novel of this series is entitled ‘Resurrection’. It was released by Willow Books in 2018. This novel opens by showing that Roman Holbrook’s whereabouts got revealed the people he was hiding from after he saved Eliza from a deadly encounter. He decides to move as far away as possible from Eliza’s house in order to keep the danger away and save his life. With the turning of the hourglass, Roman senses time slipping away. He senses that things have changed drastically around him and are not at all the way they should be. Roman finds himself in the dilemma of choosing between leaving Eliza behind or taking her away with him.

If he leaves her behind, his hunters could come and harass her or she could even be forced to face the aftermath of the incident from which she was saved by Roman. And taking her along would mean that she would be an added burden on his shoulders. Roman does not want Eliza to face the dangers that he faces every day. In fact, he wants her to stay away from him. That way, no harm would come to her and she could lead a peaceful life. As time goes by, the decision does not remain just Roman’s. Eliza demands that her wish should also be considered in this matter. Finally, they run away together and Roman promises her that he will try his best to not let any harm come to her.

Another excellent book of the series is known as ‘The Undoing’. It was also published by the Willow Books publication in 2018. Once again, Roman Holbrook and Eliza Hamilton are depicted as the central characters. Initially, it is depicted that the past life of Roman Holbrook comes to haunt him. Now, he is not left with any option but to fight his demons. Roman banks of Eliza to prevent him from falling into an eternity of humiliation and torture. However, Eliza has her own problems to deal with. With not much time left in her hand, she is required to revisit her past in order to find solutions to the problems that have been bothering her for so many years. As a result, a cat & mouse race is set into motion that takes Eliza Hamilton to places so dark that she had never imagined.

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