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The Mysteries of Heaven and Hell Revealed (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Abused by the Church (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Divine Encounters (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Glory of God Revealed (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Donna Rigney is a best-selling Christian author, inspirational speaker, avid intercessor, and pastor. As a very serious Christian, Rigney’s life revolves around her deep desire to reveal how much God loves humanity and all people, and her very intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Donna frequently gets caught up in the spirit and in these moments, she often comes face to face with the glory of God. In order to pass her messages to other people, she has become an author who writes books and writes messages.

She has also been interviewed on all manner of media including website blogs, TV, radio, and podcasts in the United States and Europe. Over the years, she has become known for having a very strong passion and intimacy with the Holy Ghost.

Her meetings are usually prophetic and aimed at getting the lost saved, healed, and delivered from their hurt.

Working with Jack and her husband, they pastor a non-denominational church named His Heart Ministries International based in north-central Florida. The two are also members of a youth detention facility for teenage boys between 13-and 18 known as the Hastings Youth Advisory Board based in Hastings, Florida.
Rigney published “Divine Encounters,” her debut novel in 2013, and is still going strong.

Rigney has asserted that she first met Jesus Christ at a Catholic Church when she was just seven years old. Since that first encounter, she has embarked on a journey that has become a lifetime mission of searching for Jesus.

It is with Jesus who she calls her closest friend that she always feels loved and understood. Following that encounter with God, she went on to join a convent to continue her encounter with Jesus.

Many years later while she was waiting to have another encounter with Jesus, she started reading books. One of the most influential was Pat Boone’s work in which the author described Jesus just like she had imagined him.

It was soon after that that she would accept Jesus as her savior and lord. Still, while Donna Rigney has found Jesus she still found it difficult to listen to the voice of God. Since she so desperately wanted to listen to God, she started pursuing him each day just so she could have a similar encounter to what she had when she was seven.

In her pursuit of God, she felt that his presence was increasingly stronger in her life it was not long before they were having personal conversations. She wanted to speak to him everyday and even when she prayed she would never leave her prayer mat until they had their conversations.

“Divine Encounters” by Donna Rigney is an unforgettable and exceptionally vivid novel that showcases her intimate relationship with Jesus Christ as seen in a series of heavenly experiences.

When she was seven years old, she had several divine encounters with Jesus that resulted in a spiritual relationship that was very perceptive and caused her to become more passionate in her faith. Jesus guided her into the peaks of seven and the depths of hell via very detailed visions.

Donna writes some exceptional and very vivid portrayals of the heavenly inhabitants she describes as spiritually pure and the excruciating screams she experienced in hell. She takes a memorable spiritual journey balancing visions of hell and heaven with compelling messages of forgiveness and faith.

Donna is eloquent in expressing Jesus’ words and provides her fellow Christians with the tools to overcome their most painful wounds and to forgive. She writes a work that will broaden a Christian’s faith even as they place their pains in the palms of Jesus as they pray for peace.

One will overcome temptation when recalling timeless biblical prophecies and biblical references. A Christian will also overcome being chained by spiritual emptiness, sin, bitterness, temptation, fear, wrath and anger.

Donna Rigley’s novel “The Glory of God Revealed” is an amazing piece of work. It tells of the amazing and wonderful visions the author had in her encounters with the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and the Father.

Donna writes detailed and vivid accounts of Heaven which come with a special golden mountain full of glory that all who hunger for God’s glory may take in. Through this work, the author gives instructions on how one can learn to access the glory of God to make their life better.

According to Donna, the glory of God cannot be separated from his glory as it is who God is. His glory is his being, his nature, his fragrance, and his essence. Just as a human cannot be separated from his humanity, God cannot be separated from his glory. Today and forever God will never be separated from his glory.

No matter what anyone may say, the future will be marked by God’s glory. In fact, the entire universe will be so full of glory, which will be expected by all and become commonplace. Most children of God will become addicted to God’s glory.

In the future, many people will experience a Paulian conversion as they will no longer persecute and hate Christians. They will let go of their ignorance and embrace the glory of God’s kingdom, knowledge, and wisdom.

Donna Rigley’s novel “The Mysteries of Heaven and Hell Revealed” is a deeply moving, fascinating, and riveting novel. It will transform the lives of many with its detailed and inspiring accounts of life after death.

Rigley was dramatically carried to heaven and hell in the spirit to observe events that would soon come to the Earth. She poignantly shows heaven and hell in a manner very few have ever heard, seen, or even imagined. Through numerous prophetic words and interactive visions, she shares her riveting experiences of hell and heaven.

Working with Jesus and under the instruction of the Holy Spirit, the recorded revelations and impacting encounters are full of profound spiritual insight. She offers instruction and warnings for the world and prophecies for the coming days. In doing so, she writes what is a breathtaking end to their second novel.
Through captivating images and graphic descriptions, the author invites her readers to experience and see the glories of Heaven and the horrors of Hell. They also get to learn of the prophetic events coming in the future.

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