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Donovan Nash series by Philip S. Donlay

Author Philip S. Donlay writes the “Dononvan Nash” series of thriller novels. The series began publication in the year 2004, when “Category Five” was released.

Donovan Nash is a pilot and the founder of a premier scientific research organization known as Eco-Watch. The goal of the company is to assist in helping out with certain kinds of ecological crises that exist all over the world.

“Category Five” is the first novel in the “Donovan Nash” series, which was released in the year 2004. In the Atlantic Ocean, hurricane Helena is gaining strength, growing to become the most powerful storm in recorded history. While Helena bears down on Bermuda, Donovan Nash, as well as the other members of a scientific research organization called Eco Watch, are called to fly in and extract different key government people that have been studying Helena.

This routine mission becomes deadly when an attempt is made on the lead scientist’s life. Dr. Lauren McKenna, a woman from Donovan’s past, is thrown back into his life all of a sudden. There are waves over ninety feet and 300 mile an hour winds, Helena marches on relentlessly for the vulnerable east coast of the United States. In a bold attempt to diffuse the hurricane’s power, Eco-Watch is called on to conduct a final flight above the fury, and here the jet suffers catastrophic engine failure. The only option is to maneuver the cripple plane into the calm of storm’s eye.

This novel is packed full with action, and is highly entertaining. From start to finish the book is riveting, and readers had a tough time putting it down for very long. Donovan Nash is a likable character, and the rest of the characters are all well developed and likable as well.

“Code Black” is the second novel in the “Donovan Nash” series, which was released in the year 2011. While a blizzard hit Chicago’s O’Hare airport, a grisly accident shuts down a vital traffic control facility. Once the radar comes back up, two planes have collided. Wayfarer flight 880, with half the roof ripped away, flies on. Donovan Nash is seated with the dead and dying passengers, he is a pilot that fights the oxygen deprivation and decompression to make his way up to the shattered cockpit.

With a woman from his concealed past as well as some survivors’ help, he fights to keep the 737 in the air. Dr. Lauren McKenna, his fiance, is waiting for Donovan only to find that something has gone wrong with the flight. Lauren has to convince Henry Parrish, who is an unlikely ally, to help her save the guy she loves. Together the two have to keep a step ahead of the heightened security and the airline, to execute their daring rescue in order to save Donovan and the rest of the survivors on board flight 880

Readers found that this one was a wild ride from beginning to end. Donlay does a great job of hooking you and holding your attention. It has a fast pace, constant turns and twists, and suspense that keeps your attention glued to the pages.

“Zero Separation” is the third novel in the “Donovan Nash” series, which was released in the year 2013. Donovan has a secret he would do anything at all to keep. He is the prime suspect when somebody steals an executive jet worth fifty million dollars, and an FBI agent named Veronica Montero put him directly in the cross hairs for it. While she digs, she finds Nash’s secret, a revelation, if made public, would shock the world. Operating with her own agenda, Montero blackmails Nash into helping her track down a man she wants dead.

Nash is powerless against the information she holds, and is forced into a situation much deadlier than either one of them could have imagined. The guy they are after is not the criminal that they expect. Instead, he is a terrorist that has a plan to use the stolen jet to carry a devastating and unthinkable act that would be able to sink America into the nastiest conflict since the Second World War.

Montero and Nash get taken prisoner aboard the jet, and they will have just one chance to execute their daring midair attempt to thwart the attack. Success may just cost them their very lives, but failure would cost millions of innocent lives.

Donovan is a very intriguing protagonist with a complicated background. He is not your stereotypical action man, the type who is just an expert shot that never loses any of his fights. The book once again keeps you right on the edge of your seat that hold your attention the entire time.

“Deadly Echoes” is the fourth novel in the “Donovan Nash” series, which was released in the year 2014. Donovan is a man under siege, and it is personal this time around. Eco-Watch has just been blamed for the series of violent eco-atrocities that start protests all over the world. Garrick Pearce is behind the attacks, and he is a man from Donovan’s past and is bent on his ruthless vendetta. Garrick has already promised that once he has finished annihilating Eco-Watch, he is going to kill everybody close to Nash.

Nash enlists the aid of Erica, a woman that claims she has the information he needs, but her knowledge marks her. Running from the FBI, trained killers, and his own organization, Donovan races off from British Columbia to southern California, then finally away to Alaska. Here, he joins up with Eco-Watch personnel and tries desperately to stop what could be the worst eco-atrocity in history. His world is in tatters and everything he built is pretty much destroyed, Donovan has to make one final gamble to thwart Garrick forever. It is a roll of the dice that may just cost Nash his own life.

This is an exciting action adventure book, with a ton of action and quite a few murders. These books are entirely engrossing and full engaging. All of the excitement goes from one continent to another and is exciting at all times.

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  1. Karl Schuerzinger: 2 years ago

    I’m 84 yrs. young and have been a avid reader my whole life (fiction & non-fiction). “Code Five” had me enthralled and mesmerized. It was so refreshing to read a book that not only passed ‘spell check’ but contained word usage as the author intended. Am looking forwarf to to the series remainder.

  2. Marna Ehrech: 2 years ago

    I just finished devouring the series… terribly disappointed there is no book 9 yet !!! Thank you!


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