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The Donovans is a series of romance novels by Elizabeth Lowell real name Ann Maxwell. Individually and co-writing with her husband Evan, she currently has more than 70 novels published. These novels have been translated into more than 30 foreign languages and there are currently more than 30 million of her novels in print. Her works range from suspense to mystery to romance, from historical fiction to science fiction. She began writing in 1975, when she published Change her first novel in the science fiction genre. Since then, she has had much success getting nominated and winning several prestigious awards. She has been nominated for The American Book Award for “A Dead God Dancing” and seven of her science fiction novels were nominated for the Nebula Award by Science Fiction Writers of America. She has also had much success writing crime fiction with her “A.E Maxwell” novels attaining much critical acclaim and commercial success.

Writing alongside her husband as Ann Maxwell, she has four novels in the suspense genre that are deemed some of the most innovative romantic suspense novels ever. Since 1982 she has been publishing her romance novels under the pseudonym Elizabeth Lowell. As a romance author, she has received a lot of accolades including a Lifetime Achievement Award for her historical and contemporary romance from the Romance Writers of America. She has had more than 30 romance novels on the New York Times bestselling list in addition to making international and national bestseller lists. Elizabeth Lowell’s “Donovans” series of novels that include “Midnight in Ruby Bayou,” “Pearl Cove,” “Jade Island,” and “Amber Beach,” features the intriguing Donovan family.

The Donovan family is a fairly fun clan with a huge group of sister and brothers. The head of the family is a forceful tycoon and a mother with a huge talent in painting. Each novel in the series is tells the story of a particular sibling in the Donovan family. The family is involved in the international jewelry business and hence each of the novels is about one particular gem that the lead in the story favors. “Amber Beach” the first novel of the series is about the jewel Amber. The lead is Honor Donovan, a woman desperate to find Kyle her missing brother, that she is ready to fight her water phobia and hires a man to take her to the San Juan Islands on a boat. Jake Malory the man she hires has his own agenda and hence his motivation for finding Kyle Donovan are not as benign. “Jade Island” the second novel of the Jade Island series is the story of Kyle Donovan who has been targeted by the powerful Tang family. They intend to use Lianne Blakely an unacknowledged relation of theirs to seduce Kyle so that they can get to do business with the Donovans. In the meantime, Archer Donovan believes Lianne is somehow involved in the stolen jade trade and tries to convince Kyle to seduce her. In “Pearl Cove” the third novel of the Donovans series, Archer Donovan takes center stage as the man in charge of the family and the business in general. He has never been interested in romance though he has a sordid backstory with Len McGarry his crippled and bitter half-brother. Len just died under bizarre circumstances and his wife Hannah calls Archer asking him for help. It turns out that she is the only woman he ever loved. While he goes to help Hannah out, he is also interested in a pair of black pearl necklace that Len has been assembling.

“Amber Beach” the first novel of the series opens to one of the panels of the Amber Room going missing. Kyle Donovan the youngest of the Donovan brothers also goes missing at the same time. Honor Donovan his sister puts out an ad for a fishing guide who teach her how to fish and work Kyle’s boat. She gets some weird applications until Jake finally appears looking to interview for the job. She is immediately taken by the man though she does her best to hide her feelings in honor of her missing brother. But what she does not know is that Jake is also hiding his feelings and can do just as good a job at it. She soon learns that her new guide and love interest was the one that had supposedly set up Kyle for the amber scam and she is beside herself with anger. But there are bigger things to worry about such as the US government involvement and the danger from international and Russian spies. They are stuck together in their quest to find the missing amber and her brother Kyle. On their trail are the US Coast Guard and a range of ships all of whom are trying to triangulate Kyle’s GPS location.

Kyle Donovan the youngest brother is the lead in “Jade Island,” the second novel of the Donovans series. He is a reckless and wild man who has always wanted to be free of the constraints of the Donovan family. He intends to distance himself from the family’s rich gem trading business and become a roving treasure hunter. But the president of the Donovan International needs him to undertake a mission that may have far-reaching implications. When one of the biggest of China’s cultural treasures goes missing, Lianne Blakely a beautiful and mysterious jade expert is the lead suspect. Kyle has been assigned the case and his boss expects him to investigate and get to the bottom of the mystery. The job could be a disaster not only for Lianne but also for the Donovan family. Kyle finds her fierce claims of innocence captivating and is soon falling for the exotic and mysterious beauty. They now need to find the real thief, which draws them deeper into the dangers of spiraling power plays. In the mid of it all is passion enduring as the jade they are on the hunt for and powerful as ancient cultural lore.

“Pearl Cove” the third novel of the series opens to a desperate Hannah McGarry in dire straits. Her husband Len McGarry just died in mysterious circumstances, the Black Trinity necklace he had been working on mysteriously went missing and she is now surrounded by enemies. She calls her brother in law Archer Donovan, who was a silent partner in her husband’s pearl business named Pearl Cove. Archer prefers to keep the past behind him and Pearl Cove just reminds him of the past. Together with his brother, he had been living a life of on the dark side where mercy, justice, and law never dared step foot. It was time when he has accepted that his world was one of the hunters and the hunted with nothing in between. During that time he had learned to trust only family until Hannah calls him asking for a favor he owed her and suddenly he is back at it. Teaming up with Hannah, he pursues the stolen fortune yet he cannot resist the woman who he tries to tell himself he should not want. He believes that she knows more than necessary about the black elusive pearls and even more than she pretends to about her husband’s murder. With enemies on their trail, they traverse uncharted waters in their quest to find the Black Trinity pearls before someone else beats them to it. But the closer they come to the Trinity pearls the closer they come to each other and to danger and death.

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