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Publication Order of Don't Let Me Books

Don't Let Me Fall (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Don't Let Me Go (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Don't Let Me Break (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Let Me Love You (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Don't Let Me Down (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Don’t Let Me” series is a set of contemporary romance fiction novels by Kelsie Rae, an author who has built a very successful career for herself in the self-publishing world.

Kelsie Rae published “Don’t Let Me Fall,” the debut novel of the series in 2022 and given the popularity of that first work, she decided to make it into a series. The series of novels now has at least four works with more still in the pipeline.
Kelsie Rae is a sucker for a solid chick flick and a love story with some feels, it was not surprising that she would become an author in similar genres.

When she not making plots and characters for her next novel, she can often be found reading, or sometimes playing with her three kids she likes to refer to as the three little monsters.
Kelsie also loves running, chocolate, baking, and photography.

Now that she is actively working on becoming a full-time author, all she can hope for is that one day she will develop the discipline not to eat a whole batch of cookies in one sitting.

Kelsie began writing a long time ago but ever since the pandemic, she started getting up early in the mornings and staying up later in the evenings to write.
She also took the weekends off and left her husband to watch the kids in the morning so that she could make some time to write.

Ever since she was a child, she had loved reading but this became something of an obsession once she had her first child.

As a full-time mother, she used to read 4-5 books every week as she loved falling in love with the many characters in the romance fiction she read.

Among her favorite authors included the likes of Vi Keeland, Rachel Van Dyken, Penelope Ward, and Amy Bartol. At some point, she thought it would be fun trying to become a novelist herself even if she had no intention of ever publishing.
She got much of her inspiration when one of her friends published her novel on Amazon KDP and by the end of 2018, Kelsie Rae published her debut novel.

After two months of figuring out Facebook and Amazon advertising, on how to reach audiences, sales for Liv her debut exploded.

The “Don’t Let Me” series of novels by Kelsie Rae is an interesting series of romance fiction with some very likable and related characters in some very good plots.

For the most part, these are friends-to-lovers stories that feature men and women who either secretly love each other but cannot act on their feelings or who never see themselves falling for each other.
The first novel of the series tells the story of Colton, who has fallen for his tutor Ashlyn. The complication is that she has a boyfriend in addition to the fact that she has a boyfriend.
She is also known to have a preference for golden boys and not the villainous type like him.

The second is the story of Theodore who suddenly becomes too protective over his best friend’s sister. The thing is he had made a mistake of telling his hockey pals that she is a virgin and now they have made a ludicrous bet.
Wanting to protect her, he soon finds himself falling for her, even though they have never seen eye to eye for years.

The third is the story of two troubled souls one a divorced paramedic and the other a woman dumped by her boyfriend for her health condition. While they could not be any more different, they have some intense chemistry they cannot explain.

Kelsie Rae’s novel “Don’t Let Me Fall,” tells the story of a college student named Ashlyn who has been described as a good and loyal girl.
She has been with Logan her boyfriend ever since they landed in college, even though the man is anything but loyal. But then things change with the entry of Colton Thorne who happens to be Logan’s friend from high school.
He is an exceptional hockey player who had been expelled from college the previous semester after he had been involved in a scandal. They are also joined by Logan’s best friend Theo and the three begin living together in one house.
It is not long before Colton takes a shine to Ashley, even though he knows that she should be off limits given that she is the girlfriend of one of his best friends.

Nonetheless, a set of unexpected circumstances put the two in close proximity and they cannot deny that they share some very intense sexual chemistry.

It is a cute story with some beautiful tension between Colton and Ashley that will have smiling from the first page to the last.

Colt is a funny, caring, nice sweet, and loving boyfriend while Logan comes across as an annoying person who you just want to punch in the face, that you are glad when things start going wrong for him.

“Don’t Let Me Go,” the second novel of the series by Kelsie Rae introduces Blake and Theo, who have known each other for a long time.

Theo has been friends with her brother for years even though they cannot see eye to eye and are often at each other’s throats. However, the truth is that Blake has had a crush on Theo for years but the man sees her only as the sister of his best friend.
But she is now grown and has been admitted to the same college that Theo attends, where she has convinced herself that she is ready to move on with her life.

Theo has been in love with Blake for a long time but he does not want to cross that line now that they are at the same college, keeping his distance is only that much harder.

When some of his teammates from the hockey team bet on who can take her virginity card, Theo is furious. But something will happen that will make things between Theo and Blake even more complicated.
It is an un-put-downable book with a great storyline and characters that pull you in.

Kelsie Rae’s novel “Don’t Let Me Break” is a very interesting novel in the “Don’t Let Me” series of novels.

Mack and Kate had met in the worst possible way when she had a nasty seizure and Mack was the paramedic who took care of her leaving her annoyed, angry, embarrassed, and very vulnerable.
Mack is a divorced man who lost half his money and his two daughters to his wife leaving him frustrated and angry.

Kate is a reclusive and quiet girl who is upset after she was dumped by her boyfriend due to her health issues. This turn of events has left her isolated and wanting to be alone, as she hates the pitiful looks people tend to give her.
When Mack and Kate become friends, it is not long before they find attraction given that they have a lot of chemistry, despite the fact that they both have a lot of baggage and trust issues.
They begin to develop feelings for each other only for things to explode in an unexpected way resulting in a rift that threatens their fledgling relationship.

It is an emotional story that will surely have you smiling and sometimes reaching out for the tissues.

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