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Dopeman’s Trilogy Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Dopeman Books

The Dopeman's Wife (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dopefiend (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dopeman: Memoirs of a Snitch (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Dopeman’s Trilogy is a series of urban fiction novels written by JaQuavis Coleman. The books delve into the drug and gangland culture in which Coleman was raised.

+The Story

JaQuavis Coleman knows drugs and he knows the streets. The Dopeman Trilogy attempts to distill Coleman’s extensive experience and knowledge into a series of well-crafted stories designed to explore the harsh realities of the drug-addled lives so many men and women in the United States live.

The Dopeman Trilogy kicks things off with ‘The Dopeman’s Wife’. The first book in the series, ‘The Dopeman’s Wife’ gets the ball rolling by introducing readers to Nautica. Nautica grew up on the streets.
She learned early on that there was no place for right and wrong in the world, only survival. And she learned to scheme and hustle, using her wits and beauty to scam men out of their hard-earned money.

‘The Dopeman’s Wife’ eventually follows Nautica to the East Coast where she tries to capitalize on the earnings of a particularly lucrative scam by starting over. Nautica thought she had finally escaped the violence and the mayhem of street life.

Those notions are shattered when Nautica meets and gets wooed by a millionaire drug lord. Nautica’s man is ready to settle down, marry the woman of his dreams and exit the streets.

However, both parties quickly realize that the streets have a long memory, and it doesn’t take long for the mistakes of Nautica’s past to flood back into their lives.

‘The Dopeman’s Wife’ is a must-read for any JaQuavis Coleman fan who might be thinking about dipping their toes into the Dopeman Trilogy. ‘The Dopeman’s Wife’ initially feels self-contained, focusing primarily on the trials of Nautica as she rises and then falls.

However, as the book progresses, it quickly becomes clear that the author is setting up characters and plots that will pay off down the line. Chief amongst these characters is Millie.

Millie fell to drugs a long time ago. First introduced in ‘The Dopeman’s wife’, she managed to kick the habit and even became an inspirational figure for her younger friends on the streets.

Millie takes center stage in the second Dopeman Trilogy novel. In ‘The Dopefiend’, Millie’s life has been torn asunder by the trials she encountered in the first novel. And as she tumbles back into the gutter of gang violence and drug addiction, she drags Hazel, a teenage girl, down with her.

It might prove impossible to appreciate the hills and valleys of Millie and Hazel’s lives without first understanding their backstories which were covered in ‘The Dopeman’s wife’.

‘The Dopefiend’ also emphasizes the place of a character called Seven, a relatively small cog in the drug machine who is thrown into the spotlight in the third Dopeman novel.

Each new installment in the Dopeman series is designed to build upon the events and plot threads of its predecessor. Characters are killed off and new characters are elevated to critical positions in the story as JaQuavis Coleman’s drama unfolds.

The books have been commended for their rapid pace and shocking twists and turns. Coleman likes to take his characters in directions that people never expect, and the endings are always unpredictable.

The series features a lot of sex, violence, and drug abuse. Some readers have highlighted the sexual content on numerous occasions, with a few complaining that Coleman seems to throw a sex scene at them in every chapter.

Coleman’s fans believe that his portrayal of the sexual and even the violent aspects of the streets are as grounded and realistic as one can get. In fact, that is often the driving factor of Coleman’s popular.

Many of the author’s followers have praised the Dopeman Trilogy for its ability to immerse them in the drug culture, describing in vivid detail the ecstasy of a high and the dark depths of withdrawal.

The books are populated with broken characters. The heroes are not always heroic and the villains have their redeeming qualities. There is no underlying struggle between good and evil, right and wrong.

Rather, Coleman’s stories follow the exploits of deeply flawed human beings who keep making mistakes and then struggle to make recompense for the rest of their tragically short lives.

The one unrelenting complaint that JaQuavis Coleman keeps fielding always comes down to the numerous errors scattered throughout the Dopeman Trilogy. Some of the books feature spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Others seem to confuse names, plots, and facts. Coleman’s characters learn things in certain chapters and then seem to forget them down the line.

+The Author

JaQuavis Coleman is an American Author and New York Times Bestseller. Coleman was raised on the streets, a drug pusher whose life could have ended tragically. But Coleman did the seemingly impossible, escaped that life and then realized that he could use his experiences to produce fiction.

Coleman and his wife Ashley Antoinette have collaborated on numerous New York Time Bestselling works. The pair has a preference for urban fiction.

+The Dopeman’s Wife

Nautica grew up on the Streets. Like many girls her age, she leaped into the fast life of scheming and hustling the first chance she got. Nautica realized that her beauty was the perfect weapon to con foolish men and take all their money.

When Nautica pulls off a lucrative scam and earns a massive payday, she immediately absconds to the East Coast with the intention of starting over.

There Nautica meets Manny, a wealthy drug lord who wants to leave the streets and settle down. Manny takes Nautica’s breathe away, using his riches to woo her with the good life. Nautica thought the good life would never end.

But then her past came back to bite her and Nautica realized that she was too entangled with the streets to escape.

+The Dopefiend
Hazel’s life revolves around her insatiable desire for heroin. Nothing else in life matters to her. As the drug habit takes root, tearing away all of Hazel’s personal attachments and dragging her into the slums, she learns to survive.

Her streets smarts develop as she picks up the tools of hustling. Hazel will do anything, even sell her body, to get high. However, no amount of heroin can extinguish the pain at the core of her being.

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