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The Little Book Of Etiquette (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tea & Etiquette (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Etiquette Intelligence (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Children's Tea & Etiquette (With: John Harney) (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Modern Manners (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Dorothea Johnson is an author of etiquette books who is best known as the founder of “The Protocol School of Washington.”

Working at the school, she has worked for clients representing business, entertainment, education, and government whom she has counseled in groups and privately.

She has published at least half a dozen books and has been quoted in hundreds of articles and columns in major publications in the United States and abroad in addition to at least sixty books.
Dorothea Johnson was the first expert in etiquette to recognize a need for professionally certified and trained protocol and etiquette instructors.

In 1986, she had the foresight to start researching her field and discovered a basic lack of polish in reasonably seasoned executives and professionals.

Moreover, the global economy was expanding and hence there was a need for social skills, which were critical in international business.

Armed with more than 30 years of firsthand experience teaching protocol and etiquette, a vision, and an entrepreneurial spirit, she shaped the development of the industry.
“The Protocol School of Washington” is now the standard by which most etiquette and protocol schools are measured.

As the founder of the premier etiquette school in the United States, Dorothea Johnson has presented briefings and seminars on manners to more than 100,000 clients across the globe.

She is also the author of more than five titles including “The Little Book of Etiquette,” which would become a bestseller. For her work, Johnson has also been invited to “The Ellen Degeneres Show” as an expert on etiquette.
While she has since sold the etiquette school, the organization is still known for maintaining her high-quality performance standards and principles.

It continues to conduct continuous research and educational development for etiquette and protocol professionals across the world.

“Modern Manners” by Dorothea Johnson is a brilliant guide to 21st-century manners for professionals that she wrote alongside Liv Tyler her granddaughter.

The work is written for professionals who need to be successful and confident in the social and business arenas.

Johnson asserts that developing manners is a critical investment in your future as it will make it possible for you to feel at ease in any situation. It will give you the confidence and polish to become a leader.
As an etiquette expert, she provides essential dos and don’ts as she addresses classic and 21st-century questions including;

acing job interviews, table manners, shaking hands with confidence, attending social or business events, making conversation, conducting a meeting at a restaurant, proper meeting protocol and business attire, and email etiquette.
With delightful commentary, wit, and style on everything from finding a balance with technology to being a good guest, it is a must-have guide for business and social success.

“Modern Manners” is a work penned for young professionals embarking on their careers, even though Johnson says that it can also be useful for more seasoned professionals.

Overall, anyone looking to progress in their careers will benefit as the lessons will help them appear more polished and confident, which will make them seem more competent.

Dorothea Johnson’s novel “Tea & Etiquette” looks into afternoon tea as one of the quickest-growing trends in the United States. Tearooms, country inns, and hotels across America have been recently reviving this very relaxing repast.
The courtesies and customs associated with tea serving are for the most part novel to many Americans who cannot wait to use it as an alternative to a special event, dinner, or business lunch.

Penned by one of the leading authorities on protocol and etiquette, it is a correct even if fanciful guide to the pleasures of tea for business purposes and at home.

Etiquette is the tapestry that she weaves throughout the entire work which is intended to amuse and inform both the connoisseur and the novice.

It provides step-by-step guidelines that include the legends and history of tea, going out to tearooms, and brewing the perfect pot of tea.

It also provides instructions on how to be a great guest, and host in hotels, restaurants, and homes while enjoying this alternative to a business dinner or lunch.
The work is a compact, neat, and easy-to-read etiquette book that would be ideal to read particularly when you are invited to tea. It is also a great introduction to the different types and history of tea and how they are served.

“Outclass the Competition” is another great work by Dorothea Johnson that asserts the importance of protocol and etiquette intelligence in the fiercely competitive business arena.

In the modern world, awareness and good manners of the cultural protocol of others will provide an extra edge in the international and local business world.

Written by one of the leading protocol experts in the world, it will show you how to project trust, image, and courtesy which are critical in the development, maintenance, and building of teamwork and business in general.
From polished introduction to dining with aplomb, the work covers all the rules of business that you will find valuable if you need to shine.

Subjects include anything and everything from guest and host duties, tableware savvy, effective business meal tactics, eating styles, how to work a room and how to make an entrance, shaking hands, and introductions among others.

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