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Tami Hoag is a best selling author of fiction. She has sold millions of novels. Her stories are published all over the globe and in many different languages.

Hoag is an American author that was born in 1959 in Iowa and raised in Minnesota. She has known that she wanted to write books ever since she was young.

Readers may know her from her thriller novels. She is also known for her suspenseful and gripping plots that are interlaced with intriguing characters and her engaging story telling.

Tami was first on the best seller’s list of the New York Times for her novel Night Sins. Since then, she has had a run of what is either extremely good luck or a pattern among writers who just have that ‘it’ factor! Her books that have followed that first number one debut have been best sellers and readers cannot seem to get enough.

Tami Hoag currently resides in Florida and Malibu, California. She has a few other hobbies besides just writing. She competed as an equestrian in dressage, an Olympic discipline with a long history, but stopped after a riding accident.

Hoag confides that while she is a bit of a control freak in many aspects of her life, she doesn’t like to plan out every bit of a story while she’s writing. She prefers to allow the characters to follow their own paths and see where it takes them. Hoag says that she wants the character to dictate the direction that the story will take instead of her, which creates a more natural feeling.

Tami Hoag is the creator and writer of the Doucet series. This series kicked off in 1991 with the release of the very first novel in the series, which is titled The Restless Heart. Lucky’s Lady would be the sequel, and this was followed by the third book in the series. Cry Wolf makes this interesting fictional series an official trilogy.

The Restless Heart is the first novel in the Doucet series. Here, readers get to meet the main character of Danielle Hamilton. She’s a photographer that is well known for her work all over the globe. She’s never had good luck when it comes to dating or romantic relationships with people in general. It’s a trend that is common throughout her family, and only her sister seems to have had the fortitude to break it.

She has no idea if she will ever be able to find a man that is able to stick around and actually will be able to have fun with her. At the end of the day, Danielle just wants a nice guy that she can share her life with. If he can’t be a nice guy, maybe he can at least be handsome and she’ll find out more about him from there.

When Danielle first met Remy Doucet, she didn’t know what to think. The Cajun guy seemed like a bit of a rogue, but she also really needed to hire someone. Why not take a chance on Remy, the hot guy with dark eyes and a totally built body? It also helped that he had a smile that could melt you down like a candle.

But it appears that just business is going to be more difficult to stick to the more time that they spend together. Finally they kiss, and this bad Cajun boy is about to tempt her to do something that she never did before– believe in true love after all.

Remy is starting to fall for this woman too– and even though there is an age difference of nine years between them, he could see himself ending up with Danielle in the long run. She’s not so sure, and they will need to repair the doubt in her before they move forward with a relationship.

Can the two of them survive the ups and the downs of a relationship? Will they be able to make it last in the real world, or are they destined to go their separate ways? Fate may have a hand in what happens, but only time will tell. Want to find out what happens? Pick up The Restless Heart by talented writer Tami Hoag!

Lucky’s Lady is the engaging second novel in the exiting Doucet series by Tami Hoag! This story opens up with a different character telling the story other than the photographer from the first novel, Danielle.

Serena Sheridan has done well in life and is a successful psychologist. She attended college so that she could learn to shrink heads, and now she is making a return to the small town where she grew up, born and raised. Serena is not returning to make a homecoming visit out of nowhere; there’s a reason for her journey back to this place.

Serena is going to Louisiana to find out what happened. Her grandfather disappeared and no one knew where he was. Serena has very real concerns and as everyone knows, the first 48 hours are crucial when it comes to finding a missing person.

Serena always knew that she was destined for greater things, and she had always had great ambition. Her dedication to being the best and learning her craft was always destined to pay off. She was beautiful in addition, so there was nothing holding her back from going out in the world and making it.

By contrast, she had always found the bayou to be dark and unsettling. Things were not always as predictable here than her busier life in a place that was not quite so small and out in the country. The sinister feeling is hard to shake, and the feeling of treachery here and the inability to predict what could happen was always unsettling.

To get some help to find her grandfather, Serena turns to an unlikely source for assistance. Lucky Doucet is a man with secrets in his past, but is also the ideal person to guide her through this search. Will they grow closer as they try to find out more and track down her grandfather? Read this book to find out!

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