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One Man's Paradise (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Night on Fire (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Last Lawyer Standing (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Paul Janson Books

The Janson Directive (By: Robert Ludlum) (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Janson Command (By: Paul Garrison) (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Janson Option (By: Paul Garrison) (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Janson Equation (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Douglas Corleone is a former New York City attorney that has since garnered a reputation for producing intriguing international thrillers and engaging crime novels.


Born in 1975, Douglas Corleone knew he wanted to write novels from a very early age. Best known for heroes like Simon Fisk and Kevin Corvelli, not to mention Paul Janson, Douglas was always reading as a child.

The author never knew his father. His mother raised him alone. She has never been comfortable with the idea of talking about or even answering Douglas’ questions on the issue of his father. While Douglas was initially content to forget about his father, having a son of his own began to change his perspective on things. Because he spends so much time with his son and he cannot imagine not having a relationship with the lad, Douglas has admitted to being curious about the sort of man his father was.

A schoolteacher by trade, Douglas’ mother always took him along when she went shopping after school. Following her around the various malls didn’t interest Douglas and, in an attempt to fight the boredom, the author took to reading.

The habit didn’t make things easy for his mother. Douglas was always so engrossed in his reading that he would walk into people, shelves and anything that couldn’t get out of his way fast enough.

Douglas remembers being especially infatuated by the Hardy Boys series. However, his devotion to the books did little to endear the idea of a publishing career to his mother. Douglas distinctly remembers telling his mother that he wanted to write in the future.

They were at a Totowa, N.J. gas station and Douglas Corleone was just eight at the time. His mother wasn’t impressed by his declaration. To her, writing was a hobby. It wasn’t the sort of activity one did for a living. Interestingly enough, because Douglas’ decision to become a lawyer didn’t really impress her either, Douglas doesn’t really know whether his mom looks upon his publishing success with any sort of pride.

Regardless of how serious she was all those years ago at the gas station, Douglas remembers being so strongly impacted by the words of his mother that he forgot about writing for the next ten to fifteen years.

Douglas took the advice to heart all the way through high school and college. He eventually decided to go to law school. Douglas admits that his reading habits had as much to do with his decision to go into law as they did with his initial dream to write for a living.

Authors like John Grisham and Scott Turow left a powerful impact on Douglas Corleone’s young mind, creating a desire in him to pursue the legal field as it had been depicted in his favorite thrillers. And it wasn’t even that hard a decision for the author to make.

Clearly, his mother didn’t want him to write about lawyers. So he decided to settle for being a lawyer. Naturally, it didn’t take Douglas long to realize that the law in the real world isn’t quite like what he read in his favorite novels, though Douglas persevered for quite a few years before finally giving up.

+Literary Career.

As a lawyer, Douglas Corleone’s commutes were memorable because he spent them reading. Despite having his own practice and being rather busy with the law, Douglas reached a point during his legal career when he realized that he was spending a disturbing amount of time thinking about writing.

It took five years for Douglas to make the difficult decision to forget his practice, flee to Hawaii and to begin pursuing his writing career. New York wasn’t healthy for Douglas’ dreams, or so he assumed at the time. And he was certain that the only way for him to achieve his writing dreams was to leave the legal field as a whole.

This is because being a lawyer for Douglas Corleone meant working day and night, leaving him little to no time to pursue his writing. Douglas had to make a clean break from the law in order to take his first steps into the publishing arena.

Douglas has never regretted the decision. This is because Douglas left New York and his law career having decided that he was ready to starve if it meant living the rest of his life as a published author. As such, the hurdles and challenges he encountered on his way to the top didn’t deter him in the least.

Douglas will be the first to admit that getting his first book deal wasn’t easy. And it wasn’t that he didn’t have the talent to write compelling novels. The author didn’t have to work that hard to get a literary agent, and a number of publishers from major firms were sniffing around his work during his earliest days.

Unfortunately for Douglas, everyone who read his first book kept telling him that there was no place for new thrillers on a literary market that was already saturated with thrillers. Douglas had to persevere and to keep making submissions until a publisher finally took a chance on his novels.

+Good as Gone

When your child has been abducted by his or her estranged parent, the one person you need in your corner is Simon Fisk, a former United States Marshal that will guarantee the safe return of your progeny.

Fisk doesn’t do stranger abductions, not after failing to solve the case of his daughter’s abduction. The memories still haunt him.

When 6-year-old Lindsay Sorkin goes missing from a Paris Hotel room, the only way Fisk can avoid a lengthy jail sentence is to find her. However, the task is no picnic, not when Lindsay’s kidnappers have worked so hard to conceal their trail.

Fisk must traverse the continent and face his own demons in order to save Lindsay.

+One Man’s Paradise

Kevin Corvelli was once on top of the world. The New York criminal defense attorney cared little for the guilt or innocence of his clients. He always won, and he was always paid handsomely.

When Kevin finally loses a case, and his client is killed in prison only to be proven innocent, Kevin’s reputation is destroyed. Fleeing to Hawaii, Kevin struggles to reignite his law career, determined to only work misdemeanors until he can clear his debts.

Kevin is determined to steer clear of the serious cases. But then he comes across a law student who has been accused of committing a crime that Kevin knows he did not do. Kevin knows that there’s a killer on the loose in Hawaii, and he must prove Kevin’s innocence in order to get the ball rolling on the investigation.

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