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Douglas E. Richards is an American writer who primarily focuses on science fiction, writing both fiction and nonfiction. Born on May 7, 1962, Richards grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, with his parents and his sister Pam. He attended Finneytown High School, graduating in 1980. He studied microbiology at Ohio State University before obtaining an MBA from the University of Chicago and a master’s degree in molecular biology at the University of Wisconsin, where he engineered mutant viruses, currently named after him. His expertise in science led him to focus on science fiction.

Douglas E. Richards is best known today as a USA Today bestselling author of the Wired series and its sequels. He has also authored six middle-grade adventures enjoyed by both adults and children. Additionally, he has written numerous science pieces for National Geographic KIDS magazine. In recognition of his work, Richards was selected as a special guest at the San Diego Comic-Con International, alongside other renowned icons in the writing genre. Apart from National Geographic KIDS magazine, his essays have been featured in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Today’s Parent, Earth and Sky, the BBC, and many other journals and magazines.

Richards has been widely praised for his top-notch writing style, his ability to weave fiction, and create suspense in riveting scientific novels. He brilliantly transports readers into the imaginative world of fictional science. He currently resides in San Diego, California, with his wife, two children, and two dogs.

Most of Richards’ writing is science fiction, and many of his books tackle the latest scientific problems, such as time travel, in new and creative ways. The science in his books is meticulous, and the plots are faultless. Anyone interested in science or technology will be on the edge of their seats as they witness the action unfold throughout his books.

Early Books:

“Wired” was Douglas’ first attempt at an adult thriller series. The series was warmly welcomed and received tons of positive reviews. It rose to become a USA and New York Times bestseller, as well as the bestselling Kindle novel of 2011 in the techno and science fiction thriller categories. After this success, many readers eagerly awaited a sequel.

“Wired” is a novel inspired by the amazing workings of the brain, surpassing even the best supercomputers. Created in a science that deals with the optimization of the brain to achieve savant-like capabilities in the areas of creativity and thought, the novel is a must-read for science fiction lovers.

The lead character in “Wired” is Kira Miller, a brilliant genetic engineer who discovers how to temporarily achieve savant capabilities in creativity and thought. However, this comes at a high price; she may be forced to change her personality, and her darker side is also close to being revealed. Readers will love how she interacts with her colleagues. Kira Miller appears in sequel novels, remaining a fascinating character due to the unpredictability of her next moves. She is brilliant, formidable, street smart, and incredibly resourceful.

Miller finds herself dealing with David Desh, an ex-special forces police operative sent after her to stop a bio-terror weapon she is believed to be behind. However, David soon learns that the bio-terror weapon is just the tip of the iceberg, and there is much more to what Miller is dealing with. David becomes a key player in this deadly game, the outcome of which will likely have a massive impact on the course of human history.

As you start reading the next novel, you’ll be curious to see how the author continues the story. Will there be more enhanced IQs? Kira Miller, the brilliant geneticist who invented the gelcap that allows IQs to climb to unprecedented levels, is now partnered with David Desh. However, she comes across evidence indicating that David has a secret from her, leaving her unsure of what to believe. Is this really the person they initially thought him to be? At the same time, David finds troubling evidence portraying Kira as the dangerous psychopath the government believes her to be. The stakes are higher as the government is still after only one objective: mind-elimination. This means there is an additional enemy out there waiting for the perfect time to strike against Kira and David.

The series features several thrilling events, but Richards makes it unique by incorporating fantastic science-fiction scenarios. The action is fast-paced and non-stop, the characters are well-developed, and science is skillfully used to satisfy even the toughest science fiction critics. You may think you’ve fully deciphered who’s who in the novel, only to discover you’ve barely scratched the surface. You’ll need to keep reading to uncover the real story and identify the true villains.

Richards delivers a well-written and thoughtful novel, often exploring the tense interplay between humans and machines. Unfortunately, he sometimes focuses too much on the machine aspects, neglecting the human elements. Nevertheless, the prose is consistently above par as he excels in creating an action-packed, science-driven narrative.

Douglas E. Richards offers a very interesting read; the storyline is sophisticated, and the depth of the characters is solid. You’ll be impressed by the quality of the writing style and the breakneck pace of the books. Richards continues to prove he’s a master of the mystery/thriller genre. His books offer something for almost everyone: cutting-edge science fiction and a touch of philosophy on the battle between good and evil. If you love mysteries or thrillers, this is a must-read.

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