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Publication Order of Tales of the Kin Books

Douglas Hulick is an American published author. He specializes in writing in the fantasy genre.

He was born in North Dakota in the city of Fargo. He studied at the University of Illinois, where he would graduate with a B.A. degree in English and history. He would go on to attend New Mexico State University, where he graduated with his master’s degree in the subject of medieval history. He also has minors in anthropology and history that he puts to good use.

He is often writing but when he is not busy doing that he is busy with other things. This includes being a father to his children, who he stays at home with to raise. He lives in the upper Midwest. He practices Historical Western Martial Art, focusing on Italian Rapier from the early seventeenth century. He prefers to practice primarily Capoferro, who was an actual person.

He enjoys fantasy fiction as a genre. He also likes reading anything that is entertaining and fun, including historical fiction, history, mystery tales, adventure stories, and more.

Hulick is the creator and the author of his own fictional series of novels, the Tale of the Kin series. The series first started in 2011, when the first novel Among Thieves came out. The second book would come out shortly after in 2014. The sequel is called Sworn In Steel.

Among Thieves is the first book in the Tale of the Kin series by Douglas Hulick. In this story readers get to meet the main character of the story, Drothe, for the first time.

He’s belonged to the Kin for a long time, going back years. In the process he has come across all types, from murderers to thieves, employed by a crime lord. All the while, he’s been busy on the side smuggling relics.

One day he finds himself in possession of an ancient book. Now he has a relic in his hands that could have the power to bring other powerful people down, such as emperors. Every man working in the underworld would love to have it in their hands too, to the point where they would kill for it. What will he do with this book? Read this novel to find out!

Sworn In Steel is the second novel in the Tale of the Kin series by Douglas Hulick. If you liked the first novel, then be sure to check out this engaging sequel to see what happens.

Main character Drothe is back, and he has been very busy. Three months have gone by since he was responsible for taking down a legend to the death. He also set fire to a part of the imperial capital, burning it down in the process. He also somehow found that he has moved up in the shady world that he lives in. He has become part of the criminal elite, one of them among the ranks of some of the best in the business.

He is the latest gray prince to grace the underground, and now he is starting to find out that his old status offered him a lifestyle that he may have actually preferred to his current status. He hasn’t even really started an organization and has little to back his new status up. Plus, on top of that, other gray princes are starting to call him out.

As if that were not already bad enough, things are going from not good to significantly worse. When one of them has the bad fortune to die, it appears that Drothe is the one implicated in the crime. Others are already starting to think that he was the one holding the knife and is responsible for the death. Things are not going well.

The Kin’s members have already started to form opinions and now they are starting to choose sides. It looks already like most of them are not on Drothe’s side, which means that they are against him. A storm is brewing, and it appears that a war is on the horizon. When Drothe has a man come up to him that seems to have an answer to his largest problem, it appears that this could be a point in his favor.

The man doesn’t just have the answers to his issue but a chance at redemption. The only thing is that the redemption offer is not for Drothe. Now he finds himself in the middle of a new problem. He is on a journey to the Despotate of Djan. This is a problem for a few reasons.

The Depotate is an enemy of the empire and has been for a long time. Never one to sit and let bad luck find him, Drothe has come up with a cunning plan. He is going to make an offer that hopefully will be enough to save him. He had better move quickly, however, because he knows that there are those out there that are coming for him.

With a price already set for his head, Drothe does not have any time to lose. He’s got to make this last ditch plan work, and the only problem with that is that it is entirely out of his hands. He has just a short amount of time left to him if he wants to turn his fortune around and get everyone off of his back and not gunning for his death.

Drothe is getting desperate. Now that the hour glass’s sand grains are starting to dwindle, he has no choice but to try and make this work. Can going to the enemy be the one thing that saves him? Will the empire and the other men that run the underground hold it against him anyway and still be out to get him?

Drothe has no choice but to try. He’s going to be at the mercy of someone else, but perhaps it will work in his favor. Can he come through and save his own life? Or is it already too late? Read the compelling second novel of the Tale of the Kin series to the end to discover what happens!

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