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Douglas Phillips
Douglas Phillips is a science fiction author best known for his Quantum series. His stories are set in the fascinating world of science, and he manages to make the impossible read like reality. Phillips holds two science degrees, and he has helped write and design predictive computer models. In his free time, he enjoys reading physics books and use his telescope to peer into space. Phillips also enjoys traveling the world with his wife, his sons, and his grandchildren.

Quantum Space
Quantum space is the first book in the Quantum series. The book introduces Daniel Rice, a science investigator with the government, and his new partner Marie Kendrick, An operations analyst at NASA. Above the plains of Kazakhstan, a Russian Soyuz capsule with three astronauts in it has gone missing. After a strange shimmer and a blinding flash, the people on the ground lost sight of the capsule, and since it has not landed as expected, it is clear that something went terribly wrong. However, when a far-off communications facility picks a transmission from one of the astronauts, the scientists are pushed to investigate what really happened.

Daniel and Marie’s investigation exposes us to the world of quantum physics and its effect on the missing astronauts and the human race at large. As they work to identify the cause of this bizarre event, they draw a lot from science and its strengths. While most of the action in this book will happen in science labs and offices, there is a lot of intriguing information. There is a lot to think about, and some of these theories will leave you searching for more books that expound on the same. The good thing is that you do not have to be a nerd to understand this book. Most of the theories are well explained, and the author is kind to clarify fact from fiction.

It is not every day that finds a science-fiction story that tells the best of both worlds. This book balances science and fiction, and to most people, this reads like a true story. The author has done an excellent job describing quantum mechanics, space travel, communication, and the standard model. All characters are lovable, and it is fun following them as they try to work out the unknown using the scientific facts at their disposal. The author has done the descriptions so well you will feel like you are right there with Daniel and Marie trying to resolve this mystery.

If you are in the mood for a science thriller, you will love Quantum Space. The author divulges into both science and fiction, so there is a good balance of both. It is also wonderful how the story flows well from the first page to the last one. Take this mind-bending ride with Daniel and Marie, and you can be sure that you will like every single step. The plot is quite dynamic, and it is fun how current physics status is discussed in a fun and friendly way. Even if you do not know a thing about quantum physics, you will love this book. The relationships between the characters are intriguing, and the dialogue will, at times, leave you with a smile on your face.

Phenomena introduces Amelia Charron, a neuroscientist with a deep interest in brain disorders. For a while, Amelia has been using mind-linking technology to enter into her patients’ dreams. Through this technology, she has succeeded in rerouting neural pathways and helping heal different brain conditions. This, of course, comes with its fair share of challenges not just to the patient but also to Amelia. However, the neuroscientist has managed to handle them all until she meets her newest patient.

Orlando Kwon has been diagnosed with early-stage schizophrenia. This dedicated manager and family man would do anything to quieten the voices that have become a part of his life. The odd thing is that he has no way of understanding what they are saying, even though they have been pushing him to build something. With his life turned upside down, Kwon is excited when he is referred to a neuroscience team known to help others like him heal people with mental problems. Can his condition be cured? How comes that his signs are unusual despite his diagnosis?

Amelia is shocked when she gets into Kwon’s mind. His dreams take her to an unknown world, and this is accompanied by a higher knowledge Amelia is sure her patient couldn’t have invented. So, what is happening to Kwon? Where is the intelligence coming from? Amelia has to rush against time to uncover the implications of these dreams herself and her patient. There is also no telling what will happen when Kwon inserts a strange device component that he has been making. Amelia’s research is going to come with shocking revelations, and she will have to move fast for the sake of Kwon and the rest of humanity.

This is a neuroscience thriller that will make you think deeply about the human brain and the way it functions. The book talks about real and serious issues such as psychological distress, brain disorders, and consciousness. The story starts with science, and the author pulls you towards the deep wonders of our universe. What happens to your conscience when you sleep? Which mechanism keeps your organs running even when you are deep asleep? What would be the outcome if aliens were to invade a man’s brain? These are some of the questions you may start asking yourself after reading this book.

Phenomena is an intriguing book based on science. The author takes current dream and neurological research and postulates how things may unfold in the next few years. Imagine a world where a therapist is able to go into patients’ dreams and deal with their PTSD? What about a world where, through science, the brain pathways are rerouted to delay conditions like dementia? A lot of good is achievable with the advancement in science. There is also a possibility that the military can weaponize the information to help extract state secrets, wipe memories, and torture people in their dreams.

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