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Douglas Schofield
Author Douglas Schofield grew up and was educated in British Columbia, where he earned degrees in both Law and History.

For three decades, he worked as a trial lawyer in Bermuda, Canada, and the Cayman Islands. During these years, he defended and prosecuted hundreds of cases of serious crime. In the year 2013, after nine years as Assistant Solicitor General in the Cayman Islands Government, he went back to private practice.

Even though Douglas had dabbled in creative writing for quite a few years, “Flight Risks” was the first finished novel-length manuscript. He finished the first draft in the year 2002. The original manuscript, 752 pages long, went through many revisions and spent several years untouched in a drawer before a small publisher in England picked it up.

“Time Out of Mind” took first prize in its category in the Fade In Magazine/Writer’s Network Screenwriting Competition.

Douglas’ debut novel, called “Flight Risks”, was released in the year 2010. His work is from the thriller, mystery, and crime genres.

“Flight Risks” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2010. A world in turmoil. After the catastrophic attacks, carried out by al-Qaeda, the western democracies scramble in order to meet a new deadly threat.

A life in turmoil. For Grace Palliser, a legal secretary, the war on terror is only background noise. Twenty-four years prior, her dad shot her mom and then killed himself. Today, Grace’s life is filled with nightmares, drug addiction, and custody battles over her daughter. Being framed for murder is about the last thing she needs right now.

Her accidental discovery of vast international fraud sets off a cascade of horrifying events. In just days, Grace has to run for her life, hunted by the American FBI as well as the Canadian police. She flees to the other side of the continent in a desperate hunt for the evidence that is going to clear her name.

Hot on her trail is a corrupt ex-cop with one simple assignment. To murder Grace Palliser.

“Succession” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 2012. September 6, 1997. Two and a half billion people all around the world sit glued to the broadcast of Princess Diana’s funeral. In Bayonne, New Jersey, Dr. Emma Parks, a surgical resident, watches these somber proceedings while she has her morning coffee, then hurries to get ready for work.

Today’s shift, she believes, is not going to be any different than any other. Fixing people’s broken bodies, one emergency at a time. However, Grace couldn’t be any more wrong. Today, she is going to find the betrayal of a lover. She is going to save a man’s life by using a procedure that she wasn’t trained to do. She is going to get a mysterious call from a guy riding in a London taxi. Before the day is out, she is going to be suspended from her job.

That is just today, though. Tomorrow, there is a very determined killer that is going to attempt to kill her. Emma Parks always believed that her life was rather ordinary. She is going to learn just how extraordinary it actually is.

“Time of Departure” is the third stand alone novel and was released in the year 2015. Claire Talbot, Florida state prosecutor, is just as tough as they come, and not everybody loves her for that. She is the newly promoted Felony Division Chief, and probably has just as many jealous detractors as she does supporters. Some colleagues are skeptical about her abilities, her youth, and even her gender. A highway project construction crew unearths a pair of skeletons in a common grave, she reopens the investigation into a series of abductions that happened before she was born.

As she researches the file, she meets Marc Hastings, a retired cop that once worked on the case. He works his way into Claire’s life as well as the investigation. He’s got an uncanny familiarity with her habits and she starts to realize that all is not what it appears to be. The detective urges Claire on, convinced mysteriously that she is the only one able to solve the case.

Together, they find more graves, however disaster strikes, and Claire learns that Hastings knew the whole time. It is a secret that is almost too stunning for any sane mind to grasp. The key to these murders may lie deep in Claire’s own past. What if Claire’s past lies in her future?

“Storm Rising” is the fourth stand alone novel and was released in the year 2016. It has been a rough five years for Lucy Hendricks. She has been having a tough time since Jack, her husband and an upstanding and devoted Bayonne cop, was killed during an investigation. There had been suspicions that he was involved with the local Mafia, and the media refused to let it go, making life entirely unbearable. Lucy moved down to Florida in order to raise Kevin, her son, who was born without ever getting to know his dad.

The distance did a good job of healing, however now Lucy has returned to New Jersey in order to pick up the pieces in the very same house that Jack and she used to share, to attempt to move on. The past refuses to loosen its grip on the young widow, and it appears to have Kevin in its grip, too. His behavior starts getting more and more erratic, then he starts making statements that are wise beyond his years, offering up specific details about Jack’s murder he has no way of knowing.

Lucy decides to investigate the mystery that surrounds her husband’s murder, for both her own sanity as well as Kevin’s. She is unable to trust any of the cops, it appears, and now the local Don has reached out, offering to help clear Jack’s name. While Hurricane Sandy hits Bayonne, Lucy has to trust her instincts in order to save herself and Kevin from a lot more than just a lethal storm.

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