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A Short Walk Through a Wide World (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Douglas Westerbeke is an American Fantasy author and a librarian at one of the popular

libraries in the US. He spent a decade on the panel of the International Dublin Literary Award,
which inspired him to become an author.

A Short Walk Through Wide World

In this spellbinding book of wonder, adventure, and self-discovery, Douglas Westerbeke

narrates the adventurous life of a young lady who travels around the world trying to escape a
curse that might cause her death.

The story kicks off in Paris in 1885 when Aubry Tourvel, a nine-year-old girl, sees a wooden
puzzle ball on her way home. She decides to throw it over the fence, but to her surprise, she
finds it in her backpack later in the evening. Days pass, and one day, as the family is gathered
for dinner, she starts bleeding. Things get more complicated when medical treatment makes

the situation worse, and at that point, she decides to walk away from the city. It is during the
walk that she notices that her condition keeps on getting better. Aubry is left with no option
but to embark on her lifelong journey to save her life from the deadly illness.

During her walks, she also realizes that her condition doesn’t allow her to stay in one place for
longer than a few days or return to a place she has been before. This kind of life isn’t easy for
her, and she feels heartbroken most of the time. Those who love and care for her sometimes

find it hard to understand why she has to leave, but since they want her to stay alive, they let
her do what is best for her.
As she moves around the World, she finds herself in abandoned libraries, where she spends as
much time as her illness allows her to read as many books as she can. Passing through the sand
dunes of the Calashino Sand Sea and the snow peaks of the Himalayas, the author shows

techniques that Aubry applies to survive and keep living in strange and sometimes dangerous

The more Aubry wanders around, and the more she becomes desperate to speak about her life
with the people she meets, the faster she realizes that the world she is living in is far different
from that of the others. She is fierce, independent, and hopeful as she fights her way through a
strange world, wishing she can find a place to call home.

Over the years, her story has made her famous, though it’s not the kind of attention anyone
would want. On the positive side, the fame has brought new people into her life, as some want
to help her while others want to narrate her story.

As she embarks on an eternal trip to outrun the mysterious illness, Aubry learns how to defend
herself with a spear. As you go deeper into the story, you will discover it’s one of the inspiring
stories about discovering meaning in a life that might seem impossible to humankind.

Aubry’s story shifts in and out of time as it goes back and forth through her journey, picking on
some events and people she interacts with on the way. As she wanders throughout the world,
she meets people, some whom she falls in love with, and tells her story for the short period
they stay together. Her full-time companion is only her illness, which uses her to see everything
the world has to offer.

The author has incorporated the aspect of magical realism in the story making the story more
intriguing. It is a story about the choices people make about how to live and who they love in an
effort to find a place they can call home. Even though Aubry feels alive while on the move, deep
inside her, she wishes to find a permanent place to live. Her disease is a blessing in that she gets
to travel to different places, but it is also a curse as she keeps on leaving the people she loves

The story reminds readers that it’s the journey that makes them who they are, no matter how
long it is. Though it might seem like a heartbreaking story, Aubry’s journey is exciting as she
explores the world in its beauty, going through situations while learning good life lessons from
what she faces on the way. Her endurance in the loneliness and unending fear of the disease
overcoming her drain her.

Even though she meets some people who don’t want to be associated with her, she is also lucky
to meet others who are kind and generous. Unable to go back to the same place, Aubry, as a
reader, can’t help but wonder what will happen once she has exhausted all the places she can

A Short Walk in a Wide World is an engaging exploration of life challenges filled with vivid
descriptions that bring joy and sorrow in each moment. The author uses twists and turns to
maintain suspense in readers to keep them guessing what will turn out on the life of Aubry in
the end.

Readers will enjoy an epic adventure filled with all the possibilities that the world can offer. The
story explores how sometimes people are forced to live in the present. The novel spans
decades with excellent character development and thrilling prose, making each page worth
reading. The reader might feel like they are reading a lucid dream, as there are vivid images and
a slow-developing aspect of loneliness.

The Author blends elements of fantasy and adventure to weave together an enthralling story. A
Short Walk in a Wide World is a story of nature, humanity, and the stories people carry within
themselves. Fans of The Midnight Library, The Invisible Life of Addie Larue, and Life of Pi will
enjoy the book more, but this does not mean that non-fans should shy away; they can still
enjoy the story. For those who believe that the journey is the destination, this book is for you.
For readers who love adventurous stories set in exotic places featuring a courageous female
lead character and an aspect of magical realism, A Short Walk Through a Wide World is the
perfect book. The themes evident in the story are strength, survival, humanity, and discovery.

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