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Publication Order of Dr. Clare Burtonall Books

Different Women Dancing (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prey Dancing (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Die Dancing (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bone Dancing (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Dancing (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

The British writer John Grant, also going under the pen-name of Jonathan Gash, has been writing for a number of years now. Seen as one of the leading figures in his particular field, his many series and characters have endured throughout the years for countless readers worldwide. With franchises that appeal to readers of all varieties, he’s been able to create engaging and witty stories that keep his readers guessing right until the very last page. Largely known for writing series like Lovejoy, he is also well regarded for his Dr. Clare Burtonall series of books. Following a more traditional detective style series, he applies a typical mystery formula, but subverts it through his use of character. Telling the story of the physician Dr. Clare Burtonall, it follows her as she teams up with a gigolo named Bonn and solves crimes.

Developing the character over the course of the books, they utilize their genre well, keeping the readers guessing right until the end. With a mystery in each installment, there are over five books in the franchise overall following her and her case files. For fans of his other series, such as Lovejoy, this particular franchise is an often overlooked series that’s must for any fans of John Grant.

Different Women Dancing

The first in the Clare Burtonall series of books, and the one that set the entire franchise up, this title managed to establish the entire premise. Originally brought out on the 14th of June back in 1997, this has become a major entry into the back-catalog of John Grant as a writer. Moving on from his other series, it really works at taking his material in a very different and very new direction.

There are a lot of tropes here that more avid readers of the genre may quickly recognize, but Grant puts them all to use expertly. Knowing what he’s working with, he provides a clear and confident effort, showing a writer who is clearly in charge of the medium. Not only that, but he also manages to get in some of his own ideas and opinions, all whilst making it thrilling and engaging. Another English set novel once again, this title is resolutely British, as one would expect from John Grant as an author. Taking place over a variety of different locations, he knows the area well, making the most of each place. Combining some elements of the underworld as well, though, it also manages to show a side of life that isn’t usually portrayed either. Taking the characters of Clare Burtonall and the gigolo named Bonn, it contrasts their personalities against each other to great effect. With each of them having a different set of skills, they manage to compliment one another and, ultimately, crack the case. Doing whatever it takes to uncover the truth, they will always manage to work together and discover the secrets behind it all.

Coming across an accident on the way home from the hospital one day, the Doctor Clare Burtonall discovers that the victim is connected to her husband. Seeing that victim was a once business contact of his, she questions her husband only to find he wont tell her anything. Slowly realizing that he may not be the man she married, she comes into contact with Bonn, a gigolo who introduces her to the underworld and another side of life. Will they manage to uncover the truth? Can they learn how the husband is connected? What will become of different women dancing?

Prey Dancing

Initially brought out in 1998 on the 1st of August, this book was brought out just one year after the first. Released through the Penguin Books publishing house this time, it manages to take the action and the character forwards. Further developing the protagonist of Dr. Clare Burtonall it manages to provide her with an even greater degree of back-story.

Really coming into its own here, the series is fully underway now, clearly knowing what it is and what it’s about. Subverting the genre once again, Grant is an extremely versatile writer and that’s extremely evident here. Not afraid to put some of his own ideas in as well, there’s some highly charged and equally fascinating themes in play here. Set in London again, it really manages to bring the city to life in a way in which no other set of novels has. Showing the seedier side of the sprawling city, it works at creating a darker more ominous tone for the franchise. Having already been introduced to it in the previous novel, this manages to take it even farther than ever before. With the characters of Dr Clare Burtonall and Bonn leading the action once again, they carry the narrative with a clear and more striking level of confidence this time. There’s also a greater degree of development in their characters this time, as their back-stories are further built upon. Not giving too much away, though, Grant is a master of keeping his readers always wanting just a little bit more.

With a patient of hers dying of AIDS in her hospital, Clare Burtonall is given one final message from her patient; ‘forgive’. Setting out with the help of Bonn she aims to find the boyfriend and deliver these final words from the woman. Soon she finds herself the prey of something far more dangerous, as the boyfriend blames Clare for the death of the woman. Will she be able to deliver the final message? Can she stay alive whilst doing so? What will happen when she becomes the prey dancing?

The Dr. Clare Burtonall Series

Whilst this series might not be one of his better known series, falling in the shadow of giants such as Lovejoy, it’s still an extremely worthwhile one. The character of Dr. Clare Burtonall is an enduring one as she manages to defy conventions and create a new type of protagonist. Avoiding clichés throughout, Grant maintains a steady momentum for the duration of the novels, keep the readers hooked until the very end. This is why this series is a definite must for any fans of John Grant’s writing, as it exemplifies some of the very best work of his career. Perfectly understanding the genre and where it is heading, it works at really establishing the character of Clare as a whole. That is why this ensures that it is one of his most enduring franchises to date, and its legacy will continue for some time yet.

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