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Publication Order of Dr. Felix Hoffmann Books

The Russian Donation (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
He Who Dies Last (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
101 Nights (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fourth Day (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Author Christoph Spielberg began publishing the “Dr. Hoffman” series in the year 2001 with the release of “The Russian Donation”. The novels are originally published in Germany, where they are set, and then translated by Gerald Chapple. Spielberg puts his hospital background to good use in the series, as he is a cardiologist in Germany.

This series has gotten him national notoriety in Germany. “The Russian Donation” won a Fridrich Glauser prize from German Crime Writers Association. He has also won an Agatha Christie prize as well.

Dr. Felix Hoffmann stars in this series. He is a seasoned veteran physician at a hospital in Berlin, which is called South Berlin Hospital. He has an intelligent girlfriend, Celine, that he is devoted to. He watches soccer on television, does his medical work, and drinks cold German beer.

“The Russian Donation” is the first novel in the “Dr. Hoffmann” series and was released in the year 2001. A former patient of Dr. Hoffmann’s turns up dead by unknown causes, Hoffmann signs off on a death certificate that may as well be his. His curiosity and devotion to medicine push him to investigate fully.

His order to do an autopsy goes unfilled and the body is cremated, and the hospital records go missing. Soon, Hoffman finds a diagnosis that hints at a conspiracy. The deeper he digs, the darker things start to get, until there is a criminal clue that emerges out of Russia. Hoffman is bound and determined, despite any roadblocks thrown his way, to solve the case with his version of logic. He also has Celine’s deduction powers helping him out.

Readers enjoyed this medical mystery for the way it gives perspective on German system and what it is like to work in private hospital. Fans of the novel found this to be quite an entertaining read for them. Characters have quite a bit of intelligence, but they still do make mistakes, which makes things much more realistic. The main character, Felix Hoffmann, is a likable and witty guy that readers enjoyed in this one.

“He Who Dies Last” is the second novel in the “Dr. Hoffmann” series and was released in the year 2002. Dr. Hoffmann is looking for a new apartment and finds there is a gorgeous condo that is being offered at a great bargain to him. Then he finds out that the property is owned by a geriatric patient of his. This is a man that Felix rescued from the edge of death just one day ago; the guy never listed this place for sale.

With his girlfriend, Celine, Felix is able to put together a conspiracy to scam elderly patients and then make them die to benefit from it. Is one of his coworkers at the hospital, one that he trusts, be responsible for this wicked scam? When the doctor is a patient at the hospital all of a sudden, he will need to find out who the killer is before they make their rounds.

Fans of the novel really enjoy books starring this character, as he does a great job of carrying the story on his back. Readers were kept guessing until the very end of the novel. This was a well paced read with an entertaining mystery in the book. The novel has plenty of twists and turns in it with a killer some did not see coming.

“101 Nights” is the third novel in the “Dr. Hoffmann” series and was released in the year 2003. It has been 101 days since Celine went off in a humanitarian convoy with aid to the Kurdish part of northern Iraq. It is now that her coffin comes back home. The Iraq War has pretty much gotten underway, and the story coming out is that the young female was behind the bomb attack that she died in. A devastated Felix is unable to believe that Celine would take part in such things, and there are certain clues and some questioning from agencies in Iraq, Germany, and America. These two things raise his suspicions.

Felix gets a cryptic email that pushes him to seek out the truth behind what really happened to his girlfriend. He finds out that part of the humanitarian aid that was taken to Iraq was not at all humanitarian. There must have been a more dangerous purpose to this fateful mission of Celine’s. Not to mention a far different outcome. When the truth does finally come out, Felix has to fight for his own life. Or he will end up just another casualty of war.

Some readers cannot find enough nice things to say about both this book and the entire series. It is just that compelling. They were hooked from the first book and cannot tear themselves away for very long. Fans of the novel found this to be well written story. Some were able to pick the book up and not put it down again until they had finished reading it.

“The Fourth Day” is the fourth novel in the “Dr. Hoffmann” series and was released in the year 2011. Dr. Hoffmann is just about to go home after a brutal night shift when he hears someone say their gun is loaded. Hoffmann quickly finds that he, along with other hospital personnel, is at the mercy of a crazed blind kidnapper in the Intensive Care part of the hospital.

He puts into motion his own version of diplomacy, not to mention his own acerbic wit as he tires to convince the man to stand down. He intends to do this, before it is too late. The summer days go by, Hoffmann has to rethink just who is his friend and who is a foe of his. It ends up being not just about if he can save the lives of all those involved but what this situation will reveal about those that he thought he knew the best.

Fans of the novel found this to have an even pace that moves toward a stellar ending. Some think that Spielberg does a great job using his own hospital background in the novel. He is able to show just how real and ordinary doctors can be, having their own dislikes and likes and how they can be bad themselves.

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