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Publication Order of Dr. Jeremy Logan Books

Dr. Jeremy Logan is a series of novels written by Lincoln Child. It is also the name of the series’ protagonist.

+The Story

Calling the Dr. Jeremy Logan series the Dr. Jeremy Logan series is a little erroneous, primarily because Doctor Logan is almost an afterthought in the beginning.

Lincoln Child specializes in techno-thrillers as an author. He has also dabbled in horror. And the Dr. Jeremy Logan books are definitely a blend of techno-thriller and horror. Though, even that description can be disputed.

The books take science and combine it with the paranormal. This isn’t the sort of combination that you would expect to work. But the author does a great job of blending the two.

The supernatural drives the scientific; however, the result is more science fiction than supernatural or even paranormal. Lincoln’s approach involves introducing fringe science and sprinkling the paranormal into the mix in order to push the science even further.

The paranormal never overwhelms the science. However, the science isn’t so prominent that it overwhelms the paranormal. It isn’t until the Dr. Jeremy Logan series progresses further that Lincoln begins to introduce ostensibly mystical plot elements. And that particular turn of events has been known to cause debate amongst Lincoln Child fans.

For some readers, Lincoln is at his best when working with technology and adding elements of the thriller genre, and the injection of ghosts and the like only ruins a good quality product.

For other readers, the mystical aspects give Lincoln’s technological thriller series an edge, allowing the books to stand separate from other novels in the genre.

The Dr. Jeremy Logan series follow a professor at Yale University who specializes in medieval history. While Logan is able to elicit a level of satisfaction from his day job, it is his extracurricular activities that give excitement to his life.

Logan is an enigmalogist. The term refers to someone who seeks out and studies the unexplained. While Logan primarily studies paranormal phenomenon as a hobby, the books find him taking on freelance work as external sources seek his assistance in investigating the unusual and unexplained.

The reason calling this the Dr. Jeremy Logan series is a little odd is because Logan barely features in the first book of the series. He is only called in to uncover a few documents, and then he disappears, giving way to that book’s protagonists to proceed with the plot.

It isn’t until the third book that Logan begins to gain true prominence. By the fourth novel, Logan has taken over as the hero of the story. For a lot of people, Lincoln Child’s approach to the Dr. Jeremy Logan series makes no sense.

The character could have been easily incorporated into the series at an earlier stage. It isn’t until the mystical gains prominence even over the scientific that Logan’s role is elevated. That might explain why a select few fans of Lincoln Child, those readers with a deep love for techno-thrillers dislike Logan.

Lincoln’s Dr. Jeremy Logan books haven’t received as much critical acclaim as his collaborative work. The author seems to shine best when he is working with others. Lincoln’s solo career is littered with books that are not as intriguing or as scary as his collaborative series.

+The Author

Lincoln Child was born in 1957 in Westport, Connecticut. A Carleton College graduate, Lincoln studied English in college. It didn’t take him long to secure a job at St. Martin’s press as an editorial assistant.

Lincoln worked on hundreds of books before St. Martin’s Press opened a horror division that he was tasked to run. It wasn’t until 1995 that Lincoln tried his hand a writing fiction. The author worked with Douglas Preston to produce a novel called ‘Relic’. The success of the book drove Lincoln to drop everything else and become a full-time writer.

+Deep Storm

A bizarre medical condition is plaguing an oil rig in the North Atlantic and Peter Crane is summoned to provide assistance. Upon further investigation, the former naval doctor learns that the answers might lie on an advanced research facility called Deep Storm on the ocean floor.

The facility was designed to excavate an undersea site that may unveil the truth about centuries of myth. Crane, who eventually descends to Deep Storm, learns that the legendary city of Atlantis was discovered by routine drilling some months.

Not long after that, the strange illness began to assault the scientists and technicians in the vicinity. Crane begins to search for the truth behind the medical ailment. He suspects that Atlantis isn’t really Atlantis and something sinister might be awaiting them all.

This book is a little different from Lincoln’s collaborative work. The first book in the Dr. Jeremy Logan series, Deep Storm doesn’t have much substance. That doesn’t make it bad. Rather it is more fluff than anything, not the kind of book one will remember once they are done.

+Terminal Freeze

The Federal Wildlife Zone in Alaska is a very remote and inhospitable place. However, Evan Marshall and his team only see the opportunity given to them to study the effects of global warming.

Evan’s objectives change when the expedition encounters an ancient animal encased in ice. Plans are immediately made to thaw the creature from the ice on live television. The natives are less than pleased about the development and warn everyone involved against this course of action.

It doesn’t take long for Evan Marshall and his team to realize that their discovery is an ancient killing machine and it isn’t s dead as they initially assumed.

This book is predictable. It is just another monster story that finds a cast of characters lost in the wild where they are picked off one by one. Readers who were expecting something more substantial than what they read in Deep Storm will be disappointed.

Though, Lincoln Child does an amazing job of describing the frozen North and the brutal nature of winter. The weather was more of an engaging enemy than the creature. Doctor Logan makes an appearance but he is barely in the story.

In fact, the cast as a whole was largely underused. Lincoln has shown that he can do better, but that storytelling potential is absent here.

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