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Publication Order of Dr. Lou Welcome Books

The Dr. Lou Welcome novel series is a wonderful series of suspense, thriller, mystery, and crime fiction stories. It is written a renowned American writer named Michael Palmer. The series began in 2012 and Michael Palmer its first book in the same year. Each book of this series features the chief protagonist in the role of a physician named Dr. Lou Welcome. He hails from Washington, DC; and often gets involved in solving murder mysteries. Every novel in the series consists of an intriguing mystery that keeps the readers on the edge of their seat until the last page. Numerous readers from across the world have spoken words of praise for the main character, Dr. Lou Welcome.

Other elements of the series have also been praised by numerous critics and reviewers. Some of the essential characters created by Michael Palmer for this exciting series, in addition to Lou Welcome, include Dr. John Meacham, Dr. Gary McHugh, Elias Colston, Cap Duncan, and several others. All these characters are shown portraying interesting roles in their respective storylines and helping the novels move forward. They received many praises for their portrayal from many reviewers. Besides Washington, DC, the sequences of the stories described in the series take place in Atlanta and a few other places as well. Michael Palmer was especially appreciated for his excellent work in coming up with the characters and depicting their roles.

The idea of telling a story revolving around the combination of medicine and politics pleased a large number of readers and most of them found it quite exciting to read. Michael Palmer went on to become a more successful author with the success of the novels of this series. He expressed his gratitude for all the love and appreciation he received from everybody. His happiness knew no bounds when he learned that Lou Welcome has become a hit character, motivating him to continue writing stories with Lou in the lead role in each one of them. He intended to add more titles to the series and was working on a new story before his death.

The debut book of the Dr. Lou Welcome series written by author Michael Palmer is entitled ‘Oath of Office’. It was published by St Martin’s Press in 2012. This novel opens by showing that Dr. John Meacham goes on a shooting spree in his office. This shocking turn of events kills Meacham’s business partner, one of his staff, and a couple of patients. After the bloodbath, Meacham points the gun to his head to kill himself. Later, Dr. Lou Welcome is labeled with the blame of the murders. It turns out that Meacham had approached Lou Welcome a few years ago for counseling. He had lost his medical license because of his drug addiction and wanted to get clean. During the counseling sessions, Lou discovered that Meacham was a decent doctor and deserved to continue his practice. So, he fought for the restoration of Meacham’s license.

When Lou learns about Meacham’s brutal act, he becomes shocked like everyone else. As he investigates the matter, Lou Welcome comes across important evidence that takes him on a path filled with a terrifying conspiracy, which is later found to be directly linked to the men sitting in powerful positions and the White House. The second exciting volume of this series is known as ‘Political Suicide’. It was also released in 2012 by St. Martin’s Press. This book opens by mentioning that Dr. Lou Welcome gets a phone call that later embroils him in a scandal. Also, he finds himself investigating a murder that involves Dr. Gary McHugh. The entire capital city knows Gary as the ‘society doc’. He has been under the supervision of Lou Welcome through the Physician Wellness Office for his drinking habits. However, Gary doesn’t serious about getting rid of his drinking addiction. He even refuses a sponsor. But, under Lou’s supervision, he begins to show progress, thereby becoming a good friend of his.

When Gary McHugh returns after visiting one of his patients, his car is found in a wrecked condition with him lying inside unconscious inside. It is learned that the patient Gary had visited was the powerful Congressman named Elias Colston and soon after Gary regains his consciousness in the ER, Elias is found dead with a gunshot in his garage. Elias Colston’s wife goes on to admit to the police that she was having an affair with Gary that she had just ended. As a result, Gary is arrested as the prime suspect. Lou believes that Gary is innocent. Through his investigation, he discovers that Elias was dead before Gary visited his house. Upon investigating further, Lou unravels a deadly political conspiracy that resulted in the murder of Congressman Colston. He gathers enough evidence to prove that Gary was wrongly framed and that the killer was still at large.

Michael Palmer was a reputed American author and physician. He was popularly well known for writing medical thrillers and using his vast experience as a physician to develop his stories around the medical profession. Many of his novels have been listed on the NY Times bestseller list. They have also been translated into more than 35 foreign languages. One of his books, Extreme Measures, was adapted into a movie in 1996 having the same title. It featured Sarah Jessica Parker, Gene Hackman, and Hugh Grant in the lead roles. Palmer was born on October 9, 1942, as Michael Stephen Palmer in Springfield, Massachusetts. He had 2 younger sisters named Susan and Donna. Palmer completed his graduation in 1964 from Wesleyan University. Later, he joined a medical school in Case Western Reserve University. Palmer completed his training in internal medicine from Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston City Hospital.

In one of his interviews, Palmer had claimed that he never dreamed of becoming a writer as he thought he did not have the required skills. It was the 1977 medical thriller called Coma by Robin Cook that made him think otherwise and inspired him to try his hand at writing. So, he started writing slowly and picked up the pace with time. In the time that he did not write, Palmer used to work part-time at the Medical Society of Massachusetts. Before Palmer started writing his debut book called The Sisterhood, he was practicing drug addiction treatment. His unexpected death occurred on October 30, 2013, due to a stroke and heart attack. Now, he survived by his two divorced wives, Noelle Shaughnessy and Judith Grass, and three children.

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