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Dr. Thomas Silkstone Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Dr. Thomas Silkstone Books

The Anatomist's Apprentice (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dead Shall Not Rest (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil's Breath (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lazarus Curse (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shadow of the Raven (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secrets in the Stones (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Dr. Thomas Silkstone Mysteries series is a series of historical mystery novels written by the popular British author Tessa Harris. There is a total of 5 books published in the series between the years 2011 and 2015. All the novels of the series are set during the time period of 1780s and feature the main protagonist in the form of Dr. Thomas Silkstone, who is described by the author as an anatomist from America. He is introduced in the first novel of the series as a young anatomist hailing from Philadelphia. It is also depicted in the beginning of the series that Dr. Silkstone finds his way to London, England, during the 18th century, at a time when America is busy fighting the War of Independence against the British forces.

At first, he is an American by citizenship, and on top of that he continues to use his rather unconventional methods. Due to these reasons, he is considered as an outsider by the people of London. Author Tessa Harris began writing the first novel of the series in the year 2011 and soon published it to a great success. The Popularity of the first novel of the series enabled her to write few more novels in the series. With her determination and dedication towards the novels of the series, author Tessa Harris has made sure that she publishes at least one novel in the series every year, and has been doing so since the beginning the publication of the first novel of the series. She is still working on the future novels of the mystery series and is expected to release the sixth novel of the series very soon in the coming days.

The first novel of the Dr. Thomas Silkstone Mysteries series written by author Tessa Harris was published under the title ‘The Anatomist’s Apprentice’. It was released by the Kensington publication house in the year 2011. The plot of this novel deals with the introduction of Dr. Thomas Silkstone as an apprentice of a famous anatomist, as he moves to London in relation to his anatomist work. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, author Tessa Harris has described the death of a man named Sir Edward Crick in Oxfordshire, which unleashes a number of gossips throughout the city. It is seen that no one in the entire city mourns the death of this young man except his sister named Lady Lydia Farrell. And when her own husband becomes the main suspect in the murder of Crick, Lydia comes to Dr. Silkstone in order to seek his expert help. Dr. Silkstone is introduced to Lydia Farrell as a young anatomist coming from Philadelphia, United States. The introduction of Dr. Thomas Silkstone as an anatomist and a pioneering detective of the forensics department, is done by author Tessa Harris in a stunning way in the new mystery and thriller debut novel of the series set in the 18th century London, England.

Before the mysterious death of Sir Crick, Dr. Silkstone had arrived in London in order to study the expertise of anatomy under the apprenticeship of one of the foremost surgeons of England. As soon as he begins to keep aside the typical methods of the anatomist studies and begins employing his methods, which are mostly regarded as unconventional by everyone around him, he causes himself to be seen as an outsider. The more Dr. Silkstone uses his unconventional methods, the more he affirms his outsider status in the minds of the people of England. When asked By Lady Lydia Farrell to help her husband from the suspicion of the murder of her brother, Dr. Silkstone agrees and decides to examine the corpse of Sir Edward Crick, against the initial better judgement. However, he is required to apply the blades of his sharp intellect not only to the dead body, but also to the living one related to the murder case. Dr. Silkstone very well understands the fact that the more he digs deep into the murder case, the more he is going to face the risk of being turned into a corpse himself. However, he seems to be determined enough to bring out the truth related to the death of Sir Edward Crick and catch the real killer, in spite of all the deadly challenges he faces. The novel proved to be quite interesting to the readers and it helped it to become highly successful worldwide. Author Tessa Harris was praised for writing down a plot full of puzzles and surprising twists, which kept the readers intrigued till the very end. Also, the success of the novel helped author Tessa Harris to win the Reviewers’ Choice Award by the Romantic Times in the category of the Best First Mystery, in the year 2012.

The second novel of the Dr. Thomas Silkstone Mysteries series written by author Tessa Harris was published by the Kensington publishing house in the year 2012. It was titled ‘The Dead Shall Not Rest’ and was set in London, England, United Kingdom during the time of the year 1782. The plot of the revolves around the happenings in the lives of the primary characters named Lady Lydia Farrell, Dr. Thomas Silkstone, Giles Carrington, Leonardo Moreno, Dr. John Hunter, Charles Byrne, etc. In this novel, Dr. Silkstone returns to the stunning mystery setup of the 18th century England, which combines with the intrigue of the CSI in a fascinating way. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, the author has described that it is not only the living people of London who are falling prey to the criminals, but also the dead ones. They are dug up from their fresh graves and are sold to the unscrupulous people of science for their scientific studies.

Dr. Silkstone does not approve of such methods of research, but his arch rival named Dr. John Hunter has learned about the imminent death of an 8-foot tall man named Charles Byrne. Dr. Hunter seems to determined to obtain his body at any cost, for his research work. Byrne was well known as the Irish Giant because of his huge body height and Dr. Silkstone was intended to let him rest in peace. However, his efforts get disturbed by the sudden break up of his engagement with Lady Lydia Farrell, who does not give any explanation of doing so. Soon, Dr. Hunter is involved in the brutal murder of a young man and Dr. Silkstone goes on to determine the lengths to which Dr. Hunter will go with his evil intentions in the name of research. Just like the first novel of the series, this novel too became very successful and helped author Tessa Harris to become even more popular for mystery novels.

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