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Dr. Zol Szabo Medical Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of A Dr. Zol Szabo Medical Mystery Books

A Dr. Zol Szabo Medical Mystery Series
A Dr. Zol Szabo Medical Mystery is a crime-fiction series by Ross Pennie. The series introduces Dr. Zol Szabo, a public health doctor and his peculiar friends. While this is a work of fiction, the stories sound real. There is no doubt that the author knows his content. Having practised medicine for many years, Pennie can create a well-rounded protagonist and recreate real-life situations. Join Dr. Zol and his team on a journey characterized by corrupt government individuals, ruthless killers who target people put in their care, and epidemics that bring out the worst in medical professionals and the media.

Tainted is the first book in A Dr. Zol Szabo Medical Mystery series. The book stars Dr. Zol Szabo, a public health doctor in Hamilton Hamish Wakefield, and Natasha. When his colleague calls him about four recent deaths by CJacob disease, Zol’s interest is quipped. Before his bosses can call provincial experts or more people end up dead, Zol moves fast to find the root of this mysterious epidemic. He also enlists his fellow health Officer Natasha and a young yet brilliant expert in the infectious disease named Hamish. Zol also enlists the help of Colleen, a private detective with a keen eye for detail.

All these experts have to rush against time as they navigate the media and the medical community’s treacherous political minefields. The disease continues to spread, and things take a drastic turn to the worst when a government-appointed investigator joins the team. The new investigator not only compromises this investigation, but he also lets his inflated ego get the better of him. Now the epidemic is out of control, and the mystery about its source remains unresolved. Will Dr. Zol manage to stop all this madness before its too late for the community? How does he control the flow of information to ensure that the steps taken are in the people’s best interest?

This is a fast-paced medical thriller that touches on present-day concerns on food safety. Following the narrative, it is easy to see the possible consequences when food safety responsibility is left in the hands of pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers. As the investigation intensifies some of the findings, Dr. Zol and his colleagues uncover put his career and his young son’s life in jeopardy. The Dr. plays his role well, and he is lucky to have a team willing to support him when the going gets tough. This book will make you think twice about the food you buy. How safe are these foods, and what measures are out in place to curb the spread of infectious diseases throughout the food handling process?

Tainted is a thrilling book you will have a hard time putting down. This book comes with some medical jargon, but the story is easy to understand even if you do not have a medical background. The author has done a great job of fleshing out the characters and making them sound real. There is no doubt that Pennie understands the medical field’s politics and the rot that exposes innocent citizens to diseases. It is easy to sympathize with Dr. Zol, given all he goes through in his attempts to curb the epidemic and save people’s lives. Is this really what happens in the real world as the big guys try to cover their mistakes? Everything in this story reads so real.

Tampered is the book two in A Dr. Zol Szabo Medical Mystery series. After resolving the mystery in the first book, Dr. Zol is now a medical detective. Once again, he is called to step up and investigate a food-related case. A few food poisoning cases are reported in a home for seniors with political connections and generous pensions. Zol gets his team involved, and soon the experts are going through the senior’s menu with a microscope. Despite the combined knowledge and expertise in this field, the source of the poisoning remains elusive. It doesn’t help that the death toll continues to rise by the day, and the doctors seem to be having a hard time controlling the infections.

Things get personal when someone close to Zol is affected. The medical detective reaches out to his friend Hamish Wakefield, a man known for his ability to make exotic diagnoses. Hamish helps the team uncover more dangers, but the puzzle remains unresolved. What could this team of experts be missing? It is only with the help of an observant octogenarian that this team is able to uncover the truth. Contrary to what they all thought in the beginning, the poisoning was intentional. They have to find the killer fast to ensure that there are no more deaths.

Why would anyone target these privileged seniors? Could their motivation be money? Zol and his friends will find out this and more. The author reveals different pieces of this puzzle, and the tension will keep you turning the pages. Medical jargons are present, but the story is all easy to understand. Zol is a lovable character. He goes beyond the call of duty to help those around him, and he relates well with all members of his team. The different scenes are well described, and you will feel like you are right next to Zol, Hamish, and the rest helping them piece all the details they are missing.

Tampered is another fast-paced story and a great addition to this series. It is fun interacting with Dr. Zol and his team of quirky friends. Unlike the first story where they were dealing with an epidemic, the doctors here are forced to put on their investigative hats to capture a ruthless killer. This story is well-written, and the narration is flawless. The plot is quite solid, the characters well fleshed out, and the pacing just right for this type of story. If you are a fan of medical thrillers, you are going to love this book. This book is relatively short at slightly over 300 pages, and you can gobble it all up in a single afternoon.

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