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Publication Order of Light Dragons Books

Love in the Time of Dragons (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Unbearable Lightness of Dragons (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sparks Fly (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dragonblight (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
While not part of the actual series, Dragonblight takes place in between both series.

Publication Order of Dragon Falls Books

The “Dragon Fall” series is a set of fantasy fiction novels by Katie MacAlister, a paranormal, contemporary and historical romance author from Seattle. The bestselling author has also written mystery novels as Kate Marsh and young adult pieces as Katie Maxwell. She is best known for writing historical and contemporary fiction works that have as protagonists flawed Anglophile heroines that may be Rubenesque, tall, divorced, or klutzy.

Katie MacAlister has said that she has always loved reading right from when she was a child, when she would read all manner of books. She grew up in a family where reading was highly regarded and as such weekly visits to the local library were something she was used to. She thus spent much of her time in mile and high school with a nose buried in a book though she never thought she would grow up to become an author. It was not until she got a contract to write a non-fiction work on software that she thought maybe she should try her hand in writing novels. One of the driving forces for her decision to write fiction was the fact that the editor on the project would not let her use any love scenes or witty dialogue in her software book. MacAlister immediately decided that she was better off in fiction where she could write tormented characters, engage in fantastic world-building, and fall in love with her heroes and heroines. Two years after she started writing her manuscripts, she sold her debut novel titled “Noble Intentions” that was the first of the Noble series. Since then she has written more than thirty novels in the “Aisling Grey,” “Guardian,” “Silver Dragons,” “Light Dragons,” “The Dark Ones,” “Traveler,” “Ainsley Brothers,” and “Noble” series among several single standing titles. Her award-winning novels have been translated into several languages and made the Publishers Weekly, USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists. Katie currently lives with her husband in the Pacific Northwest.

The “Dragon Falls” series by Katie MacAlister is a story of the budding romance between the wyvern of the Black Dragons Konstatin Nikolai Fekete and Ndakaaru Aoife. Both of them have troubled pasts that they do not want to relive. He had been tortured by rogue dragons for nearly ten years and had a relationship go bad. She had been imprisoned in a mental institution after she was declared mad after she refused to back down on her assertion that she saw something supernatural while attending a fair. The group of dragons named The Weyr is composed of six clans that live in the mortal world of alongside humans. They typically use their uber alpha, sexy, tall, and handsome human forms though they easily change into dragon form when they need to go to war. Five of the clans are named after the colors Silver, Black, Red, Blue, and Green. The smallest and newest clan named the Light Dragons makes the sixth clan. Each novel of the series has a human who gains access to some kind of paranormal power and immediately falls in love/lust with a dragon. The persons in the first three novels are Senegalese-Irish siblings that were raised in Sweden even though they were born in the United States.

“Dragon Fall” the debut novel of the “Dragon Falls” series by Katie MacAlister introduces Aoife Dakar. She is a girl that has seen some magical things and as they say, seeing is believing. But the thing is that no one believes her when she says she saw a paranormal murder at the fair as she is the only witness. She goes back to the scene to find some proof and there meets a gloriously naked man, a wise-cracking dog demon that kisses like a god and can shift into the form of a dragon. She finds herself in a fantasy world that is both terrifying as it is exhilarating but she is soon to learn that a dragon’s fire can burn very hot. But the dragon Kostya does not care for endless questions from a woman despite her tempting figure and overall gorgeous disposition. He needs to save his kind by breaking a curse that is threatening to annihilate dragon kind. But his attraction to Aoife is not only physical as he soon realizes there is more to the woman that he at first could not see. He realizes that they could work together in the coming battle as she is a mate with soul and true heart that would prove invaluable.

“Dragon Storm” the second novel of the series is the story of Constantine, considered one of the supreme heroes of dragon kind that ever lived. But he has never been lonelier and the closest thing to adventure in his life involves a tussle with blow-up sheep. Luckily, he is provided with the chance to save dragons yet again and he takes it with both hands. All he has to do is find a way to enter the dungeon that is the home of a terrifying dragon. Once he is in, he must steal a prehistoric artifact and use it to reverse a lethal curse. But he never expected that he would be rescuing a woman in the process. Bee does not know if she should be relieved or infuriated when a hot and sexy dragon named Constantine shows up in the dungeon in which she is held, prisoner. The brawny and broody shifter makes her heart race like no one ever did before but she is still unsure if she can trust him. They have unbelievable chemistry but when it comes down to it, Constantine will be forced to choose between a woman he has come to love deeply and his own kind.

“Dragon Soul” the third novel of the “Dragon Falls” series is a thrilling narrative that follows the life and times of Sophea Long. She is sure that going to Europe with her octogenarian client will be one of the best adventures she could ever dream of. Mrs. P is a former “hoochikoo” dancer who cannot help but steal anything shiny she sets her eyes on. While she is quite old, she is still very fast on her feet. But she never thought traveling wit Mrs. P would result in meeting the dark-haired and smoldering strange man who has the looks of a Greek God and the kisses from a ream. The only problem is that he insists that she is a dragon which she finds nonsensical. But Rowan Dakar did not earn the title “Dragon Breaker” for nothing. He is determined not to fall victim to Sophea but she sets his body on fire every time they kiss. But he cannot afford to get distracted by the most desirable and funniest woman he ever met even though it may derail his important mission of getting free of dragonkin forever.

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