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Publication Order of Dragon Gate Books

Kingdoms at War (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Art of the Hunt (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Broken by Magic (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chosen for Power (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sky on Fire (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Orbs of Wisdom (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lindsay Buroker is an accomplished American author.

Before becoming an author, Lindsay has worked as a lifeguard, in fast food, as a network administrator, and served as a soldier in the U.S. Army. She worked as a blogger and an affiliate marketer from 2004 to 2011. This was a great time for her working as she was able to work from home and come up with her own hours. She says in many ways it was a dream job for her, but she had also always wanted the chance to tell stories. It turns out that telling people how they can pick a home security system or which gym equipment was not that much fun.

Around 2009, Lindsay decided that it was time for her to finally get serious when it came to finishing some novels and completing them. She says sat the time she had a variety of half-written manuscripts that she could have focused on. However, she had the characters of Emperor’s Edge around the longest and liked spending time with the characters, so she decided to finish Emperor’s Edge. She then did so, and then let the novel sit for a year on her hard drive. She was not sure if it was good enough at the time to be sending to an agent and didn’t like the idea of questioning a variety of agents in the process.

She also thought that there was not much point to starting the second novel of the series if she had not even sold the first book in it. So, Lindsay decided to write a new stand-alone story called Encrypted. She thought that the book would be easier to sell because it was a stand-alone and by that time, she had also gotten more experience as an author. However, what began as a steam-age world high fantasy became something with a science fiction angle in the end, and she was not sure how she should sell the book to agents, since it wasn’t really truly steampunk, cross0genre, or high fantasy, and she didn’t see a lot of agents looking for those things.

Around that time, in the autumn season of 2010, Lindsay happened to get her first Kindle. She then found a blog written by J.A. Konrath all about self-publishing. In the course of a few weeks, it was enough to help the author make up her mind that she wanted to go the route of self-publishing too. She had a background in a variety of things like blogging, search engine optimization, marketing online, and more, so she wasn’t put off by the idea of promoting her book online. Even though her background didn’t help as much as she would have thought, and she had a lot to learn, Lindsay was off to a great start.

She published online her fourth novel in 2011 and has gained tons of fans and readers along the way on her journey. She’s thrilled with the support and says that thanks to this support, she has been able to leave her day job behind and go ahead and make the writing thing a full-time occupation for her. Lindsay says that she might not be making what she used to make, but what matters the most is that she is living her dream job.

Lindsay Buroker is the creator and the author of the Dragon Gate series of fictional novels. The series started in 2021 with the release of the debut novel, Kingdoms At War. The series continued with the second novel’s release, titled Art of the Hunt. Broken By Magic is the third novel in the series, followed by the fourth novel Chosen For Power. The fifth novel in the series is titled Sky On Fire, and the sixth novel is titled Orbs of Wisdom.

Kingdoms At War is the first novel in the Dragon Gate series by Lindsay Buroker. If you enjoy a good fantasy and are looking for something new, give this book a try!

Wizard kings have been ruling the world for centuries, all from their elite cities in the sky. They have been doing battle with each other to build their wealth and increase their power, all while choosing to use regular old human beings as their pawns. The people that do not have magic live in poverty, struggling to do what they can to feed their families. They also live with fear constantly of incurring the wrath of their masters in a tyrannical existence. Something has to change.

Jak is a cartography student and has always had the dream of finding the lost dragon gate, exploring distant worlds and mapping them out. When it comes to becoming a wizard with magical powers and power, he never had that dream. He sees the wizards as inhumane and cruel, going to war with each other from their cities in the sky and doing what they can to enslave most of humanity. Jak didn’t want anything to do with wizards.

His mother is an archaeologist, and she helps him to unearth the gate at last. During the process, they end up getting the attention of the same wizards they had wanted to avoid. Worse, Jak starts to see that he is developing his own magical powers, ones that could end up becoming the rival of the rulers.

It appears that it may be fate that has chosen him to change the world. However, the wizards do not like change and confront threats by sending out assassins to get rid of them. If Jak cannot unlock his own powers and the gate’s powers, their world will remain one of enslavement. But if he is successful, things might change forever. Will he succeed or see himself fall? Read this book to find out!

Art of the Hunt in the second novel in the Dragon Gate series by Lindsay Buroker. If you liked the first book in the series, check out the second and keep the action going!

Jak and Jadora have been able to escape with the dragon gate. Now they have hope when it comes to finding allies on other worlds. The only unfortunate thing is that their strong enemies are right behind them.

Jak and Jadora are going to have to decipher the secrets of the gate before they are able to use it. They also have to deal with different kingdoms sending mages to hunt them down, Lord Malek going after Jadora through magical dreams, and a jungle that contains a new threat for them. With the odds against them, the two may have to work with Malek, the only man they know that can keep them alive. Is it worth what they’re going to pay for his protection? What will happen next? Read this novel to find out!

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