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Dragon Guard of Drakkaris Books In Order

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Publication Order of Dragon Guard of Drakkaris Books

Dragon Guard of Drakkaris Series
Dragon Guard of Drakkaris is a series by little-known author Terry Bolryder. A pet-loving, bibliophile, and outdoorsy writer; Terry’s niche is dragon shifters-inspired fantasy and paranormal romance.

Terry, who debuted in January 12, 2015 following the publication of her novel Bear-llionaire, has authored tens of books; ranging from standalone novels to 15+ book series, notably Awakened Sea Dragons series, Texas Dragons series, and Soldier Bears series.

Books in the Dragon Guard of Drakkaris Series
First dated November 27, 2017; Lead Dragon is the first book in Terry’s Dragon Guard of Drakkaris series whose metallic protagonists—extraterrestrials seeking human lovers—are made of the lead, cadmium, arsenic, zinc, cobalt, and chromium chemical elements. The book is named after a golden-eyed and dark-haired alpha dragon shifter—he is made of the lead metal—called Lead who serves as a special forces unit captain in a realm called Drakkaris. External conflict: Lead falls for an uncommon dragon-hearted human beauty called Brittany whom he—by then he was a guard stationed at a mansion—met when the oracle ordered a search-and-rescue mission for the romantic interest whom wolf shifters had kidnapped.

Their romantic feelings are mutual. One of the ready Brittany’s kidnappers advised her to seek a dragon as her protector. However, Captain Lead is in a dilemma. He wants to stop himself from loving Brittany because he feels it would dent his professionalism. Unfortunately, his lead structure is a fatal self-poisoning that can be only countered by, and necessitates, mating.

First released on December 5, 2017; Cadmium Dragon is book two in her Dragon Guard of Drakkaris series. The protagonist is a muscled dragon shifter whose name Cadmium is based on his bodily chemical element. Cadmium falls for a lonely female courier called Casey (she has had a violent boyfriend) whom he offers back-to-back deliverable items—ordered online—so as to facilitate their interaction.

Luckily for him, the broke Casey’s delivery van develops a mechanical failure within his residence, prompting the charming and trustworthy Cadmium—alongside his fellow dragons; none is a driver—to accommodate her in a fun-filled weekend-long duration. Also the dragon’s potentially poisonous chemical structure warrants quick mating, forcing Cadmium to hastily seduce Casey (the dragon revelations had briefly scared her) whom he also protects from her ex-lover’s harassment.

Initially dated January 29, 2018; Arsenic Dragon is third in the serialized Dragon Guard of Drakkaris. The protagonist, a green-eyed dragon shifter called Arsenic, deputizes Captain Lead and is their unit’s sniper. Arsenic was a hopeless romantic before meeting—during a search-and-rescue mission of—a hitherto anti-dragon woman called Farrah whom wolf shifters (particularly the notorious wolf Crios) had kidnapped (alongside Brittany) and were experimenting with her, especially wolf venom injections to test her survivability—the kidnappers thought she was a shifter, but actually wholly human.

Arsenic unconditionally helps the traumatized rape victim Farrah—who warms up to the self-imposed bodyguard— transition to post-abduction life such as normalcy and an option to suppress the memories of her ordeal.

Originally dated February 21, 2018; Zinc Dragon is the fourth novel in that Dragon Guard of Drakkaris series. The protagonist is an elite fighter dragon called Zinc who—alongside a dragon-hearted woman named Leanne Dyer— has been kidnapped and imprisoned (because dragons value her) by a malicious female shifter dragon named Hora. The progressively weakening dragon must mate with her—a life-saving encounter—which is the antidote of the toxicity of his zinc-based body. The dragon Zinc—who is also a prince and possibly future Drakkarisian king—tricks (by claiming the act is temporary and can be undone) Leanne into heroically mating with him, thus enabling their magical prison escape plan through teleportation where he makes his well-received return to the Drakkaris kingdom with his destined lover because their mating was permanent and irreversible.

First dated April 10, 2018; Cobalt Dragon is fifth among the books in the Dragon Guard of Drakkaris series. Its protagonist is a bespectacled cobalt-made dragon—also called Cobalt—whose life-saving mate is a dragon-hearted female dragon called Sylvie who had just freed herself (then kidnapped by wolf shifters) by the time the Lead-led unit was dispatched for her search-and-rescue mission. Cobalt doubles up as the kingdom’s librarian. Sylvie (whom he has taken home) is an alpha female and, at first, feels incompatible with the library-obsessed and nerdy-like dragon. However, Cobalt’s submissiveness ends when he thinks his close friend-and-other fellow fighter Chromium is his love rival, prompting him to reclaim and cohabitate with his love interest.

First dated April 17, 2018; Chromium Dragon is sixth in her Dragon Guard of Drakkaris series. The protagonist, a blue-eyed dragon shifter called Chromium, is so far the sole dragon lacking a mate in their six-person fighting unit. Finally, he falls for—after foiling a robbery at a restaurant owned by—a human restaurateur, called Helen, during his nightly vigilantism-inspired sneak outs.

However, the unconfident Helen—her former husband dented her dignity when he burned her—initially distrusts the desperate Chromium’s love confession before she ultimately yields to (and, after accommodating him, mates with) the persistent admirer who even voluntarily helps with dishwashing.

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