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Dragonback Books In Order

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Publication Order of Dragonback Books

Dragon and Thief (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dragon and Soldier (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dragon and Slave (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dragon and Herdsman (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dragon and Judge (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dragon and Liberator (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Dragonback series is written by Timothy Zahn. It is one of several series and even more numerous creative works that Zahn has composed. He has won awards, including the 1984 Hugo Award for his novella Cascade Point, and has authored the Blackcollar trilogy in addition to the Cobra series and ten novels for the Star Wars Expanded Universe series, including multiple books for the Thrawn editions of the series, which are largely considered to have revitalized the Star Wars literary series. He is uniquely experienced in the world of science fiction and fantasy. The Dragonback series is a continuation of his skills and his independent creative vision. It focuses on the main character Jack Morgan, who has a unique relationship with dragons.

Jack Morgan is symbiotically linked with a dragon. Belonging to the warrior K’da species of dragons, this type of dragon can only survive six hours without a human host. Jack is chosen by Draycos 30s after he is the only survivor of three ships that have destroyed scouting for refugees, and they combine to make an instant team. Jack is a fourteen year old reformed con man, and now he has a partner in Draycos, who literally lives on his back. Draycos is sentient and two dimensional, while Jack certainly isn’t. Raised by his Uncle Virgil, Jack was taught to follow in his foot steps as a con man and a thief. Before his Uncle Virgil died, he loaded parts of his personality and thoughts into the computer of the ship, and is thus with Jack in some ways.

Dragon and Thief

Dragon and Thief is an adventure and science fiction novel that was written by Timothy Zahn and published in 2003. It is the first book in a series of six books that concluded in 2008, following the travels of Jack Morgan with his symbiotic dragon friend. Jack Morgan is a fourteen year old former con man who has been orphaned and raised by his Uncle Virgil. When Dragon and Thief starts up, he is hiding on a remote planet due to his being accused of a crime that he did not commit. Jack is trying to stay out of trouble and lay low by hiding out on Iota Klestis, but that intention quickly goes to pieces when a ship crashes. The ship is holding the species Shontine and K’da, and they are heading to it to find refuge when they are attacked by mercenary starships using a weapon called Death.

He rescues the only being that has survived the crash– Draycos, a symbiotic dragon of the warrior K’dar clan. Draycos can only live six hours without being connected to a human host, and Jack must either save Draycos or abandon him to death. He chooses to save Draycos, and they team up. Draycos is a three dimensional dragon that can become two dimensional and be carried invisibly on a human’s back. Jack and Draycos need each other– Jack to get his name cleared up and out of trouble, and the dragon to get help in trying to save his clan. Jack also has a ship, the starship Essenay, that has been embodied by the A.I. that mimics his Uncle Virgil and helps to protect him.

They are attacked by human soldiers but manage to leave Iota Klestis, but not before being attacked by two other ships. Draycos saves the day by frightening the two ships into colliding and saving them both. Draycos reveals his identity as part of an advance team of refugees fleeing their enemy and must discover who told their enemies they were arriving on Iota Klestis. The duo travels to the planet Vargan in an attempt to clear Jack’s name. Jack figures out there that there was a cargo stolen of dry ice that was given to him to set him up for a machine’s disappearance.

Jack and Draycos are pursed by enemies, but conceal themselves among locals by pretending they are entertainers for a wedding party. They are ambushed by soldiers and a lieutenant who frame Jack for murder for two Wistawaki they have killed. Then they put Jack on a spacecraft unconscious, where he’s assigned to exchange genetic samples for unidentified poison. They offer a device to the owner of a ship, but are captured by enemies who transfer them to a cargo bay, hoping to suffocate them in an air lock.

Jack and Draycos get the original device and try to give it to the owner, but are captured by Raven and associates. They transfer the device’s owner along with Jack and a hidden in a cargo bay, hoping to suffocate them, but are knocked out by Draycos. The owner then clears Jack’s name of criminal charges. After Jack leaves, however, he orders an investigation of Jack and his uncle as well as the mark that was made by Draycos to distinguish a true genetic sample from a false one. Will Jack clear his name? Will Draycos be able to save his people? It’s all contained in the exciting first novel of the Dragonback series.

Dragon and Soldier

Dragon and Soldier is the second book in the series and was published June 1, 2004. The story takes place on two planets habitable to life as well as Jack’s spaceship, where he’s still getting used to his Uncle Virge appearing as an A.I. spacehip. The reader picks up with Jack Morgan and Draycos once more as they undertake an investigation to discover which of the mercenary armies joined forces to attack Draycos. Jack seeks out the mercenaries “Whinyard’s Edge” in order to find out whether they or another group were part of the attack. On Carrion, he joins the Edgeman, part of a teenage recruiting center. It’s there he meets Alison, a talented girl who is soon to be with him on a deadly assignment.

It’s up to Jack and Draycos to rescue their comrades and start destroying a key piece that different groups want– the mine. Jack must undertake an investigation into the slave trade that is giving Brummgas to mercenaries and find out just who ordered that attack on Draycos and his friends, and whether they’re still out there.

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