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Publication Order of Dragonblade Books

The Savage Curtain (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Island of Glass (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fragments of Grace (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fallen One (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dragonblade (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Queen of Lost Stars (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Phantom Bride (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chronological Order of Dragonblade Books

Fragments of Grace(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dragonblade(2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Island of Glass(2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Savage Curtain(2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fallen One(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Queen of Lost Stars(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Phantom Bride(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Dragonblade is a series of historical romance books written by a bestselling American author of historical fiction, medieval romance and romance books Kathryn Le Veque. Veque is also popularly known as the author of De Lohr Dynasty and The American Heroes series.

Kathryn Le Veque began her Dragonblade series in 2005 when Dragonblade the first book in the series was published. The series concluded the same year (2005) when The Savage Curtain was published.


Dragonblade is the first book in Dragonblade series by bestselling American author Kathryn Le Veque.

Ancient atmospheres, clash of swords, beautiful and fascinating warriors and a love story worthy of the stories of the Thousand and One Nights: this is what awaits the anxious reader who is about to plunge into the reading of this fascinating historical novel.

The story introduces the readers to Toby, the daughter of a lord who made his fortune by working hard and who leads a small community of pastoralists in Northumberland. The young woman is an independent and rebellious woman, but also extremely intelligent, so much to help her father in his affairs and to make the family’s wealth grow excellently.

Toby is not the classic noblewoman to which he is accustomed, but a strong and courageous heroine. She immediately catches the attention of Tate, the illegitimate son of Edward I Plantagenet and whose mission is to find allies for his noble fight: to bring back on the throne that the young Edward II is owed to him, that the mother’s lover wishes dead, to usurp her power. Precisely during his mission, the destinies of these fascinating characters intertwine.
Toby’s delicate and decided ways intrigue the warrior; few women would be able to stand up to a man like him, but it is the surprising sweetness of the girl to make capitulate the heart of the cold fighter who had suffered so much in the past.

Love, passion, and history marry masterfully in a novel that I can recommend, despite some initial reservation.

Overall the first book in the series is a wonderful read. The premise in this kind of history is fundamental and even so it will not stop the readers who are not too keen on a historical setting. That said, the narrative plot develops well, showing us complete and captivating characters, which cannot but capture your heart.

As usual, Veque does a beautiful job in crafting her lead characters. Just like the characters in The American Heroes, the characters in this book are strong but also flawed. Tate and the brave Toby will have to work hard before they can finally live their love, after so much suffering.

Dragonblade would be an ideal read to all those who wish to embark on a beautiful and magical journey in the old days of Great Britain, perfumed with a romantic love that only great novels can give.

Island of Glass

Authors who write historical romances are usually faced with a necessary choice: to place the story in a specific historical period and then concentrate on the heart of the narrative, or choose a single love story as a starting point (and excuse) to deepen the multiple aspects of historical collocation. The author of the Dragonblade series has opted for this last hypothesis because there is no denying that there is a thorough study of the historical background behind the life and actions of Count de Lara.

So, at least for once we are faced with a romance that does not simplify and trivialize what was to be the harsh reality of 1326, in an England crossed by power struggles, betrayals, and constant feuds between rival factions.

The atmosphere is that of rural castles that look like drafts of towers or farms surrounded by a few walls. A place where the darkness, the frost, the humidity, and a diffused dirt dominate; where the girls have the only goal of finding a husband who can protect and keep them, where the parties are a lottery, and the smallest wound can decay and kill you in a day.

In the Island of Glass, we meet the educated and lovely Lady Bella- she is considered an unmanageable woman. Her uncle who is Earl of Wrexham is given the custody of his niece since her mother can no longer handle the young beauty.

Like a milksop, the Earl of Wrexham resigns his duties and responsibilities to his most feared knight named Sir Kenneth with only a few simple instructions- to transform the headstrong beauty into a submissive lady.

However, it turns out that Kenneth and Bella are at loggerheads from the word go- while Kenneth expects Bella to obey him- she is less than compliant.

However, when the struggles calm down, and comfort settles- Sir Kenneth comes to realize that Bella is a woman with a secret- and because of this secret that she keeps, her mom is killed, and Kenneth finds himself protecting Bella and not because he wants to but because it’s a command by Earl of Wrexham.

The Savage Curtain

For many years the city of Berwick due to its location as a border town between Scotland and England has been a scene for sieges and battles. The Savage Curtain opens up after the English army retakes the city of Berwick while the Scotland army surrenders after a long siege.

This is an epic tale full of bitter war and passionate love where both the action and scenery are vividly described such that you feel transported to another place and time. The story is long and full of detailed depth with ample epic medieval battles that will appeal male readers and plenty of romance to appeal the female readers.

The characters in this book are Sir Stephen of Pembury and Lady Joselyn de Velt Seton. As a knight, Stephen has the duty to his superiors, but Joselyn doesn’t, and the two characters are thrown together are thrown together in an impossible situation and high drama but end up forging a love so deep and open their hearts in ways they never expected.

As usual Kathryn Le Veque characters are exceptionally well crafted and have reasoning behind every action. The Savage Curtain is a captivating and fantastic tale with characters both endearing and enthralling.

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