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Dragonbreath Books In Order

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Publication Order of Dragonbreath Books

Dragonbreath (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Attack of the Ninja Frogs (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Curse of the Were-wiener (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lair of the Bat Monster (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Such Thing as Ghosts (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Revenge of the Horned Bunnies (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
When Fairies Go Bad (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nightmare of the Iguana (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Case of the Toxic Mutants (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Knight-napped! (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Frozen Menace (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Dragonbreath series is a sequence of books comprising of fantasy and fiction suitable for children and young adults. The stories normally incorporate both wordings and pictorial illustrations. One of the early books from this series is the Attack of the Ninja frogs. The main character, Danny is a young dragon that goes to a school whereby majority of the pupils are amphibians and reptiles. The book is composed of graphics with colors such as red, white and black. The story is entailed of several kung fu events which the characters engage in swords. The tale commences when Danny fantasizes of how he is the Lord Ruler of the primeval tribe of Samurai. However, he is awakened by his mom who enquires from him if he would like his pizza to be spiced up by pepper onion. He therefore eat his breakfast at a faster rate so that he can find time to watch the Seven fists of Carnage. The following day, he goes to his favorite place where he normally meets with Wendell, a close comrade who is an iguana. This time he comes across a girl, Suki, a salamander and this makes him feel uneasy as he is not used to make conversations with girls. Nevertheless, he comes to realize that Suki is much different from other girls owing to the fact that she is fond of ninja and comic novels.

It happens that one day as Wendel and Danny are coming from school they hear Suki’s cry for assistance but instead they escape so as to conceal themselves. In spite of this, Wendy is disturbed by Suki’s appeal for help and makes up his mind to overcome the fear and find out what could be the matter. Danny also joins him and together they hurry to the spot they heard her. They are shocked to discover Suki being pursued by ninja frogs who are known to be linked to the Japanese tradition. This compels Danny to find out anyone who is familiar with the Japanese tradition. Eventually he inquires from his mother who directs him to his great grandfather who resides in Japan near Izumo. The two comrades decide to travel to Izumo so that they can communicate with the great grandfather. Through magic, they are able to reach their destination. The great-grandpa oversees Suki’s history and explains to Wendy and Danny that she is a re-embodiment of a mighty combatant leaping sword who governed the ninja frogs’ tribe of Spurtongue many years back. He goes ahead to inform them that the ninja frogs are interested in seizing Suki so that she can become their ruler once more. Further, he explains to them that in order to stop the ninja frogs from bothering Suki, they have to search for the sworn adversaries of the Spurtongue tribe who are the Geckos of the Golden Chrysanthemum. As a consequence, Wendy, Danny and Suki start their quest for the geckos. During their search, they come across an enormous bird that is wounded and they give her assistance. The book is full of humor and very captivating. Even though it is a child’s book the many incidents are also suitable for adults especially the part when Danny develops liking for Suki as a man.

Another book from the Dragonbreath series is the Curse of the Were-weiner which also integrates colorful amusing illustrations. Towards the beginning of the tale, the leading character, Danny is fantasizing spending time in the gloomy creepy woods. In the fantasy he notices that the trees are somehow strange but he cannot explain exactly why. He therefore attempts to call his comrades, Wendell for assistance of which he does not turn up. Abruptly, he is awakened by Wendell who saves him from the embarrassment he could have gotten from screaming his name in his dreams. They are actually in the school bus travelling to school. Both friends often find themselves in trouble especially during lunch times. It happens that one day, Danny discovers that his hotdog tastes weird. Apart from that, it is broader and brighter compared to the other hotdogs. When he thrusts it several times, it convulses. This scares him until he gives it to Wendell who also notices its weirdness and returns it back to Danny. Unfortunately, the hot dog bites Danny which makes matters even more complicated as no one would believe that a hotdog can bite someone. The following day when the pupils meet at the bus stop once again, Wendell discovers that his back has grown hairs and feels tickly most of the time.

The other pupils also find out that apart from Wendell, there are other boys who are encountering the same issue. As the pupils surround Wendell , Danny takes advantage of the diverged attention and slips in the lunchroom freezer and notices the Were-Wieners snacks made from Transylvania. He dials the number written on the package whereby he is informed that the product has gone natural and the duration for development of this food is three days. Hence, they ought to search for the Alpha Wurst otherwise the pupils who have consumed the food will end up being under his manipulation.

With this said Danny recalls that hotdogs and potato salads never get along with one another. Thus, they have to search for a potato salad who will be the ogre so that he can help them attack the Alpha Wurst. Danny is compelled to stay on Wendell’s home as they look for the potato salad. Once they recall that the salad was lastly spotted headed towards the storm drain. As they proceed to the storm drain, they come across a mouse that they anticipate that he can direct them to the salad. As the mouse guides them they come across a gloomy storm drain. It is at this point when Danny relates the dusky woods he was fantasizing about to the storm drain. As Danny looks Wendell he learns that his eyes have become red which means he is being sized by the Alpha Wurst. The quest for the salad and the battle against the Alpha Wurst makes the story absorbing to the reader until the end. The book is suitable for all types of readers including the hesitant ones.

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